You Didn’t Know Crayons Could Do This

Hello, hello, it’s echo today I would like to talk to you about an underrated art supply that I have become weirdly obsessed with Crayons, I’m an artist in case you didn’t know I’ve been drawing like my whole life So naturally one of the first art supplies that I ever had growing up were crayons and as a child I won Every coloring contest I’ve ever entered into I beat kids double my age with crayons and now that I’m older I’ve realized that crayons are actually a Pretty good art supply if you know how to work with them personally when it comes to coloring things I have a bit of a preference. I don’t like textured color. I like color to be smooth and just Solid and I have felt this way since I was a very young child Textured coloring looks like a mistake you can make it look intentional. But if you don’t it looks like a mistake Disgusting now I could have just found a coloring page for this example But I’m an artist and overachiever and I don’t want to put someone else’s copyrighted work in this video So I made my own it’s just like a cute like clown girl. She’s a bit monster Hi asked I’ll put a link to that in the description If you want to download print and color it yourself, I would extra appreciate if you would tweet it to me It’s a good practice sheet for these advanced crayon techniques. There’s a couple things that kind of suck about crayons They get dull really fast and they’re made from paraffin wax. So they’re waxy and they leave a lot of residue So first, I’m gonna start with the very basic way to use crayons most people would think that as long as you’re coloring within the lines it’s like totally fine and it is but we’re not going for fine Are we we want to get a couple levels above that most people pick their colors as they go and then just generally shade in The area and be done with it. It’s a pretty straightforward way of coloring You know how to basically color then pick your color you pick an area and you shade it in It’s pretty straight forward and then you end up with something a little bit like this If a seven-year-old did this you would be very proud. All the lines are filled in the color placement and choice makes sense This is like a perfectly fine coloring page. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s reasonable, but I don’t want to be reasonable I want to be Amazing and that’s what I’m gonna show you my way when I want to color something with crayons and I want to make it look real badass the first thing will actually Do is pick out a bunch of colors that are roughly what I want and I’ll make a sample sheet of color when you look At a crayon the color of the crayon might not be the color that ends up on your paper I mean, that’s really just a general art thing. You should always swatch your medium Now I’m going to introduce you to a tool. It is incredibly important to me my scraper This is actually a carving tool for clay. I Use it to remove the wax from my crayon masterpieces This is something that I’ve come across in my adult life that I have been using with crayons recently Because it’s more effective than the method that I used to use which is also going to be the method that I recommend to you when I was in elementary school if I was doing something with crayons I would take a standard number-two pencil rip out the eraser and then smash the metal part and that would essentially give you The exact same tool that I have here Except this one costs like $3 and that one cost like two cents at a very young age I realized that I did not like the texture of Crayons and I did not like the feeling of the wax that was left over So if I was going to color something I would separate the wax in the pigment by just scraping it off And yes It is a very annoying sound to some people and it does get little wax shavings everywhere art is messy deal with it personally I find it very therapeutic when I’m coloring with crayons I use a lot of pressure and push very hard to make sure that I’m getting as much pigment Embedded into the paper as I possibly can when I’m coloring a single block area I will actually pick two colors that are very Similar so that I can make a gradient a gradient is a solid way to kind of hide the crayon texture Also, I recommend coloring in small circles rather than broad strokes. It just helps play an even layer of pigment So I used my two crayons to make a decent gradient I also put extra pressure in the middle so I can try and blend them better. Whatever Crayon color touches the sheet first will be imprinted onto the paper So be very careful of exposed paper and those tiny little wax shavings Because they can leave spots on your drawing You know how alcohol-based markers will have a fine tip and then a brush tip. I treat crayons in the same way So usually I will go over the edge With the sharp point and then fill in the center with the back of the crayon That’s I keep my crayons sharp I very much recommend Coloring your entire page before you begin this next process Because the very last stage in this is a bit of a mess You take your fancy scraper tool and you remove the top layer of Wax leaving nothing, but the pigment that’s embedded in the paper I find this part of the process to be incredibly therapeutic. It’s like a massive scratch or ticket or a giant scratch-and-sniff sticker Also, if you’re surrounded by people, you don’t like it’s a great way to be annoying. Look at that Madness, do you see? Do you see when something is colored with crayons? Even if it’s very lightly you can feel the wax that’s on the page and it doesn’t feel good People will prefer this because it looks and feels printed also It looks like it’s printed in gloss now like a magazine This video is pointless and means nothing unless of course you enter a lot of coloring Contests and you really want kick-ass the amount of coloring contests. I won using this method I’m badass with crayons for reals though. Crayons are very underrated art Supply tell me if you liked this video or if you thought it was weird. That’s okay I’m gonna go live my life and color some stuff with crayons and watch the office and drink coffee like an adult. I’ll give you 850 awesome points for making it all the way to the end of this video, but I think that’s it for now So hopefully I will see you later. Good. Bye Seriously, they’ll try it. It’s really therapeutic

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  1. I loved this video!!! Thank you for sharing this incredible information! I want to try it. Now I want my crayons back that I gave away.

