– Check under. Check under. Look for footprints. Look
for footprints. (Gasp) – [Grace Sharer] What? – There’s footprints. – [Grace Sharer] There is? – Look. Look. Look. – [Grace Sharer] Those black shoes? – [Stephen Sharer] Sharers,
look at this. Ready? Look. Look. (Stephen gasps) `- He’s walking back and forth.
He’s pacing back and forth. – [Stephan Sharer] Oh my gosh.
Did you see that? (gasps) Grace, quick. Come here. Come here. Okay. I guess we’re gonna
meet the Game Master outside. – I guess so. – Sharers we’ve been hiding
out inside the merch room because we don’t know what’s gonna happen the second we open that door. Apparently, the Game Master
is waiting for us outside? – Yeah. This seems a little scary. – Its a DM from the Game Master! – What? – It says, “Meet me outside.” He just DMed back, “Now.” Okay. Let’s get going. I guess we’re gonna meet
the Game Master outside. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. I guess so. – Let’s do it. (Grace gasps) – [Stephen Sharer] What? – [Grace Sharer] I just
stepped on something. Oh look, it’s a penny. – [Stephen Sharer] (gasps). Wait a second. – It was heads up too, so
maybe we have good luck. – [Stephan Sharer] Wait, how
did that penny get inside here? – [Grace Sharer] These are from the chest when we opened it up. – [Stephan Sharer] So how
did it get inside this room? – I don’t know how this got in here. Wait, maybe the Game Master
has been in this room. – No, I think we gotta go outside. Let’s just, here we go, ready Grace? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. He must have been down here before. – Somehow the Game Master
must have come into our house. But Grace, wait a second. Game Master, the Game
Master came into our house. It must be somebody that
we know. Think about it. – Yeah. – We had the July fourth party, there was a lot of people here. There was… Check that out. – [Grace Sharer] (gasps) Whoa. – [Stephan Sharer] Whoa, that’s weird. The light is hanging out of the ceiling. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa,
why is it like that? – [Stephan Sharer] I don’t
know. That’s so weird. Wait a second. There’s like
a trap door thing here. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa, and
look, there’s a screw missing. – [Stephan Sharer] (gasps) You’re right. – [Grace Sharer] Someone was in a hurry. [Stephan Sharer] And look,
another screw missing. (Grace gasps) Someone’s opened this thing
before. What is up there? – I don’t know but we
should go check it out. – Hang on. Let me grab some screwdrivers. Let’s open that thing. It must be like a trap door or something. Hang on. Where is the screwdrivers? – [Grace Sharer] In the drawer. – Screwdriver. Screwdriver. Screwdriver. Come on. Ha! Screwdriver. – [Grace Sharer] Oh perfect. (beeping noise) – Did you hear that? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, what was that? – It’s like a beeping
noise, like a dying battery. But none of these
batteries are plugged in. [Grace Sharer] What about that one? – [Stephan Sharer] No, none
of them are plugged in. What’s that noise? Wait,
hold on. It’s like– – [Grace Sharer] Try and follow it. It literally sounds like
it’s like one of these cars has a battery in it, and it’s dying. Do you hear that? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. Are we getting closer to it, you think? – It’s one of these toys, but this is the only one
that has a battery in it. I’m so confused. What is that noise? – [Grace Sharer] What is that rock? – [Stephen Sharer] Where, this? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. – [Stephen Sharer] Just a regular– – [Grace Sharer] Anything? – No, it’s definitely just a regular rock. What is that noise? – [Grace Sharer] I don’t know. Is it something in the ceiling? – I feel like it’s like,
in the wall or something. Do you hear that? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. (gasps) Wait. Steve. – [Stephen Sharer] What? – [Grace Sharer] Steve. – [Stephen Sharer] What? – [Grace Sharer] Back up. – [Stephen Sharer] What? (beeping noise) – [Grace Sharer] Look at Liz’s mouth. – [Stephen Sharer] What about it? – [Grace Sharer] Look closely. – (gasps) What is that?
What do you think that is? – [Grace Sharer] I don’t know. – What is that? – It’s a– – Is that a camera? – Camera. Get it down!
