What’s Wrong with This Picture? – SNL

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  1. me: "…"
    indian scammer: "hello and yes I am work for the microsoft and I am the very sorry to be have to tell you but your computer is have virus and it is have AIDS. I am charge you for the AIDS on your home computer and I am charge you."

  2. 1. Grabbing for her but, they’re siblings
    2.. U don’t wear a hat in the dressing room
    3. The glass is gonna spill off the desk
    4. The bitch too happy

  3. I watch snl when it’s time for me to go to bed and I watch it until 4 am about even though I have class the next morning but that’s okay hahaha.

  4. I bet my wife that within 5 minutes there would be references to smut or gays. There were 3 within that time. The new SNL is garbage. The new players all suck. Gone are the days when SNL was in the floor funny without using profanity or smut. It died out with the 90s.

  5. I can do all these roles but I guess you have to keep stuff mild, so the better skits that I act out that make more money.

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