Which Cameras were used to film the 2019 Oscar Nominated Movies?

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  1. Arri is killing it. I think they got the first Alexa so right that people just keep going back to the Alexa line because they're reliable. Apparently Arri specifically made the LF version so that people can finally use their cameras for Netflix productions. Until then they were basically forced to use Red.

  2. It could be entirely in my head, but does anyone else think that red footage is TOO sharp? I know that sounds weird, but it just seems like arri footage "blends" together better. Red footage makes everything seem isolated in the shot. It's hard to describe.

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  4. What was Breaking Bad filmed with? And why don't people shoot on 8k so when that becomes mainstream, they will already have the 8k raw footage? I know several video production companies that are doing that.

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  6. Interesting, if you search for the cinema renting equipment, you will find Leica a lot. Looks like it is a Hollywood standard some kind of.

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  8. Nice video, buddy! By the way, what do you think about "The Possession of Hannah Grace" shot on the Sony A7SII? Do you believe this camera worth to big cinema productions?

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  11. i think the only digital camera that ever came close to film was the red one mx, that camera is so under rated and the image is beautiful

  12. Anyone saying film is more expensive for a movie or even music video is ridiculous so don't be scared away! Especially 16mm is pretty cheap.
    The only way digital is cheaper is when you let the camera roll but then again you have to pay that assistant editor for many more days to remove all the dirt making it more even again.
    Scanning isn't that expensive anymore either especially for feature lengths.
    But I was really surprised of the lack of Sony in that list. I know that quite a few of these DPs were testing the Venice prototypes.

  13. I feel like film and high-end digital footage is virtually indistinguishable. If this stuff was not labeled, I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference

  14. it's interesting to see that there's no sony cameras. which is weird, because they practically invented the digital cinematography segment. red didn't even exist back then…

  15. Wow. He felt the need to explain that "until recently all movies were shot on film". I feel old as sh1t. I'm still going to subscribe though. Great channel.

  16. Remember in the 80s where every movie had “panavision” on the credits? Arri were more doc/indi films with the SR. How times change!

  17. Arri Alexa 90% of the time. I'd love to see the aaton Penelope getting some action. Red makes decent images but man it sucks to work with.

    Film isn't too expensive it just punishes stupidity and mistakes more than digital.

  18. @Potato Jet Some argue that it is actually cheaper to shoot film as the cost of backing up digital media costs so much and it can be impossible to predict how to best store the masters once it is finished. A good case in point the Film Drive was shot on the Alexa but then stored on Film cos they know it will last for 100 years if properly stored. This also has the awesome benefit of taking a dupe of the master and being able to watch a digital film projected from film 😀 which i got to see, adds a lot to Drive.

  19. That wide angle shot in "The Favorite" is god awful and hilarious.. such a retarded jolt from scene to scene on that one.. lol

  20. Roma! – I finally had the time to watch it a few days ago. My opinioin: Most overrated movie of the decade. Seriously had not much meat on the bones. Simple script full of uninteresting drama that was stuffed in there. And also trying to be something that wasn't working. Hard to explain, arty maybe. Well I thought it was crap. I think A LOT of people say they like it because they think it makes them cool or they just say that because it's they hype.

  21. Wtf, somebody really has asked "what do you mean by film camera"?

    Okay digital is now the standard but film is not so ancient that people shouldn't be expected to remember it existing in the first place, lol. I mean I'm old and shit, but I always knew about 8 track cassettes, for example, although they were not used in my time and have never seen one in real life.

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  30. Yeah if they want your movie they'll take it but if you're trying to get a movie played on netflix you have to follow all those stupid rules. Cohen brothers don't care. They probably said, "ok don't take our movie".

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