Zurich Young Portrait Prize 2019 Winners

I’m Mabel, and this is Mary and we’re cousins We started doing these photos
together and we had a lot of different ideas and it was nice just being able to
put them into a photo: everything different we wanted, any idea, we kind of just tried it out, and a lot of them didn’t work well, but some worked, and it was still fun! We were thinking about entering for a few weeks, but we weren’t sure what to do, and then
we picked the outfit and the spot, and we kind of tried a few different things and then we just picked the one we thought was the most important. Both of our parents are kind of interested in photography as well Yeah, and sometimes looking through
different magazines and stuff, that helps as well. Don’t do it because someone asked you to do it, do it because you want to do it. We were thinking about doing that before we entered the competition as well, because most of
the photos we take are more fashion shots. We were just experimenting with
different fabrics but I think we might try and start making things that are
more stable… and actually able to be worn outside unlike our tinfoil dress!

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