We gotta investigate. – Hold on. Behind the Share the Love
poster, are you serious? – [Grace Sharer] That’s crazy. (beeping noise) – [Stephen Sharer] Wait a second. (gasps) – [Grace Sharer] What? – [Stephen Sharer] Look, there
is something. Look at this. – [Grace Sharer] (gasps).
That’s right where her mouth is. – [Stephen Sharer] Hang
on. What is this thing? – [Grace Sharer] Open it up. – Something was taped behind here. What is going on? What
is this thing, Grace? – [Grace Sharer] I think
it might be a camera. – [Stephen Sharer] Oh my gosh, Grace. – [Grace Sharer] What? (Grace gasps) – [Stephen Sharer] That’s a camera. – [Grace Sharer] That’s a spy camera. – Oh my goodness. You’re
right, it’s a spy camera. – [Grace Sharer] It’s a hidden spy camera from the hacker or something. – Does this thing even
work? It’s got a blue light. – [Grace Sharer] It’s on. – [Stephen Sharer] It’s on. – [Grace Sharer] It was
recording. That’s what we heard. – Is it wireless? How
does this thing work? (beeping noise) Look at this thing, it’s so small. We never would have known it was here. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. – It must be low on battery. – [Grace Sharer] It blended in so well. – It’s gotta be low on battery,
that’s why we heard it. – [Grace Sharer] Well we
gotta get that footage off really fast before it dies. – [Stephen Sharer] It’s
got a yellow light. It’s definitely dying. Look at that thing. – [Grace Sharer] Oh. Oh
shoot. We need to hurry. – Wait, there’s a memory card. (Grace gasps) – Memory card. – [Grace Sharer] Perfect. – Check that thing out.
Should we see what’s on it? – [Grace Sharer] Absolutely. – Okay, let’s plug it into the computer. Something’s going on here.
This is weird, Grace. Look, we never would have known. – [Grace Sharer] I know, it was so hidden. – [Stephen Sharer] Right
inside of Liz’s mouth. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, you
would have never known. – [Stephen Sharer] That’s really strange. – [Grace Sharer] Wow. That
was clever and sneaky. – Wait Grace, this probably isn’t the only spy camera in the house. – [Grace Sharer] You don’t think so? – No. The Game Master’s probably
been hacking us for days. There’s probably a bunch
of cameras everywhere. – [Grace Sharer] I guess
that’s how he knows where we always are. Maybe that’s why that
light is down like that. – You’re right, maybe the Game Master tried to put a camera in there. – But Steve, think about it. The battery of the secret
hidden camera is dying, and he told us to go outside. So that way he can come
inside and change the battery. That’s why he wants us to go outside. – You’re right. So you know
what? Grab the camera– – [Grace Sharer] Hold on to that. – Take it with us, but
hang this thing back up. Hang the Share the Love poster back up, and that way when he comes inside, he’ll spend extra time
looking for the camera because he’s not going to understand why it’s not there. – [Grace Sharer] Right. – [Stephen Sharer] Perfect. – [Grace Sharer] And that
way we can spy on him. – Okay, hanging it up very carefully. We gotta put it back
in the exact same spot. Oh, I think I got it. Okay. Yikes, how did the Game Master do this without anyone noticing? – [Grace Sharer] I don’t know. He must come in the house a secret way. – [Stephen Sharer] Okay, how’s that look? – [Grace Sharer] Yup. – Good? – [Grace Sharer] Yup. – Okay. Put everything
back where it was. Perfect. Everything looks good,
except there’s no camera because I have the camera. So now Grace, let’s play
the Game Master’s game. Let’s go outside like he wants. – [Grace Sharer] Okay, let’s do it. – Okay, let me text him
back. “Okay, Game Master. “We are heading outside now.” – [Grace Sharer] Just
like you wanted. (laughs) – “Just like you wanted.” Send. – Let’s do it. Let’s go. Let’s grab our shoes,
let’s get outside, quick. Let’s do it. To make sure the Game Master doesn’t trick us and sneak inside, let’s close the garage door. Now, we’ll go explore outside and see what the Game Master wants from us. Where should we go,
backyard first, I guess? Wait a second. The shed’s
open. Look at that. – [Grace Sharer] Where? – [Stephen Sharer] Look at that. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa.
