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hi to those of you in Ireland and India and Iceland and places not beginning with the letter I I want to talk to you about my patreon page patreon.com/lenguin and this this one here has a little empty circle right there and that means it's transparent this is essentially the same color but it has a little filled up circle on there and that means it's opaque and this so I had it up on my kitchen wall for about two weeks because that's my preferred spot to put things because I'm going to see it a thousand times a day and maybe be able to figure out what's not quite working yet so here's my bag of white with just a little lemon yellow in it and here goes nothing it's a place where you can watch me paint it's a place where you can watch me troubleshoot it's a place where you can avail yourself of the wisdom of my art practice I'm only one artist but I've got my own ways of doing things and I love to tell you guys all about it it's all about you being in the engine-room of what I do it costs you from just two dollars us a month to be part of my group my family my tribe on patreon it's a library of techniques that you're going to need if you're a fine artist if you're working on being a fine artist and I respond to feedback from all of you I love hearing what you need to know and how I can help you get there it's taken me an awfully long time to learn all the things I do as an artist and all the years of teaching can be pulled together in clips on my patreon posts and if you're a patreon you can be part of that you can be part of my family you can be there helping me to make the time to preserve all of this stuff for I don't know they say if you put stuff on the Internet is there forever don't they so so let's get it out there let's work together to understand color to understand painting techniques to share where we're going on the journey so that I can use my knowledge to help you and you can use your excitement to inspire me to make the new things and make it good I will see you on my patreon page you

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