WE MADE IT TO BBC 😲 Stone Carving Bob Ross is Famous Thanks to Us!

hello hi I'm the person behind best unintentional ASMR and yes I'm actually a real person and it's good to finally meet you I'm here in Berlin right now and wherever you are thank you so much for watching my videos and my collections and I do this just as a hobby and yes the this isn't a typical ASMR video as the title suggests it's something that I discovered by accident today I'm and I was pretty pretty stoked about it so I thought I'd make a short video yes the title already suggests we kind of made it to BBC first of all and second of all we kind of managed to make the bob ross of stone carving kind of famous which is pretty cool I think and I thought because I haven't watched the full video yet we could watch it together but then I also have some ideas how we can maybe support this guy so I would urge you to stay until the end of the video so yeah and maybe just to give a bit of background this is my my little channel here one of my most famous videos is this one about a Welsh stone carver which has over 2 million views I'm kind of proud of this video because it was one of my first videos and I kind of discovered this guy by accident because I was looking for different artists and I was looking for Japanese glass blowers and I accidentally found this guy and maybe I kind of overdid it with the audio because it's like panning from the left to the right but still this video was quite popular and I'm quite happy that it did so well so and I'm not gonna let the full video play here but if you haven't watched it would be nice if you could watch it and and this guy is basically making a dragon to a tombstone I think but that's not really what matters most I think what attracted people to this video is is the personality of the stone carver his name is Ewan Rhys and he really dropped some great wisdom in this video about the artistic process and he's very gentle and calm and I think this is why this video became quite popular now interestingly like 1 or 2 years later after me uploading this video and my feet are suddenly saw this one video by BBC which is called ASMR Welsh stone carver is unintentional YouTube star BBC News and obviously I was pretty interested to to look at it and just so you know the description is veteran stone carver un Ruiz 78 from Wales has become an unintentional ASMR star where the video of him practicing is craft messing more than 2 million views and I think this is my video and I haven't watched the full one yet so maybe we could do it together I thought try and find the right words oh it's gone I just start from scratch please this guy is so incredibly cute it looks a bit different and in the video but yeah it seems that my name has become very worldwide known very badly for me because of video this is amazing and because as you can see here this is my video unintentional ASMR Weller stone carver tapping gently and sharing wisdom this is in fact my video so I knew it I'm pretty proud about it and and yeah I wasn't sure if it was really my video but this is like 19 minute and the hammer here this is precisely my video I'm sure now on calligraphy and carving which apparently has has a huge following and total surprise with every kind of way in the thousand you're not in a million hits this is incredible and yeah this is specifically what happened so the original videos were created by artisan media limited and that's also where I found the videos and I put them together like three or four of them and I edited the video and and the audio quite significantly but obviously credit goes to artisan media and also the original creator but it's just so funny that basically our channel and my channel made it to to BBC that's quite quite hilarious actually my voice and this is sort of embarrassing seems to calm people down God knows why but they love the combination of my sound of my voice what I had to say from my heart and the sound of the chisel in on this mate that's in fact true I think he has a quite beautiful voice and the tapping the office chisel does really for me it works really well for ASMR purposes and I don't know why he's embarrassed about this but I think it's super cute if people want to do something they should follow it whatever the cost what would I want to do before I die I don't know one other thing I'd love to do is to go to a desert island and not of any people around me at all for a while do what you want to do but be aware of the fact that he might be poor for the history in life but it's it's it was it perhaps I shouldn't be humble perhaps I should accept the fact this is what life has brought me to and I should put up cherish it and and and hope that it continues yes honestly even though it's a bit of a short video I was kind of happy and kind of proud and because yeah he noticed that we enjoy his his videos and that we enjoy his wisdom and that we really appreciate not only his art but also his his gentle soul and I think that's a beautiful thing and I think you guys just watching this video have definitely contributed to this as well but at the same time then I thought mmm and did we really help him out so much and because I mean at the bottom of the video I did link his his website and maybe he got a few offers and a few new clients from from me putting this video online but as you guys know I don't make any money from the channel so I can't really give him any of my ad revenue and sometimes you guys don't believe me but just so you know this is my my YouTube dashboard and this is my analytics session and just so you know this is my revenue which is $0 it might be that you see on a few videos like the new numberphile videos there might be some ads and this is actually just due to the original creator claiming of the video some time so I don't have any ads and I never made one sent from from this channel which which is totally fine for me but I thought could there be maybe a way that we could support this that this guy because he's just so so amazing and now he has a bit of internet fame but and and BBC went to him which maybe gives him a bit of recognition but at the same time he does seem to have this dream of going to this Lonely Island and I don't know maybe you had the idea we could find other ways to support him so I actually had two ideas and please tell me if you think this is stupid so the first one was that I could like start some kind of I don't know what it's called crowdfunding or something and where we could collect a bit of money to send him obviously I would send 100% to him and maybe tell him that we really appreciate his work and that maybe he helped us relax a bit and maybe this way he could actually fulfill his dream of going to some Lonely Island Island to some lonely remote island and just doing and doing his calligraphy there maybe this could be an option but at the same time I had a second idea and that if we just give him money you won't get any new content from him which would be a bit unfortunate so I had the idea to go visit him it'd make maybe a second series because I do have audio and video equipment that could suffice to make an interesting video I'm not a pro in this regard but I would be willing to try it and yeah I have to admit I'm just flying there what cost me like I don't know 500 dollars or something so I'm not sure I mean if you say you're totally interested in that I could maybe also do a crowd crowdfunding so you guys can help me out and I can go visit him and maybe first of all just and yeah make a video of his art of his calligraphy but maybe also just interview him about his his experiences his philosophy is wisdom because that's so interesting to me and maybe it's also interesting to you guys so yeah these are two ideas maybe you guys have any other ideas or maybe he you say yeah let's do it let's maybe try it so I would also be happy to give like I don't know 102 dollars or something to him definitely and just for his inspiration and the fact that I really like him and I don't think he makes a ton of money from his calligraphy alone so and I don't know maybe I had the idea we could somehow support him and maybe also show him we really appreciate him so yeah this was my short video and in any case thank you so much for for being on this channel and yeah just write me in the comments and yeah would be super happy to hear from you and yeah again super stoked that we made it to BBC somehow and it's thanks to you as well so thank you so much and talk to you soon bye

