WHAT ARE THESE WEIRD PENCILS?! // Testing Paletteful Packs Art Supplies

Well, well well What do we have here? Drumroll please? Okay. Well, I got some new art supplies today, but I don’t know what they are. So I’m gonna open this up – open this up and see what’s inside. Actually, I kind of do have an inkling of what they are because I’ve seen some other youtubers already do this month’s box and my surprise got spoiled. Whoa. Oh, okay. Never mind. Not fully spoiled. What is this? What is this? Wood-less pencil set, what? I have been wanting to try wood-less pencils for a long time. Blending stumps. Okay, my art fear came in a box. I’m afraid of these. It’s just the texture gives me the heebie-jeebies, but they are quite helpful. Alright, what else is in here? What? What? Pencil case? Whoa it feels like a tennis ball. What else? What else? What is this? An art eraser It’s black. I’ve never seen a black eraser. wait. Wait is this an eraser too? Kneaded eraser What? What? Three Erasers in a box? Get out of here girl. I’ve been using this little guy, but now I have these Oh, this is so exciting! what are these? What are these? I believe these four are charcoal pencils. Its about to get really art-y up in here today. We’re going back to basics. I think this is a charcoal pencil and then these are just sketching pencils; this draws on paper, glass, plastic, and metal. Wow Drouting? Drafting? How do you say that? How do you say it? Somebody comment down below? I don’t know how I’m gonna get this out Professional Series Stipple texture. So this is like a stipple texture paper Guys, I kid you not they mean it How do I show you the texture paper? Focus on my finger and maybe around it. Can you tell? Ooh this stipple paper is good for shading and blending. If you want to read this you can pause the video though. I actually already have this same exact eraser that I’m currently already using so I’m not going to open this because I don’t want to be wasteful but I will use my opened one. I’m pretty sure it’s the same brand and everything. So, just being honest with you guys. I don’t want to waste. All right, I will use these take one for the team We’re in the third week of August. So “the year 3000,” ooh. When I think of the year 3000, since I’m doing that for a prompt, I think either very positively or very negatively. So these are my two thoughts. The first thought is in the future we have found a way to completely eliminate plastic, it’s a very lush, healthy ecosystem where pollution is gone? All the micro plastics are out of the sea, we have really utilized our space for like hydroponic gardening. Most people do it as a common thing Global warming has been fixed that kind of thing. And then the other thought for the year 3000 is this like super post-apocalyptic world and there’s hardly anything but you left on earth kind of thing, like the road. You know what I’m talking about. I think I want to do the more positive one and see how we can do this. Ooh this paper is interesting. I guess I’m gonna do a person just so I can also represent the fashion but she could be putting her hands in like her futuristic little pocket. That would be cute. Maybe in the year 3000 the biggest thing that will happen is girls will have bigger pockets that can like actually be used. Raise your hand if you’re with me. Yeah you want that? Cuz I really do I don’t know why We all get scammed with these fake pockets, but I am NOT okay with it. So if we could just have real ones. Wow, this definitely makes my line work look a lot darker but let’s test this plastic eraser that – this would not exist in the future because I just said no plastic. Now as far as the face goes, I know – I know I want to do like some sort of glasses I would say. Okay, so our background, I want to do some sort of like hydroponic gardening thing in the background. So I think I’m gonna just do like she works in probably a greenhouse – cuz that’s like what half my characters ever do – this is her like hydroponic station. Alright, should I try one of these wood-less pencils? There’s actually only three types of pencil on here. There’s two 2Bs, two 4Bs, and two 6Bs, so sure, let’s let’s give it a – whoa. This is so heavy. This is so wicked Okay