It’s, like, slightly open. That’s weird. – Come on, let’s go check it out. Come on. – Uh, Steve, I don’t know
if this is a good idea. I might stay back a little further. – Grace. Shh, shh, come on. The door is open. It’s gotta be a sign. – I just heard something. I feel like someone’s following me. Sharers, comment below if
you saw someone behind me. That was weird. – Okay Grace, let’s open
the shed. You ready? The trees really fell on top of it. – [Grace Sharer] I wonder what’s in there. – [Stephen Sharer] You ready? – [Grace Sharer] Yup. (gasps) Do you see anything? – [Stephen Sharer] No. (sudden noise) – [Grace Sharer] Whoa. What was that? – [Stephen Sharer] What
was that? I don’t know. – [Grace Sharer] I don’t know
either, I wasn’t looking up. – [Stephen Sharer] Ready? Oh. – [Grace Sharer] What? – [Stephen Sharer] Nothing,
just a bunch of mats– – [Grace Sharer] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why is there a hole cut
out with duct tape on it? – Uh oh, that’s weird. Okay, nothing’s in there. That was weird. Okay, so the Game Master
wanted us to come outside, but are we supposed to meet him? Game Master, where are you? Where are you? – [Grace Sharer] (sighs)
Where could he be? – [Stephen Sharer] Come on. – [Grace Sharer] Did he, like,
message you back or anything? – [Stephen Sharer] Uh,
let’s see. Did he DM me? Checking Instagram DMs. Nope, just a bunch of
Sharers, DMing me back. Sharers, I’ll get back to
your DMs in just a minute, we gotta catch this Game Master guy first. By the way, if you don’t
follow me on Instagram, follow me right now. Stephensharer. – And of course, follow me, gracesharer. – [Stephen Sharer] Let’s see. I don’t see any traces of anything. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, this is weird. There has to be like, a clue
that he was going to give us. – [Stephen Sharer] Remember last time he was down by the pond? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, but, whoa. – [Stephen Sharer] Did you see that? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, what was that? Wait, something’s moving. (gasps) That was a person. – You think so? – [Grace Sharer] I thought so. – Wait, Grace, look. – [Grace Sharer] (gasps) Wait. – This is the box that
you threw in the dumpster. (beeping noise) – This was the tracking device.
We need to get rid of it! – [Stephen Sharer] Are you sure? Grace, wait, what, what, Grace! (beeping intensifies) – We needed to get rid of that. He was tracking us with that thing. We’ve had that thing for so long. That’s so weird. There must be a hidden
camera over there, too, and he saw me throw it into
the dumpster and got mad, so he dug it out and put
it in the front step. – Wait, Grace, look, there’s a drone. (both gasp) There it is, Grace, there it is. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa whoa
whoa. Let’s follow it. There it is, there it is! – [Stephen Sharer] Come on, come on. Follow, follow, follow,
follow. Go, go, go, go, go! Run, run, run, run, run, run, run. There it goes, there
it goes, there it goes! – [Grace Sharer] Whoa.
