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  1. Great advice – as an alternate on an extremely tight budget I also shoot on vintage glass with cheap extension rings for a macro effect – another option.

  2. @Peter McKinnon You know this is exactly what I was looking for! I have been searching on what lens to buy, and was leaning on to a macro. Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. are all lens compatible with Nikons and cannons…? I have a Nikon D3400 and saw a second hand MC Macro 70-210mm  ?

  4. I love the 2 min vids. A wealth of info, well produced, well delivered, to the point (so rare), entertaining and knowledgeable. AWESOME. THANK U.

  5. Just a question while talking about lenses and utility… Im in the go to get a proper camera and im choosing between the aps-c sony a6300 or the FF sony a7 mk II. Will you be able to notice which camera shot what assuming that you have the same equivalent lens on both cameras? I know that FF gets better low light capabilities, but im not out to get the best low light shots either.

    The choosing process is tearing me apart =P

  6. You have a lot of energy. Have you considered riding a bicycle for Tesla? You could power most of Australia while reviewing lenses.

  7. Can anyone tell me any macro lense but for nikon users ? I want one like peter suggested but for nikkon camera 🙄

  8. I shoot mostly with my Sony 90mm Macro lens. Unless I need that ultra wide, then I switch to 12-24 or 24-105. But, macro lenses are so damn sharp it was the best lens purchase.

  9. If i buy macro lens like 55-250mm can i shoot like moon so it looks standardly good or what i dont really understand these things (please someone answer fast bc iam about to buy lens tommorow

  10. hey pete just wanna know how to get our subject in focus. I have nikon 40mm lens and i'm trying to get the right focus but it's not working.

  11. I'm curious as to why you never refer Ellusionist by name. Also the product shots you did for them are mint! I use to use the shot of the Prohibition collection as my wallpaper 🙂

  12. If your budget is tight, have another look at the Raynox 250. Best 75$ you will ever spend on.
    P/s: I turned this into a 1-minute video by x2 the speed 😛

  13. Was looking for something specific for ages to answer my question about the lens and came across this which covered everything I wanted to know within two mins… Also seems like a really non-annoying YouTuber so you've got my sub

  14. I am the only oké that look at hoe hands and think. He was in a fight??? He has a lot of dries up blood there.. and that you see if someone fight….

  15. Do you think that owning this 100mm and an 85mm is useless or is there a real difference between these two lenses ?

  16. I’m a bit shocked the macro gets dismissed 😱 lol. I absolutely love this type of photography, you can really capture a whole new world, it fascinates me 😁. I’m glad now to have learnt it gives an awesome filming technique too, woop! Thanks for sharing 🙃

  17. what is the differnce between 100 mm macro and some lets say 18-120mm zoom lens set up at 100 mm? Can 100mm be macro and non macro?

  18. What macrolens is prefered to make product photos? 50mm or 100? Or something else? 😀
    Could anyone respond? Thanks! 😀

  19. Does anyone shoot with Sony? Would like to know How does the Sony 50mm F2.8 Macro Lens compare to Sigma 70mm Macro? Also how good is autofocus on Sony 50mm while shooting macro video?

  20. Lol I'd rather you cover more about the lens and make more good points rather than trying to make it to a 2 minute time limit.

  21. Disappointed when I came back and watched this again and heard 2 minute Tuesday. It's not like your new ones where they're actually 20 minutes. Damned timer.

  22. dude.. i've never even saw a snow flake in person… we don't have winter in here… just diferent types of summer… it kinda feels like living inside a armpit

  23. Love it! Thank you. I live shooting tiny things close up. It’s fascinating! I no longer kill even the smallest of bugs, after I took a close up of of a teeny spider. The eyes were so amazing, cute, alive, I’ve not looked at a bug the same since.

  24. This is what I’ve been looking for, what lens do I need for the photos I love to take. I’m a beginner to exchangeable lenses but I’ve worked hard to capture what a see with a Nikon coolpix point and shoot and have received compliments on my photos. Now I have a Sony kit lens and I’m lost, have no idea what I’m doing. I take landscapemostly combined with close ups. Open to suggestions. This may be all that’s i need for now. I’ll research Sonya macro lenses. Thank you!!

  25. I'm thinking of getting a macro lens, but first I wanted to come here cause I'm like "Do I actually need one?" And after watching this video I know the answer is gonna be yes 😂😂

  26. Hey Peter, i know this is an old video but.. I've just gotten an M50 mirrorless canon with an adapter… Whats the best affordable macro lens you would recommend?

  27. After watching your video, I tried shooting a snowflake with a macro lens and she was triggered so hard, she screamed at me to get my f*** camera out of her face and something about me raping her with my lens and then she told me to go kiss Trump’s ass.

  28. Can u make another video on product photography tutorial at a cheap budget…
    With love from India.. 😁😀

  29. I love macro but i try the cheap methods. It's not the greatest but that's what i can afford unfortunately

  30. I own a Lumix G7 and One of the Len's I use is a 45-150mm Lens. Would this be considered a Macro Lens?

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