  2. doesn’t the color smudge when you scrap it?thats what i assume but i’m not an artist so i wouldn’t know

  3. Omg. I thought I was the only person who did this! As I sat here watching this I remembered taking spare change and scraping over my coloring pages like this!

  4. When I was in elementary, I’d use ruler, my ID card or my costumized-only-for-crayons-or-pastels- fingernail to remove the wax.

  5. I'm 29 years old and YouTube recommended this video to me. Guess who just went to ebay and bought 120 crayons. I can't find the scraping tool though – does anyone know what that's called?

  6. wow been doing these since elementary years. and since I dont have that scaper and my nails are frickin short because I bite it, I use a ruler to scrape the wax. Though the disadvantage maybe is if you will use a crayon, not as pigmented as these, because once you scrape it, what's left in the paper will be very pale. and also the same thing with what she said that it is messy, maybe you should be careful in removeing the wax, instead of wiping away the excess wax, I will hold my paper and flick my finger at the back of the paper in that way I am not touching the scraped wax and preventing it from smudging to unwanted areas. .
    fun memories though I don't draw now as much as i did when I was still studying.

  7. I discovered in my 50's that I could draw, sketch, and paint. I should have know sooner tho, because my mom is an artist. I also make a color swatch before I start. I like to use, crayons, colored pencils, gel pens and regular markers, Sharpies, and brush markers. Sometimes all on the same piece of art. I love to outline with a gel pen.Great tip about the wax. I would have to say that Crayola Crayons have always been a bit of an obsession. Even before I knew that I could draw, I always, even as an adult, had the currently biggest box of Crayola's stashed in my dresser. And the scented, and the glittered, and the neon, and the glow in the dark. Sometimes I gave them to my children or grandchildren, but I just bought more.

  8. Thank you! Gave it a like because girl it deserves one. You brought this to so many peoples attention like where was this on the crayon box they need this to be a direction. This is awesome! Thank you for this vid

  9. i remember an autisic boy that used crayon for fantastic colorings that people bought. with wacom tablets people can do art work for cheap that wasn't available before. i have a feeling crayons will be with you for a long time.

  10. Great video. I never thought of that and I will absolutely agree that crayons are underrated to be used effectively. Thanks for the new view on crayons.

  11. I liked crayons too and wondered why its not treated very seriously. But that technique was great! Thanks!
    BTW, I like the spider on the wall behind you!

  12. Cool video. You're pretty & i like your eyes & mouth. I used to melt the crayons into liquid wax & then use a paint brush to paint the colors onto paper.

  13. I already knew this on elementary. I always experiment with my art materials before, color pastel paint crayons and color pencil even colored ballpens used anything and discover. I love art and coloring but im no longer confident right now with art since im old 😔

  14. when I saw your thumbail I remember I scraped some of my drawings when I was younger, good to know it's what you do too!
    looks way better!

  15. oh my god i did this too in elementary school but with coins!!! i used all my softer-edges coins to scrape off the wax lol

  16. O think a razor blade or a stove cleaner (with a razor blade inside) would work even better than the modeling tool.
    Also have you tried to put the normal colors one in the sun or the oven at a low temperature to melt the wax surface even?

  17. I maxed out on your awesome points, and this was my first visit to your channel! This was highly entertaining and therapeutic, also, your hair and make up made me jelly to the core!

  18. One of the things I loved about learning how to use crayons from one of my favourite school art teachers…

    You rub the wax with tissue or clothe to help smooth and blend colors together…

    Still one of my most favourite methods of coloring.

  19. I always used to do that!! But ended it with going over it with colored markers …. trust me it Will look like its printed

  20. Pro tip: stain paper first (what she did in video, fill and scrape), add texture afterward for better saturation. If you don't have the white of the paper shining through your wax, and instead have your stain shining through, it looks really cool!

  21. I always used a ruler with a kind of sharp edge to scrape off the wax 🙂 it’s about an inch and a half on the end so it’s nice and long to get off a bunch of wax at a time.

  22. Dude I thought I was weird 😂I did this as a kid artist now but agh I didn’t know other people used crayons this way 😂 I used my finger nails until I got older

  23. second video i've seen… first one was about Red Blue and Yellow (??????) being taught as primary colours.

    this time i'm back with another helpful trick

    scrape with one of these babies, kids!

  24. Good vid but if your going to do it like this you may as well use oil based colored penciles, or a different medium. If you want to kill time or only have crayons I guess ok

  25. Of course crayons are an underrated art material. They're a form of oil pastel. Meaning that if advanced techniques are applied to their usage it's possible to get results that far exceed what people would expect can be done with crayon. Another method that can possibly get improved results from crayon would be the application of a solvent that can dissolve the wax. Something like turpentine or acetone or even isopropyl alcohol would probably be able to do that. I'm feeling curious enough to want to try that and see what results I might get.

  26. This is my first video I’ve watched from you, and I’ve subscribed. I like your real-ness and the top on coloring. I have a 2 year old so crayons are a good chunk of our life. I can now try this method! Thanks

  27. I remember when i was in elementary i always scrape the colors in my coloring book when im using the crayons. It brings back lots of fun and messy enjoyable memory haha

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