We’re getting close. Where is it going? – [Stephen Sharer] It’s going
to the other side of the pond. There it goes. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa. – [Stephen Sharer] There it goes, there it goes, there it goes. – [Grace Sharer] I wonder
where it’s going to. – Keep going, keep going, quick. Run, run, run, run,
run, run, run, run, run. There it goes, there
it goes, there it goes. Quick, Grace, it went this way. Whoever flew it must be on
the other side of the pond, just like that time that person
was down here spying on us. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, they
keep on coming down here. – [Stephen Sharer] Quick. We
gotta get to the other side. – [Grace Sharer] I think they’re there. – [Stephen Sharer] This way? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. – This person must be
right over here. Quick. – [Grace Sharer] (gasps) I see steps. – [Stephen Sharer] You’re
right, come on, quick. – [Grace Sharer] There’s a
path. We gotta get over there. – [Stephen Sharer] Where? – [Grace Sharer] Those steps. – [Stephen Sharer] How do we get there? – [Grace Sharer] I think we
have to go through the water. – [Stephen Sharer] Someone’s
definitely been back here. We’re getting close. – [Grace Sharer] Another
clue? Where? Right there! – Come on, we got to keep going. Ugh, it’s a dead-end,
Grace. There’s no path. – [Grace Sharer] No, Steve,
we got to keep going. Do you want to catch
the Game Master or not? – How? – [Grace Sharer] Let’s
go through the water. – Serious? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, just
walk. Come on, we gotta hurry. – [Stephen Sharer] The
water’s so cold. Come on. Come on Grace. (Grace gasps) – I got stuck. – [Stephen Sharer] Let’s
go. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Grace, come on. – [Grace Sharer] I hear someone. – [Stephen Sharer] I hear someone. – [Grace Sharer] We’re really close. – [Stephen Sharer] I think I see someone. Did you see someone? – [Grace Sharer] (gasps)
Yes. Okay, we gotta hurry. – [Stephen Sharer] I think I
saw someone through the bushes. Come on, we’re close. They must have just got their drone back. Come on, Grace, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. Okay, quick, Grace, through here. This way, this way, we’re
almost at those stepping stones. Come on, Grace, come on. Grace, come on. – Such a tricky trap. – [Stephen Sharer] Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. – [Grace Sharer] I’m getting all wet. – [Stephen Sharer] Grace, look, I see someone. I see someone. – [Grace Sharer] Go, go, go. – Did you see that
person? Come on, come on, we’re getting close. I
definitely saw someone. They just ran away. Who was that? Seriously if you have any
idea who that looked like, comment down below. Grace, did you see that same person? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. – Come on, come on, come on.
Quick, where did they go? They went this way, they went this way. – [Grace Sharer] Hey Steve. – What? – [Grace Sharer] Look at this. – What’d you find? What is
that? Grace, what is that? – [Grace Sharer] Look! – [Stephen Sharer] What is it, Grace? Grab it, grab it, grab
it, Grace, quick, grab it. What is that? What is that? – [Grace Sharer] It has
the Game Master sign on it. – [Stephen Sharer] Grab it, quick. Don’t let it go down the stream. Don’t let it go down that tunnel. The tunnel could lead to something. – [Grace Sharer] Oh there’s a big spider! – [Stephen Sharer] Quick, Grace, grab it. – (gasps) I saw something! – [Stephen Sharer] What? What, what, what, what, what, what did you see? – There’s someone in there. – [Stephen Sharer] Are you serious? – Yeah. – [Stephen Sharer] Is
that where they went? Is that why we can’t find them? Wait, oh Grace. (gasps) I think– – Do you see them? – [Stephen Sharer] I
think I just saw someone walk through the other side. – [Grace Sharer] There’s
something in that tunnel. – [Stephen Sharer] Quick,
bring the note, quick, quick. Quick, okay, what’s it say, what’s it say? – [Grace Sharer] I don’t know. – [Stephen Sharer]
Careful, it’s like ripped. Lay it out on here, quick,
quick, lay it out, lay it out. What’s it say, what’s it say? (sighs) – [Grace Sharer] Okay, let’s see. – [Stephen Sharer] Come on. – [Grace Sharer] It’s all, like– – [Stephen Sharer] Careful. – [Grace Sharer] Ripped up and wet. – [Stephen Sharer] Very
carefully. Very carefully. “You are next.” (gasps) – What’s that mean? This is really weird, we gotta figure this out. (gasps) Wait. – What? – The drone. The drone was a distraction. It allowed the Game
Master to have enough time because he saw us fumbling out.
We should have followed it. – You’re right. – So now he’s getting into the house. – We gotta get back to the house. – We gotta get back. – Let’s go, Grace, quick, let’s go. Let’s go back to the house.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. (dramatic, suspenseful music)


  1. when you were passing the house 🏠 the was a person in black by a white thing it looked like he was searching for something

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  6. Stephen Sharer and his twin like sister Grace Sharer made “GAME MASTER CHALLENGED US TO MAKE TOP SECRET DIY EDIBLE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!” They received a DM from the Hack

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