WTF: How to make money as a freelance artist

hello guys and welcome to every day I draw it’s been a while since we have talked to each other like that so I’m really excited to finally make this video first of all the topic was really requested and I think it’s just about time we talked about it second of all as you can see I’ve got you camera a violently yeah no I mean seriously I’ve been thinking about this camera for a year or now I guess and I finally got it and I love it see how everything is so keep serious injury in the background by the way it has an autofocus so I really hope you can see me well so never mind today in our WTF segment which stands for Wow that freelance let’s talk money and I wanted to talk about several ways that you can make money as a freelancer now everything that I will say is obviously my own opinions that derived from my experience so by no means is this video is some kind of holy grail of truth whoes grail of truth so I just wanted to give you a perspective of things that you can do and of course there are a lot of booths on the internet like rule 42 or whatever but I think the most important rule is that you listen to everything that people say to you on the internet and you don’t trust a word I mean everything that you will hear it should not apply to your life 100% please result what I have to say and then try to somehow make it work for you because as we all know every single one of us is a very special snowflake yeah let’s begin for this occasion I’m dressed as a wizard student who got all a so let’s hope it will help so let’s say you are fresh out of college or maybe you’re still learning if you think about becoming a freelancer I would totally advise you to take an office job first and buy other job I will not like your regular office job that may be something that is close to you feel that you are interested in this is actually I did when I was in my second year of university I took a summer job that then gradually became my full-time job and it was an advertising agency at the time I wanted to draw but there were no opportunity to become an full-time in-house illustrator so I decided since it’s an advertising agency and I would do a designer and graphic designer job I might as well just get familiar with the best software that I might use later which is exactly what happens there are actually three reasons why I think taking a office job is a really cool opportunity first of all when you just start it would be so much easier to have someone to deal with taxes to deal with money to deal with the clients and stuff because when you work in an agency or a company usually it’s cortex manager does all this scary job and the only thing that you have to do is to work eight hours in Photoshop which is really awesome when I first started I was seventeen and two years back I just moved to Czech Republic from Russia so I had no idea what is going on and the word taxes really frightened me and gave me sleepless nights for a long time so I’m very glad that I actually took that job because it helped me a lot in the beginning just to get accustomed and used to the job environment itself making some kind of tasks listening to your peers and stuff so it’s great amazing so that’s the reason number one reason number two is that you actually might like it when it was younger I have this feeling that everybody should go freelance and do their own thing and start their own business but it turned out that of course everybody is different so who knows you might actually like being an in-house artist in a huge-ass company like Disney or Pixar why not so before you reject that opportunity just give it a try and real number three is actually the most what I think is that when you go to work in a company you are surrounded by people you make new connections and this is actually the fastest way to learn usually you’re the junior one and you get all the down until attacks nobody want to do but you always have the opportunity to come and speak to your peer our director or designer and they will usually give you a really nice advice and I’m actually super grateful to all of those people who taught me during my eight years working in a office environment and I truly love them all and most of the things that I know I owe it to them I quit my job several times in most cases every time I quit my job I still got some client work from them and I worked as a external designer or artist or whatever as usually knowing people is much better than not knowing them but let’s say you had your office job and you understood pretty well that you don’t really like it or maybe you like it but you still want to start your own company or you want to be your own boss and wake up let’s say 10 M not that I did it today and you want to make DJ’s your everyday work where know that I did it again but I mean yeah I have Jonathan now so let’s say you’ve made your mind and you want to become a freelancer now the biggest thing that I did not realize at the beginning when I was starting to be a freelance graphic designer and artist and then gradually I came to artists only is that when you are a freelancer you don’t get this huge chunk of money from one source like to get before when you used to work in the arc because in the office you get paid once per month or twice per month and you usually know these days in advance so you can somehow make your life around them like paying the rent and paying your bills and stuff like that so when you are a freelancer it’s really and I say it is dangerous to rely on one source of come so when you start thinking about being a freelancer try to write down every little source of income that you might use I will give you my own example just to I don’t know inspire you a bit but of course the situation for each one of us will be a little bit different because we’ll have different opportunities so try to think hard what is it that you can do to get faith also when you write down all of these sources of income try to think if you can predict some of them if maybe some of them are most stable let’s say than the others because it will also help you feel more relaxed and actually being relaxed and Union a good mood is your priority as a freelancer number one because when you are stressed and you think like oh my god I have no money to pay my rent next month this is not a good place to be creating I mean in this kind of mood you actually cannot do anything and when then it’s just this kind of spiral that goes down and down because you cannot pay the rent usual stress you cannot draw you cannot get new clients so you get less money and this is actually bad so try to avoid it as much and actually when you think of this several sources of income their main goal is to cover one another so let’s say you don’t have clients at the moment but you still have your courses or whatever so this will help you to feel safe all the time so yes and actually people tell me that oh my god I kind of really think of being a freelancer because I don’t have this feeling of sickness but then again when you work in a company nobody can predict the future and nobody can know what will happen next so there is no stability in nowhere so just I think you should take this fact and live on XP free as for me I have several sources of income that I thought of myself and of course the first thing that comes to mind our clients clients are usually the source of income that will give you the most money per month but again they are the most unpredictable actually I used to think that for example during the whole year the holder client months are for example October November December because people are getting ready to Christmas and they have Christmas sales and maybe some kind of new campaign and stuff like that and usually after that January is generally dead like nobody gives you jobs or you know you just lay down at home but actually this year when I was filming this video I just came back from a whole week of working with my client in Switzerland I could not seen that coming it just happened so now I cannot really say to