What is High Dynamic Range Photography? HDR Photo Explained | Sony Alpha Universe

My favorite Sony feature is having
high dynamic range within my image sensor. Now, what is high dynamic range?
Essentially, it’s large image data set in a single file, allowing you to have details in your highlights,
your shadows, and your mid-tones. Now, historically when I used to shoot with digital SLRs,
I ended up having to take 3 or 4 or 5 image brackets; nowadays with my Sony cameras, I only have to take one, having all that image data to work with. This changed the way how I work on the field
as well as how I process my images; allowing me to pull up more shadow detail or pull down my highlights to balance out those mid-tones. That’s why dynamic range is so important to me and why I love it with my Sony camera systems.

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  1. add dolby hdr 2000nits dolby pq 2084 image and vision capture, add max bitrate and for megapixel sensor add a default bright iso standard and add smart ai to pick up the green grass tree details and water no camera can pick them up yet and partner with other camera brand to make a better and higher quality megapixel sensor that is multi optimized for max details and stability in all conditions including motion, night mode,zoom or ultra zoom levels, ultra wide angle and for bright lights and correct sharp rich vibrant colour and colour enhancing instead of the boring natural real colour

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