Water Drop 💧 Refraction Photography

in this video we're going to be doing some water drop refraction photography hi my name's Sherwood and welcome to this video in this video we're gonna be doing some water drop with watching photography now our first came across this technique when I'll follow the work of Dom Comerica he's a fantastic macro photography highly recommend you follow him if you are into macro photography and while we're on the subject had done is just started a Kickstarter campaign to get his second book finished it's a book all about macro photography I'm going to leave a link in the description below but highly recommend you go look at it if you are into macro photography since recording this video Don has reached the initial 30,000 Canadian dollar goal for this book now we're looking at smashing the stretch goals the first stretch goal of 45,000 Canadian dollars is to add videos to each section of the book and then the next goal after that is to hit sixty thousand dollars so that he can create the book out of better materials this will benefit all backers because you will be getting a better final product I've got the campaign and ordered my copy I highly recommend you do the same if you are into macro photography you might have to excuse some of the background noise we have builders working right outside my back garden a building bungalow so you might have to excuse me over the next few months if there is some noise in the background so in this video we're gonna be working on water drop refraction photography listen towers when you have a water drop in your scene and the background reflects into the water drop comes into focus and your focus on the actual background in the water drop okay that's what we're gonna attempt today so now a few things on my desk these are do Bria daisies got from my local florist I have my backgrounds we've got a specimen holder with my memo clips a syringe with water in it and we have a few little odds and bits which you log brass bit flowers let's get those out the way first and what I need to do first is I need to bring my camera in so you can see what's going on right so first of all what I need to do is getting my bingo clips and if one of Dahms images but I really like he has like a grass that's going talking over like this and then he's got some drops on it I'm gonna do some it similar to that just to keep being simple and if you are following along I would recommend that you do experiment with this once the video is over don't just finish there go out an experiment obviously I don't want to have a two-hour video of this because you'll just get bored and flick off so I'll just put the grass into my memo clip holders here I'm going to go into live view now I'm just gonna mess around with my camera and I was going to keep messing with it until I get it exactly where I wanted but got something called like there so I have my remote shutters okay and I'm going to take a test shot of that because I need to work out what f-stop we need to succeed with the depth of field that we need to get that blade of grass in focus we're going to go with let's go with f11 ISO 100 and we are looking around two seconds okay at the moment again I'm going to write for the vibration – calm down while we're in Live View and then I'll just press my button to take a test shot yeah okay I'll be ready okay let's examine that image and yeah we need to focus forward a little bit the one got to do is I'm going to place my focus in the middle of the blade of grass again we don't have to be perfect because we are going to readjust our focus when the drops are on there I'm just trying to get a sense of what f-stop we need to get it all in focus I'm gonna have to go up to f-16 so we up Bri for second on the shutter speed they can do it this year okay that's looking okay about four seconds I'm whisking camera shake being on the second floor of my house if you're doing this and you're following along find a very stable surface to do this honestly don't get any camera shake I'm getting camera shake through the floorboards but I'll stop the bike do because I can't go downstairs and fill this episode okay so now we've done that what I want to do is introduce some water drops into this blade of grass and then do free one in the middle and then one either side I'm going to pre wet it with my sprayer this will help me see where I want to put my drops and they'll also help for the water drops to grip just a little bit better okay look at that put me on behind he could see there my hand in the background very nice and I want this drop in the foreground to be a little bit bigger and if it does just drop off like that just don't sweat it just carry on okay keep green to juice you know so I have some toilet paper here but if you get some drops in the places you don't want you can soak them up and then carry on doing it and what am I only need to do is I want to pay three of them in a row so that looks nice and artistic rather than just being a random drops of water so next what I want to do is introduce a flower in the background so we're going to go with the red Daisy and the center of the flower I want in the middle of a frame looks great I'm going to focus on the middle drop but you're going to focus inside the water drop so what we wanted to I want to get a bit more the petals in so I'm going to move it back a little bit all right let's take a test shot of that and see what we got okay that's coming out at ten seconds I'll try I'm not going to guarantee this is going to work but on yours if your solid ground it will work okay surprisingly that worked quite well that's one of reposition its flavor I want the middle of the flower to be right in the middle of the frame and now if you notice around the water drop we have some of the scenery that's around so I'm going to do is grab my backgrounds I'm going to apply with some of the backgrounds here put him on a clip thing you mean in fact you know what only if we could just stand them up behind the tripod like that and one final one needs to go what behind it underneath it so I start doing is just added a little bit of texture in the background these are white and again let's take a test shot of that so it's going to grab another background okay here we go that's it it's my video light it's the video light that's causing that black again you won't have that problem because you're a big record in a video at the same time so all of this that I'm doing to block out the background you won't need to do but unfortunately I've got to do because of the video lights now I will be turning them off in a minute but I want to show you the process there we go beautiful refraction photography now one other thing I'm going to do I'm going to grab a torch and I'm going to turn him on and I'm going to point him towards life blower you can see they're a much of a difference that's making a batter and put that on there okay now because of that I can turn I can bring down my shutter speed to around four seconds again I'm going to cover up this light now I don't like how InFocus the flower is so I'm going to drop my f-stop down so i fve f10 as 12:10 okay we'll take another shot that's a little bit better so I want to do now is I'm going to apply with my f-stops my shutter speeds I'm going to apply with the background and I'm also going to turn off all our video lights because they are affecting the image again if you're doing this time you won't need but worry about that because you up your video in yourself and then do that now I'm going to show you the results on the screen now you can see there how not having the video lights helps out a lot so bear that in mind when you're doing it cuz you want to cut out anything in the area that's going to reflect in your water throught the give water drop refraction photography gal I would look to see your results in the macro world Facebook group that's how you can do a water drop refraction photography I'm going to be exploring this a lot more in a few so expect some more to come again don't forget to check out Tom's new Kickstarter campaign for the book macro photography the unseen universe in the description below well thank you for getting to the end of this video my name is Stuart wood and again I'll see you on the next video hello my name's shear wooden welcome to this video right by now don't you Don come or don't come come away come up so in this video we are going to be doing mock Bach you know we all doing macrophotography yeah let's and you put some up behind it and it reflect it with flax sorry if we flex it works so this can you either I have some of these flowers these are what are these and one of Don's really good images is there's a local it is dear lucky they're robust isn't it

