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Why hire a copywriter? Hello. I’m Christopher Melotti from Melotti
Media Copywriting and Marketing solutions. So, you’ve heard of copywriters. But does
your business really need one? Absolutely! Why? Not for the copywriter themselves,
but for the benefits we provide you – multiple benefits that far exceed our cost. Let me explain. Whether your customers are B2B or B2C, the
decision makers of today have an insatiable appetite for content, and it grows every year.
Rarely do people and organisations make a purchase without researching first, and to
do that, they look for articles, podcasts, your website, blogs, videos, FAQs, case studies,
product descriptions and more. All of these need to be consistent, concise
and professional if you want to meet your customers’ demands. So, how does a copywriter help? In a few ways. Firstly, a quality copywriter has years of
experience drilling down core messages and focusing on audience pain points to produce
effective content. You can leverage and profit off this expertise. We also save you a lot of time because
we’re producing content to make your customers happy, allowing you to focus on the bigger
picture. A freelance copywriter also has the benefit
of offering you an external and fresh perspective which can encourage innovation. Coming from
outside of your business, we are unrestricted and therefore can be bold and creative in
a very cluttered world where everything is ‘the way it’s always been done’. Just remember, not all copywriters are the
same, and it’s worth taking the time to find one with a strong marketing background. You don’t want pretty prose or lovely literature
– you want audience-friendly and accessible copywriting that addresses customer problems,
engages your audience and ultimately earns you results. Contact me today to speak to a quality copywriter
to get the outcomes your business deserves.

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