Why you should write a bunch of Headlines [copywriting tips]

right a bunch of headlines why would you
waste your time writing a bunch of headlines when you’re really only gonna
ultimately use one well put simply your headline is the most important piece of
copywriting that you can write it’s the first thing that your potential customer
is going to read and ultimately prompt them to decide okay I want to know more
about this and see what this is all about or and I don’t really need that so
obviously writing many different headlines will improve your future
copywriting headlines but more importantly when it’s all said and done
you’ll have a bunch of different headlines that are relevant to choose
from and you’ll be able to put them all next to each other and really decide
okay which one hits my target customer better something we’ve already talked
about as well as which conveys the message in the copywriting as a whole in
the actual copywriting piece that I’m putting this headline on top of

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