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  1. I sure will check Don’s book, however are you planning on making a book of your own, just the spiders alone are worth an exhibit. Thank you so much for the contact, you convinced me to buy a 50mm for my d800 with a revers ring. All the best. Eli from Israel.

  2. Wonderful, with so many options. Question, why do you use the 80D for the videoing and the 650D for stills, sorry if you answered this before. Another great vlog btw.

  3. Hi Stewart, love these videos… Simple and really inspirational, thanks Stewart, I look forward to seeing more of your channel videos…

  4. Found your channel and now can’t wait to watch them all. You’ve renewed my interest in and love of macro photography. Your videos are superb and educational sir. Thank you!

  5. Cool technique, Stewart. Will have to try it – also with different liquid combos, as mentioned in comments below. Nice when refracted objects compliment droplet shape like flower you did — or M&M candies I recall seeing somewhere. Colors in liquid would add another dimension. Hope to see more of your vids on refractive macro. Carbonated liquids???

  6. Loved your video. I have seen Don's work in other videos and raw photo editing tutorials and your video persuaded me to back Don's latest campaign. Good on you Stewart and keep the great content coming!

  7. Just made my pledge😁. I’ve watched him lots and get some good ideas to try. Not as good obviously but good fun

  8. Hi Stewart, I love your pictures and videos, have made me buy a macro lens. I just need a hint please, in your syringe you have water and glycerin, how is the mixing ratio? Greeting gerd

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