Watercolor portrait painting │ 인물수채화 초상화 취미미술 │ Benevolent old man

Hello, this is Jung Hun Sung Art Work. This work uses Amatruda rough paper 300g Similar to ‘Korean paper’ It was a bit tricky. It is a difficult paper to proceed as a whole. Unlike the usual order of Skin base,
Second process, etc. Partly base, expression, paint at the same time. Please enjoy together 🙂 Thank you for watching today.

8 Replies to “Watercolor portrait painting │ 인물수채화 초상화 취미미술 │ Benevolent old man”

  1. 다루기가 까다로워서 그런지채색순서도 좀다르네요 또한번훌륭한작품올려주셔서 감사합니다👏👏💖

  2. It’s impressive that you paint so well, being so young!What I did not get is why exactly you had to change the usual working procedure.It must have been really difficult to do so.Is it that the paper dried too fast?🤩🧐🤔

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