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Welcome to Visual Imagery Online.
I’ll be your instructor. My name is Erin Jones.
I have been an art teacher for 18 years. I have taught all art subjects.
My very favorite subject has always been photography, and that is what you will learn in this course.
What you will need to take this course is a digital camera.
If all you have is a cell phone camera, that is fine.
You need to have a computer. You need to have internet. And you need to have a way to get
your images off your camera onto the internet and I will help you learn how to do that,
and how to turn them into me. One of the other things you will learn is how to use a film
camera and you don’t need to have one, I will teach you how to use one. The film camera
has two main controls: the shutter is in the back , the part that opens up. The other main
control of the camera is the aperture that is located in the lens. You will also learn
about film that goes in the film camera. I also want to go over the website for this
class, the website you will use for editing photos, and the last thing I want to show
you is student work done by students who have taken this course. I want to show you how to use the website
you will use for this class. Avhsd.ecollege.com is linked to your powerschool account so you
will use your powerschool access to login. I will briefly show you how the class works.
The start page shows the announcements so always look for announcement. Your projects
are located on these blue tabs on the left organized by week. They will always say what
week it is. At the very top you will find the course syllabus. With all the important
information about the class. If you click on one of the week project assignments
for example I will click on week two assignment click on the blue tab it will bring up the
agenda which tells you what to do for the week. Under the blue tab you will find all
the assignments which are live links, so if you click on one then the assignment shows
up in the window, there are two types of assignments. There are written assignments and there are
photo assignments, both of which you will turn into the dropbox which is located right
here. A very important part of your website is the dropbox. You will turn in all of your
work into the dropbox, you will turn in all of your written work and all of your photos
as attachments into the dropbox. The other website I want to show you is Pixlr.com
We use this website which is very similar to photoshop but it is free. We use this website
to edit your photos. Down here is where you will go to play around with filters but up
here is where you will go to use photo editor for this class. You will upload your images
from your camera to your computer and then you will upload them into pixlr then you will
edit them and save them. When you are done you will go back to our other website to turn
them in when you are done.

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