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Hi! I’m Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media
Copywriting and Marketing solutions, and a question I get asked often is, what are the
range of services that a professional copywriter provides? So, let’s break it down as there is a lot
of scope, and you want to ensure you’re getting the right services to match your needs. I group copywriting services in five different
categories. There are your standard copywriting services
that businesses often require on a daily basis. These include writing blogs, articles, digital
content, video and podcast scripts, printed collateral, website copy and so on. It can also extend to editing services too. Then you have the high-end creative copywriting
services which focus on conceptual and campaign copy. These are the big-picture words that unite
an entire brand or campaign, such as Nike’s Just Do It. These services are expensive, and rightly
so- because they require a very talented copywriter to craft heavy impact branding pieces which
drive inspiration and positioning for audiences on a grand scale. Next is Content Marketing strategy services. Most copywriters don’t provide this unless
they have a marketing consultant background, and it involves devising the overall plan
behind all the pieces of content, rather than just writing them directly. Specific niche copywriting is exactly what
it sounds like: delving into a particular category that requires experience and a relevant
background, such as educational copywriting, real estate copywriting, medical writing,
academic and legal, as a few examples. Lastly, you have business copywriting, which
is focused on writing up operational manuals, standard operating procedures, business plans,
press releases, internal comms and so on. These are very important and should be drafted
by a professional. So- which do you need? At Melotti Media, we can help you with all
five categories of copywriting services. I have plenty of experience across all of
these and can help you find the right solution for your business to earn the results you
deserve. For more information, contact me today and
let’s create communication chemistry together.

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