You might be a graphic design student if . . .

Hey there super awesome designer. I’m Katie Anserson The Graphic and Web instructor at Southwest Tech Are you thinking about becoming a designer? YAY The Graphic and Web Design program could be meant for you if math is your ach nemesis The Graphic and Web Design Program is
for you if you have never gotten in trouble for writing on the walls writing on the walls Graphic and Web Design Program is for
you if you steal signs, fliers or pretty much anything that inspres you Graphic and Web Design Program is for
you if you have been late to work because you’re busy taking pictures of the sky The Graphic and Web Design Program is
for you if you organize your peanut M&M’s by RGB If your not seeing eye to eye with others design concepts that’s okay
at Southwest Tech you can learn to work together as a team
when enrolling graphic and Geb Design Program In two years you’ll be designing new logos
interactive websites If you often find yourself searching Pinterest for new and creative ways to express yourself then Southwest Techs’s Graphic and Web Design Program is perfect for you. Southwest Tech could be a good fit for you even if you want to earn your Bachelor’s degree and save up to $7,000 in the process. Let me show you how Let’s say you have thirty thousand dollars saved fro tuition. Let’s look at you at your two options you have at spending that money on your education. Option one, you attend UW-Platteville fro all four years at the end earning your Bachelor’s degree Option two is where you start at Southwest Tech and enroll in the Graphic and Web Design Program there you take years one and years two and your graduate with yoru Associates degree you then transfer over to UW-Platteville, and walk on as a junior where you finish years three and four Same outcome. so what’s the difference YOu’ve emptied the piggy bank and probably then some. You have nothing left over that you’ve been saving up In option two, you have a savings of $7,000 possibily more dollars possibly more So the two different options, same outcome, but a little more money in your piggy bank with option number two you want to know more about the program come too our website you can go to our program page to learn more or you can contact me directly. I hope to see you soon

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