48 Replies to “WE MADE IT TO BBC 😲 Stone Carving Bob Ross is Famous Thanks to Us!”

  1. >he runs an unintentional ASMR channel
    >face reveal and he has an ASMR voice
    Is the title intentional or not?

  2. Great to see you behind the channel. Love this place, you've built a really nice, unique ASMR community.

    Also, I notice you also watch David Bull's videos, I'd wondered why he hadn't featured here before.

  3. Ayy, that stonecutter guy finally got some appreciation for his fine art! I hope he's doing well. He's such a good teacher.

  4. I have watched that video dozens of times… We definitely need more of him… If he is willing. Also… I think THIS video is gonna get lots of views and comments as well. Once ppl realize what it is.

  5. I'm happy for the stone carver getting recognition, but one aspect of this video I find disturbing is the ego you seem to have attached to yourself. Your refer to the video of the Welsh carver as "your video" as if you created and produced it. You say you're proud of it like it's your baby or something. The whole video seems laced with self admiration and praise for "your success" and how "we" made this person famous. It's all kind layered with this deranged self admiration that you worked hard and it paid off or something. Someone else made the videos. Someone else produced them and uploaded them else where. All you did was find the video somewhere and reuploaded it. It's kind of sickening that you monetize your videos and profit off of other people's work under the guise that it's your video.

    I think it was exposed a little awhile ago that the majority of "your" unintentional ASMR findings come from the unintentional ASMR subreddit anyways so I don't think you actually put any work into what you do apart from downloading and reuploading the videos under your own channel.

  6. U can make Ur own asmr videos 😊👍 and I would support idea 2 if u start a crowdfunding for the same..

  7. How fantastic to meet you! Had no idea there was just one person behind this channel. I love so many of the videos you post, always excited to see when you have a new one! Congrats on being featured on BBC, that's awesome!!!!!

  8. Congrats, man. The work you do in this channel is truly amazing and the fact you do it selflessly is even more impressive. Thank you. Oh, and you could really make your own ASMR videos for sure but I can't reiterate enough how much I enjoy your current work.

  9. woah never thought we would see the person behind the channel. I don't know if it was intentional but it's amazing that this video actually matches the tone of your channel with the calm soft spokenness. like others said you can totally start an intentional asmr channel lol

  10. Congrats, man! It’s so nice to “meet” you! Thank you so much for this channel and your dedication to this man. It’s honourable! 👊🏻😎🙏🏻😊💕☀️

  11. Holy man your voice is so relaxing, you should definitely make some original videos of you just doing asmr. I think you’d be great at it and I’d love to see that.

  12. Omg please start doing more video of you talking and doing your own ASMR !!! You are wonderful and your idea is wonderful too !!

  13. I actually recorded the audio from your edited video and saved it as an mp3 so I could listen to it when I do not have a signal. Loved it.

  14. I'm a little surprised that they didn't contact you before making this, because it came from your video and it's mentioned.

    Obviously I don't say it in a bad way! I just find it curious that you found out about it by accident xD

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