Well This is sweet. Wow, this feels magical dude. This is so nice and sturdy for like hair strokes. I am impressed, yes. I do wish they would have liked talked about their product on their packaging though. You know, honestly, I – I’m like not somebody who oh I don’t know like does a lot of just graphite sketches, I’m always adding like a pop of color but this box Is really like well thought out. I honestly think this may have been one of their most like well-thought-out boxes. Like I mean down to the paper and they just like really thought it out so that’s kind of cool And it’s kind of cool because the last Bee paper that was in their last box; I did not like it. But this one pretty good I’m gonna wait to do charcoal until last because that’s gonna like really be a mess. in Year 3000 eyebrows that are thick will still be trendy guys. It’s still gonna be a thing You might not be able to see hers but she’s got some thick brows, alright? I’m really digging this woodless pencil. This is so cool. I want to try a bunch of them now. Would you guys wear this outfit? I Don’t – I don’t think I would. I don’t know the whole side button thing not matching up with this button kind of bothers me I’m just gonna leave it now because I kind of think you know, what? We’re going to create some tension And because it’s not that easy to erase on here. See my thing with the graphite pencils like this is Every time I use them I have this urge to go realistic and like super realistic. I’m not doing that with this piece, I’m trying to keep it like cartoony a little bit But Yeah, I just got that urge. It’s really funny like how different mediums can affect your style. Do you find that different mediums affect your style differently? Whoa, the face recognition on my camera just came on. We love it I’m gonna try using this draughting, drafting? What – what is it pencil? We’re gonna see how it goes. Okay What was I gonna do? Oh, yeah I want to do some sort of like lettuce here Maybe like I don’t know like chives or something. Sure a lot of these will be like herbs Okay, and up here I definitely have an idea for this one I Want to do onions. Why? Because I’m growing onions in my garden and I’m very proud of my onions. I’ve been putting them in all sorts of foods lately. Don’t want to be smearing things. Oh yeah, I’ve been putting my onions in like some Mediterranean quinoa salads. All sorts of stuff. Okay got the onions and they have their root systems. All right now I’ll go like this to show water. Wow. This eraser is a true champ. It can ERASE. I think this is the best one Okay, I hate blending stumps, but I’m doing this for the Tube. Oh! Oh my goodness. I hate this so much that I’m gonna get goose bumps. I’m literally just trying to use every supply in the box. But if I could omit this one, I would. It’s just a sensory issue. This texture just is hard for me to deal with. Wow the charcoal surprisingly doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. So this is what I would predict a farm to be like in the year 3000 or just the average joe’s garden in the year 3000. I Think it would be a lot of like hydroponics and I think farming would be like a really really cool thing in the future because people would be more aware of our environment and this is a way that you could like plant a lot of things on top of each other but not cut down trees I think that’s really cool. I feel like this doodle is gonna spark a lot of debate in the comments, but I’m just gonna roll with it . A lot of things in here say ‘plastic’. This is also plastic So yeah in the year 3000 – going off my prompt – there will probably be some alternative for all this plastic stuff. I Do really love these wood-less pencils like how cool is that? I mean look at this like I didn’t even sharpen it. I just went with it and it worked so well, I’m so happy with it. If you want to see me test more art supplies or do unboxings and stuff. I will put a playlist here and you can binge my channel, but this is what it looks like up close. And this was really fun and again you can click this playlist; It’s probably up on the screen blocking you from seeing stuff now and yeah keep your adventure rolling. Have a good day and thanks for watching. Bye!

