Wedding Photography Pricing Strategy | Which is RIGHT for you?

– I’m going to give you
the top wedding photography pricing strategies so that you can pick the right one for your business, let’s go. (relaxing music) my name is Meredith Ryncarz and I’m the owner of the Restart Specialist and if you are a creative business owner who is looking at growing in a market or rapidly relocating, then I want you to hit the subscribe button
and the notification bell so you don’t miss out on a single video that comes out every single week. Starting out in the wedding
photography industry is hard enough without having to
figure out pricing strategy. And so today I’m gonna share
with you the top strategies for wedding photography
pricing and help you figure out which model fits best for your business. Strategy number one is the
multiple package option. So in the wedding photography industry, you will typically see three
packages in this model. Sometimes there are four,
but rarely there are more than four because the
more packages you have to offer your clients, the
more frustrated and confused they will get and they’re
likely to go elsewhere. So typically we call
it the Goldilocks rule that you wanna stick with for
this type of pricing model. Meaning that one package is too small, one package is too big and
one package is just right. This allows for your
brides, for your clients to come to you and say
I need this coverage. I’m looking for this type
of thing in the package and they’ll typically be able to find it amongst one of those three
packages that you’re offering. By allowing them to have choices, it makes it easier for
them to say yes to you without giving them too many choices. It also allows for you to offer things at different price points
thereby attracting more brides in your door and booking
more ideal clients. If you would like to see more information on how to structure this
particular package model for the wedding industry,
type YES in the comments below to let us know that we need
to create that video for you. Strategy number two, we like
to call the one and done model. This is the model that we used to use in my own photography business
and depending on the market, it may or may not work for you. As a newer photographer,
I found that in the market that I was in the one done
model worked pretty well but the minute we moved out
of that market, I struggled. So what is the one and done model? It is literally one package that includes everything that most brides want. The problem is, every bride is different, every market is different
and so the one and done model really limits the amount of clients that you will be able
to attract in your door. It limits you to one price
point, one package, one option and therefor it limits you to
really only one type of bride and that was just not something
that worked well for us. Now, if you’re newer
and you’re in a market where that’s the only thing they offer, you may have to start out with that but over time you will find
that differentiating yourself in your market with a
different type of pricing model may be a better option for you. Pricing strategy number
three is what we like to lovingly call the
build your own adventure. This is a hybrid of the
first type of strategy. It’s where you may have packages but you also have a huge
list of à la carte options that they can kind of
customize and add on to. It doesn’t allow them to subtract
anything from the package but it may allow them to
add certain things in. For example, you may have
six hours of coverage in your package with the
option to add-in more hours of coverage or you may
not have a second shooter in that package but you
have an à la carte option on the side to add one in. That allows them to
start with a base model, a base package and then
like we said earlier, choose your own adventure,
pick your own package and customize and create
and add things in. This is really helpful if you find that you have a wide
spectrum of clientele. Maybe you’re dealing with
an ethnically diverse, culturally diverse population
where you’re shooting Indian weddings on one weekend
and shooting a Catholic ceremony on another and that
allows you to custom-build something, choose your own adventure for the brides that are coming in your door. Strategy number four, four,
is the à la carte option. This is where typically
there are no packages at all, everything has a line
item price attached to it and typically this
attracts brides that really want to have the feeling of control over what they are getting in
their wedding package. This however can cause
some problems later on. While the bride may feel
like she has control over what is in her
package and she has a say over exactly what the price
point is, adding-in things and taking things out, in the long run she may get a month out
from her wedding day and feel very stressed
because she doesn’t have enough coverage or she
doesn’t have a second shooter and maybe she wasn’t
educated enough to know that she needed those
things and now she’s having to spend more money to add in
additional à la carte options a month before the wedding day. This is my least favorite pricing model because it not only
creates added stress for the photographer but for the bride and the groom as well
which leads to a less than desirable wedding experience overall. So if you want more pricing
information like this through your pricing journey
as a wedding photographer, then head to the show notes below, we have a private Facebook
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more of your questions. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked the content that we created, then leave us a comment below and hit that subscribe button because
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