January the month anymore so quiet good but really unpredictable people you know they’re people second thing is for me I teach at the University and I actually got this job five years ago and still it goes on teaching is amazing if you have the opportunity to totally do this I love teaching because it’s not like I am the smartest one in the room I actually hate the Union that position because that means you cannot really learn from nobody and when I teach I try to give my students opportunity to speak up as much as possible because then I learn from them and I teach a multimedia students that means that I get people who are interested in photography or making videos or doing some sound or I don’t know making films and stuff like that so all of those fields I knew nothing about so I’m really super interested to hear their opinions and what they think and what they dream about so usually it’s not like I speak and they just you know take notes it’s more of a conversation and I really love about university also University is best part of an income that is or a less stable you can predict that you will have two courses next month and you know how long is the semester and you know how much time is invest in that so it’s pretty much you know like an office job but only three hours or week or so of course as a university if you can imagine it’s not really paying that well in money but again I get connections there and a lot of my students graduate and they start working at a television or they move out of the country and work for example in space and they stay in touch and you know sometimes I get interesting propositions from them and also quiet word so it’s really amazing and I also try when I see some kind of opportunity to send them some kind of a link or to introduce them to some kind of person that might be you know helpful so yeah that’s it University second kind of job if you don’t have an opportunity to teach at the university courses or teaching can be done online and this is super easy here you can try to do two things for example you can try to start your own course on Skillshare or I don’t know whatever online university or sharing class platform and I will be linked to others down below so you can take a look and choose from them this is really easy because you only have to film yourself talk about something that you think you understand a bit and then just check people’s work and pretty much be or you can go even further this is what I actually did I started to teach those courses that I have in the university I started to teach them online using my social media likes compacting and Facebook and Instagram I just you know tell people that now I have this course and actually I teach by POG Rafi and the freelance so please stay tuned for future videos this year I am going to teach these courses in English as well so more information is coming also please like my page and Facebook because this is where I post on all of the news coming so yeah this is it and then you can just the only thing that you will need a Google account because then we can start teaching using YouTube life this is actually what I do and again it’s amazing because you need so many cool new people and they also help you to learn something new amazing amazing so yeah courses and teaching if you are an artist and I think you are because you’re here for my channel next thing that might come to your mind is an online shop cool opportunity and I really think that you should try it and then again for each and every one of us but good that you will put into your online shop both differ it might be I don’t know being through your design or ten lines that you drew during inktober this is actually what I did again or it can be original of your work if you draw with watercolors or glass or it can be prints I mean the possibilities are endless and again it’s pretty you need to start your own shop it costs you almost nothing I would recommend FC or maybe something else again links will be down below so you can have a better understanding of your possibilities here I think that with shop is important to start and just in advance it’s really hard to tell how much time and money you will have to invest into it because the first one you think like oh I will sell my good this would be so amazing then when you actually do for example you will sell posters you will see that it’s actually really hard to find a house what do you call this thing like a tube to put your poster in and maybe send it out this is actually the problem that I had it took me a while to figure out the best company that sells the tube let’s open the tube really cheaply so again as with everything I totally do recommend you not to sit and dwell and think like oh my god what I should do just try and you will see in the process what should be done how much time does it take and you will feel like oh now shop is not really what I’m trying to do with my life so I will stop it or maybe it will be like over here she looks I will continue for efforts oh yeah ciao then again if you have your own social media projects I don’t know maybe station Facebook or Instagram or YouTube channel or whatever you can try to sell ad banners and again there are actually a lot of web pages company that will link you with big brands and you can try to start your own campaign on here on YouTube for example really important if you know you hear it all the time like audible under this video or kill shares under this video or I think sponsored this video this is actually where people get those propositions form links down below check it out really easy you just have to get a profile on one of those web pages link your YouTube channel or whatever it is that you have like web page or blog or whatever and then just search and see what are the opportunities like the commercial opportunities that brands are giving to you last thing that you might want to use is crowdfunding and this is actually the thing that I think is the most promising and cool and exciting because crowdfunding platform are things like patreon or Kickstarter I will talk more about them in the future video but the main thing is that there is actually no advertiser between you and your audience and you get they from actually the real people but larger project and want to say thank you in the form of a small subscription for example on patreon or in the form of supporting your huge project like publishing a comic book on Kickstarter and this is amazing because for example from my patreon page I got to know those people and it’s so exciting I love you guys okay so yes it actually gets kind of lonely since I work from home so it’s actually really nice to talk to people oh yeah for all of those possibilities that I’ve talked about earlier the most important thing to have is your audience for some of you it might seem really difficult to get and I will talk more about it in the future video and again in my online course we will go through all of those questions that you might have really in-depth but I can say that getting an audience is actually not that hard if you are passionate about what you do which you can say I am because you can check my Instagram to see how my set looks like it’s nothing it’s not fancy you guys is really not fancy so this is it for today’s video please let me know in the comments below what are other possibilities to make money as a freelancer that you thought of that maybe I forgot or I did not think of let’s just make this a huge database of knowledge and help others because it’s just amazing to help people thanks guys for watching you can find me on social media like Facebook Instagram contacts care what else tumblr please subscribe to my channel I try to make videos about going and freelance business on regular basis let’s just not talk about pencils here okay if you have any questions again please feel free to ask them in the comments I will try to answer them in the future videos and this is it for today so I’ll see you guys later [Music] Oh [Music] you [Music]

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