X-Photographer Yukio Uchida meets FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO / FUJIFILM

Customizing the tone imagining the next city I’ll visit on vacation, creating the tone I liked in the movie I watched on my free time. It’s like doing some work before shooting in the dark room. Not to fully prepare myself, but to broaden the possibility. Do not treat RAW data as an insurance. RAW gives us precise way to create final image in JPEG. I am making the most of this application to improve my JPEG quality. LCD panel of the camera is not big enough to show details. Now I can tweak settings with my PC, I see the difference clearly. It’s fun. Generally, RAW developing software has too many settings, so it requires us to do operations other than shootings. However, with this software, shooting and developing are on same workflow, and parameter setting of the software is exactly the same to the one in my camera. This provides less confusion in my mind and is a huge benefit for me. Sometimes I set +4 at shadow tone, which normally would disfigure the picture. Just like when you mess with a musical instrument too much, it will get clipped. But it comes out perfect and I can rely on it. That’s why we can create what we really want in JPEG. Acros has unique roll off feature and this tone clearly captures the image of the evening view of a city. The shadow has edge in it and is very beautiful. It’s a picture of Tokyo, yet it seems otherwise. That’s the power this tone has. I do multiple exposure with two custom tones. Basically, I only shot in JPEG. I believe that I have to finish things when I shoot. And not only that, by using background reflection to those tone, I create more complex and mechanical image. Expressing the image of going in and out of reality and illusion. Many people shoot in RAW and do a lot of post-production. They treat shooting as collecting footage, but I believe that the tone set in camera and the tone during the shooting actually bring next object and chance. That’s why I always try to finalize it when I shoot. But using X RAW STUDIO made me realize that the final details matters a lot, so I would like to study this in depth. We can see the best out come in a picture when the tone and composition perfectly match. Neither one can be missing. Photography needs both, and they are the essentials. It’s like what you speak of and in which tone of voice you express makes difference. I believe tone is something that is simple to control, yet is so important. Doing so may feel like an extra work, but X RAW STUDIO will show you that it’s more of a fun than an extra work. You can undo it on your own PC, and it’s like you can visualize what went on inside that black box of your camera. So, don’t be afraid and customize your tone for your works in JPEG.

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