What’s in my camera bag – 2019 | Sony/Canon

what’s good ladies and Gentlemen it’s ya boy JustBwise and today we’re talking about what’s in the bag all right so
before we get started with what’s in the bag first and foremost I just want to
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button down below now let’s get it so first let’s start off with the bag
itself as you already know watch it filmmaker this is a budget bag I got
this bag from Amazon I think was like 35 bucks the company is newer I mean it’s a
fairly decent bag let me see if I can show you everything without throwing
everything on the ground hopefully so just like most kind of bags it has the
different velcro straps they have two pockets so that you can hold different
things I’m actually able to hold two cameras three to four lenses in here at
one time so I mean it’s a big enough bag for what I’m doing because I don’t have
a bunch of equipment I mean the bag is weather sealed
I wouldn’t test it out if I were you I’m not testing it out so I know it’s rained
before and I haven’t had to worry about any of my contents getting wet so that’s
good up here has two big mesh pocket so you can put different things like cables
memory cards stuff like that I would advise and I haven’t done yet which
which I should get one of those little things looks like a little wallet
for all your memory cards and I would tuck that in there I should probably I
probably now I’m talking about this in the video
it has to light little side pockets car you put for instance a Jovi tripod put
your little trap us there and we might as well get that out the way
I don’t really vlog as much as I would like to if you guys would like just for
me to do something long and let me know but I don’t really love very much but
these things come in handy for different scenarios other than just vlogging so I
got me one of these you know so let’s explore the contents of this bag shall
we got myself a nice little neck strap for the camera the neck strap actually
was a gift what I do like about this neck strap I don’t know how much it was
or anything like that but what I do like is has these little I don’t know if you
can see that that’s low what so I can actually just clip on to my camera
opposed to you know how the regular strap is where you got to do it like if
a book bag it’s the most horrible thing ever way weaving it in and out like your
braids in somebody’s hair that’s ridiculous come on man alright so love
this thank you dude this is good what else we got in here is
we’ve got some headphones to test my audio so anytime I’m doing any type of
recording I first plug this into the camera plugging into my ears check make sure your audio is good if
you are not monitoring your audio do it these headphones came with my Samsung
phone they’re good enough for make sure I’m not peeking good enough to make sure
I’m not too low audio sounds good make sure you’re checking your audio backup
camera this camera was the camera started doing everything one camera I
borrowed from my dad it’s the Canon t6 I technically I’m
still borrowing this camera from my dad and I said give it back to him and I
haven’t done that yet project give this back to my dad I’m not gonna throw this
to the side backup cameras 50 mil nice 50 mil if you have a Canon nice 50 mil
cheap nice sony 50 mil have a review already done it should be here pretty
nice lens so since I’m using it you can’t really see it but this is the Sony
a7 – I do review of that camera already I’ll put it in the card above and also
I’m using the rode videomic well I think it’s a very good microphone I’m actually
gonna start using it more when I don’t feel like Mike and myself oh because
this is too much work next what we got in the back I have
actually two of these little olympus recorders I talked about them briefly in
a video of like how to vlog on your Samsung and I used this to Mike myself
up because it’s a lot lighter to carry around
no audio came on decent it wasn’t the best audio ever something like this is
cheap I think this was like 45 bucks and that works I also have which I’m miked
up on right now and I hope I’m still going and I don’t think I’m recording
dang I haven’t been recording on this though
hey you win some you lose some but you live you live fine update so I also have
a tascam dr-05 and I love this little thing this thing is great um yeah that’s
that’s really it I don’t really have much else for you so yeah

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  1. Nice channel man! Keep going you will definitely grow fast! P.S A7 II got in in December great camera for great price!

  2. I can't believe I'm so late in watching your video on audi- wait, a bag??? Watching….. watching… don't need a neck strap but somehow I want one…… Keep up the great work bro!

  3. Good work. Keep your content real with basic edits. I am tired of unneeded drone footage and b roll when all I want is a basic video representing the title.

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