Winter Sunset Photography | Canon EOS M50 & 32mm f1.4 Lens

This time of year is a great time to take
photos of sunset. Those certain hours where you have amazing light. I really don’t take too many photos in the
sunset time. Especially in the summer, but in the winter
it gets dark very soon in the day. My local state park has a closing time of
5pm, and it does actually work out. Around 4 to 4:30 is probably one of the best
times to take photos. Maybe a little bit afterwards, but between
that time period really works out well. The area is huge, there is so many great spots
to take photos. I decided on one area that’s a natural prairie. They setup this area and they re-introduced
plant life to have all of the prairie grass and similar plants of Illinois. Of course, the star of the show at sunset
is the sun itself. I use it in the backgrounds. If I have a foreground object, the sun looks
really amazing. A little blurred out. And it actually looks larger in those situations
when your focusing on something close up to the lens. I had the Canon EOS M50 camera with
the 32mm f1.4 lens. That specific lens is great for this situation. Because you can use those large apertures. Basically a normal lens, 50mm equivalent. And that works really well to get some background
and foreground. I was able to use a lot of those prairie
plants that shoot up. And then you use the background for the sun
or just some really beautiful light in certain areas. So depending on the situation, sometimes the
foreground is a silhouette. It’s basically close to black. That works out just at well as other situations. At this time of day, of course you get the
colorful light. You get the oranges the yellows, but you also
get rays of light in different areas. Especially on the ground. You can actually focus on the ground itself. Take little sections. Take a photo of some little plants and things. And I think those turn out very nicely. My favorite photo of the outing is this plant… Kind of curves at the top. And use that curve with the sun itself to
feature both of them. So you have the sun in the background and
then the nice curved plant in the foreground. Kind of on one side of the sun itself. Depending on the angle, you can potentially
get some flare in the photos. I took quite a few photos in that scene. And I definitely had to adjust my position
to get the right angle. So that any flare would be right in the middle
of the sun and not be visible. It was a beautiful day, of course it’s winter. It’s a little cold, but you dress warm enough… I think winter is a great time to take photos. I’m learning that more and more. I hope you enjoyed this photo outing video. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy this video, please consider
subscribing. Helps me out a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well. Thanks again!

4 Replies to “Winter Sunset Photography | Canon EOS M50 & 32mm f1.4 Lens”

  1. I have this camera What ISO did you shoot most of the video with? Also what’s the highest ISO you would go with that lens since m50 is not known to have best high iso sensitivity. Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Are you still using this set-up? I just got the lens. Coming from the Canon 50 and 85 f1.8, I’m finding that this lens doesn’t produce the “3D pop” effect, or at least not as good as the other primes. Are you finding the same results as well?

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