Zedd, Katy Perry – 365 (Official)

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  1. Llosa carinatum lovak zenét ez a robotos vagy Android gyakori tudom de annak lesz egy része volt még egy része ez olyan jó

  2. https://www.facebook.com/365836877267548/photos/a.372348419949727/465281403989761/?type=3
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  3. I made my friend listen to this and she said she can’t understand what there saying!? Like I’ve only heard this song 7262628 times…

  4. Katy Perry I think about u a lot hi u kno who I am. U havent ignored the signs and symbols all around u can u please tell the children the truth before the simulation begins it would mean a lot no one believes Kanye we must save the children Katy i dont care what idiot gets on here and tells me to lay off the meth I'm gonna tell them to stop ignoring jesus christ and all the signs and symbols around u take a stand for what's right there will be a battle between good and evil sooner rather than later and I'd really like u to use the real knowledge of jesus christ not the magic numbers game u have been playing in the past

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  6. She's pushing the transhumanism agenda. And, note, when the scientists undressed her, she was wearing a conical-shaped bra/bodice similar – but less pronounced – to Madonna's. She is asserting her position as high priestess of the Illuminati, replacing Madonna.

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