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  1. This was my first paletteful packs and I LOVE IT!!!!! I love doing graphite drawings and this box was perfect for me, wasnt crazy abut the paper but i will use it for other things. I loved the carbon pencils the most 🙂

    You pronounce it drafting xD <3

  2. Draughting, pronounced drafting. Also, I wear leg braces (Spina Bifida) and that pencil that writes on plastic is the same kind my leg brace makers use to mark where to cut the braces to custom fit them. Pretty cool to see it used in art.

  3. "He said
    I've been to the year 3000
    Not much has changed, but they lived underwater
    And your great-great-great-granddaughter
    Is doing fine
    Doing fine" 🎶
    Also yes us girls need bigger pockets🤣

  4. I love it, but I am not surprised by that! Another great video! I'm so glad you decided to go positive with the year 3000 prompt! Hats off to you for being one of the resilient people who can still see a bright future, and for being an environmentalist! I sincerely hope the year 3000 is full of hydroponics, and deep pockets on women's clothes (seriously, clothing companies: what's the deal?)

  5. You should give bee paper another chance. I have bee paper marker paper and it's absolutely amazing, and I watch Emily Artful and she swears by their watercolor paper. And to give you an idea, she tried Arteza paper and quite enjoyed it, but still goes back to bee paper. Because I know you love Arteza Watercolor paper, I figured that specific example would mean more to you than comparing other paper.

    I heard SO many complaints about the bee paper from the last box but have heard nothing but awesome things about all their other, more specified papers; which leads me to believe that either everyone is right, and palletful messed up, or that they aren't very good with an all purpose paper because their strength is in the specifics.

    Regardless of all of that, I would love to see you try out their Watercolour and/or marker paper in a future video. Although, if you're willing to do a paper centered video, I'd love if you could include Daler Rowney Simply Pocket Sketchbook Hard Cover. The ref# is 482100355. I got mine at Wal-Mart, but I'm in Canada, so that may not be all that helpful.

    Anyway, this is my absolute favourite "all purpose" paper. If you get it, try alcohol markers on it. I've never seen anything so vibrant in my life!

    Sorry for the novel… I've just been kinda passionate about paper lately lol.

  6. I love watching unboxing videos and how artists use only the supplies that inside ☺, it was a great video 👍, nice drawing as well 😁

  7. I totally relate to the medium determining how I approach a piece. When I'm using my oils I tend to spend really long mixing colours and applying the paint and trying to be very detailed, but also incorporate texture. Then, with my oil pastels, I work more looser, a lot quicker, and generally go for a more loose realism. And graphite makes me zone in all the details and try to be super precise.

  8. The red pencil is water soluble! I absolutely love it I think it's my favorite supply in the box this month I used it with the water brush from the june or July box cant remeber which one it was and it's so cool you should give it a try an do a video on it! Would love to see it 🙂

  9. Love this drawing! Everyone should feel the joy of growing their own veg and plants 💚💚 love you ! You are inspiring

  10. Omg! I moan about female clothes not having enough pockets! I buy men’s jeans for this very reason! I spotted a Blubblefly! 🤗 loved watching you experiment with these pencils Mira! I used to only work in graphite but now I barely touch a pencil in my process. When I think of the year 3000, my mind always wonders to that Busted song. Different medium definitely effect my style, Digital always makes me want to draw more semi realistic or cartoon, watercolour realistic to semi realistic and coloured pencil, all the way realistic lol weird

  11. I’ve been to the year 300 everybody bought our seventh album.-Jonas brothers. Anybody else think of this when she said year 300?

  12. 1. Love how you said "hibby jibbies" instead of "heebie jeebies" Made me think of Gibby from iCarly. 😂
    2. Missed opportunity to make a Year 3000 song reference.
    2a. Busted originally sang Year 3000. Not Jonas Brothers. I feel like no one knows that. (It's a sore spot. Lol)
    3. I love the a-symmetrical hair you gave the character!
    3a. I think the hair also accentuated the fact the shoulder sizes are different. I used to have that problem too. I literally made myself measure my shoulder width ahead of time just to give myself a better spacial guideline to the composition. Now I've learned to eyeball it a lot better. Maybe you could try putting some very light guidelines instead of diving right in. 😊

  13. I love hydroponic gardening! I also love woodless drawing pencils! They’re best on large graphite works. The larger the surface the more you can really open them bad boys up! They really carve out space really well like the dark pockets in fabric folds. The higher B numbers really give you nice velvety blacks without over working it and getting that shiny burnished graphite look that happens when you top out a certain pencil’s value range.

  14. And “girls will have bigger pockets”. Why? Apparently its because if you cram stuff in pockets it looks bad. Just buy mens jeans. Awesome pockets

  15. I love your reactions, they make me smile so much! I love the piece you made, I wish I could make up characters off the top of my head like that!

  16. I can't believe that no one has commented that your year 3000 girl actually looks like a year 1983 girl! I was watching this muted and totally thought that's what it was. That doesn't mean I don't love it, though!

