Yardbless Pro Shooter – Flex Lens Shade

Controlling the light that hits
out lens it’s very important to obtain
the look we want. But sometimes the lens hood
isn’t enough for this… and using a Matte Box might be
too bulky or complicated. That’s why today we’ll talk
about a new tool for this
task… the Flex Lens Shade! It was designed by professional
photographer Tom Hogan and it’s used to control the
external light that can reach a camera’s lens. It’s made of ballistic nylon,
with a good finish and weighting only 34g. It has a top flag which measures
18 by 13cm. It’s semi rigid and can be bent
or positioned as needed. It can be used with any lens
thanks to its adjustable velcro and strap mounting
system. Once it’s mounted, the flag can
be adjusted in any position to suit the
user’s needs. Its main advantage compared to
other systems it’s its light weight and
compact size… making it perfect to take
anywhere easily. It’s especially useful for
photography where it’s not common to carry around big or
heavy rigs. Here’s an example of a strong
light source creating flares and reflections
in the image. With the Flex Lens Shade on, we
simply adjust the flag until the unwanted light leaks
are blocked. We think that The Flex Lens
Shade it’s a good option if you need to improve your
light control… but still need to keep your
camera light and easy to handle. It’s very easy to store and
transport so it can be in your camera kit at all times for
whenever you may need it.

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