  17. Ugh! I hate fockets (Fake pockets) with a passion. I once got a pair of pants that had working zippers BUT the pocket was fake. I was so tempted to just add pockets myself. Why go to all that trouble… just ugh!

  18. just put the two kneaded erasers together make a giant one lol i use to as a teenager and ended up with one bigger than my fist, was fun to play with :p

  19. It would have been so awesome to see you try to create both those scenes on one page 😂😂😃 world destruction on one half, and blissful serenity on the next half merging together 😃

    I know you chose to create 1 illustration, which is super by the way 😍😍 I’m pleased you went with that positive version 😃

    I actually dislike kneaded erasers cos, I don’t like their texture and they leave residue on my fingers….. would much prefer them in sleeves.

    You did a great job with the woodless pencils 👍

  20. This drawing was wonderful~ Love how you did the hairstyle and shading. I am optimistic now for a hydroponic, plastic-less future (:

  21. I totally agree with you on the blending stumps. It's like nails on a chalk board 😖. I also agree about the lack of pockets in women's fashion. Why the fashion industry thinks it's a good thing to make fake pockets is beyond me 🙄. Your hopes for the future are awesome. I hope one day it happens. Great video 🙂

  22. Oh my, I'm the same way. Just hearing that sound as you rubbed that blending stick against the paper gave me goosebumps and a chill running down my spine. I'm the same with flour and pastels, can't stand watching or hearing that sound 😬😱

  23. Loved your drawing Mira. I actually wore my hair like that in 1993. So go figure!!! My PuppyGirl would love it if I had bigger pockets, it would mean I could carry more treats in my pockets for her. BTW…. I love using woodless pencils too…. I haven’t used those ones but I have used them in the past not sure of the brand but, yeah they are heavier to hold, you saying that. Have a creative week.

  24. I know YouTubers do not post bad videos but your videos seem so real at each and every step. I really appreciate your style! Edited or NOT! I like my wood-less pencils too. I have even broken them to use the side for larger areas. I have a lot of color pencils with no wood. Koh-i-noor has been my brand of choice for many years. I am still a paper snob, I just find so many failings with pulp only papers. I look for 100% rag papers no matter what brand. I have tried the Rough from Arches and it is Rough! The pebble texture is pretty neet! I hope you can do another drawing in the future that highlights this more. I will "plug" another artist: Kristy Partridge here on YT is an amazing pencil artist as well as watercolor painter. She can make pencils do what she wants even sit up and beg! yeah an exaggeration but she is good, great for tips!

  25. I hate the texture of blending stumps too! I'd rather use my hands and get messy than use them, even if the effect isn't as good. I'm such a wimp when it comes to bad textures. 😂

  26. The pronunciation of draught depends on the meaning behind it.

    It's pronounced duh-reh-ah-ft when in reference to a breeze (typically one indoors, but not necessarily). Example, "Oh, there's a real draught in here!"

    Or it's pronounced duh-reh-oar-teh in reference to a potion (sometimes for beverages too, although that's not as common). Example, "Draught of Living Death. Well, that's a cheerful name. I wonder what this potion does."

    On top of that, draught is also a very old spelling option for the word "draft" – which, as you know, means to make a practice version of something (artwork, writing, letter, etc) – and is pronounced exactly the same. I assume the brand was going for this third option and so, in this case, draught is pronounced the same as draft.

    I really love the English language, that's why I know this stuff in so much detail.

  27. Please don't take this the wrong way, and I'm sorry if I cause offense (Sorry!). But the proportion of this character's arms are really bothering me. I admit, I'm no artist, but it seems to me that those arms are too short (especially on the bottom half of the bent arm) and the visible hand is weirdly super tiny. The proportioning kind of reminds me of those of Bratz dolls – so if this is on purpose then cool! But if not, it's an area you can maybe improve on?
    On a more positive note, I LOVE how you drew her hair texture!

  28. Literally my first thought for the year 3000 was Busted! Haha! Perhaps showing my age…

    I love her haircut! And your positive attitude towards the planet is really heartwarming ❤️

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