Wasting Time on Social Media and Drawing Houses · REALTIME · 1-Hour in My Sketchbook · SKTCH1HR #7

Hello my study-buddies, my painting-buddies, my work-mates, whatever you’re up to right now, welcome back to my sketchbook and,
whatever it is that you are working on, let’s just hang out for an hour, keep
each other accountable and focused. And it would be lovely if you could let us
know in the comments what you are getting on with while you watch this.
Was a lot of fun to find out last time so I think that should be a regular
thing that we do. But, for now, let’s get started. We are going to spend the next
hour just sketching and I’m going to do a house today. It’s been a long time
since I’ve drawn one of my watercolour houses. So I think I might
actually work quite small today and I’ll zoom you in if I have to. The other
day, I got to work on some watercolour doodles in my old style
and it just reminded me how much I enjoyed that.
Let’s just fix the lighting on this. The lights gonna be in and out
today so I hope you’ll be able to see all the way through. I’m just gonna
start with my usual basic shapes, I’m slightly rusty on the old houses but
today I wanted to take the pressure off a bit; just do something but I’m more
more confident with and something that I know I’m bound to enjoy. As always, I’m
using Google Maps Street View, just found a house that I like the look off after a
lot of wandering around the streets- the virtual streets- I had to decide on
something because I know that I have a delivery coming today between 1:00 and
2:00 so I’d like to be done with this by 1:00. I had to just quickly decide on a
house and stop overthinking it and just get on with it. Now last time we did this a lot of
people said in the comments that they were working on videos for their own art
channels so that was really interesting to see. It’s nice to know that we’re
keeping each other company, and I thought it
would be a nice idea if people want to leave their info below, if you are
working on stuff for your own art channel, I think it’d be a great way for
fellow creatives to connect with each other. If you want to leave a
little note in the comments, just say what kind of art you’re up to and see if
you want to check out each others channels. It’s always nice to discover new
creatives on YouTube and it doesn’t have to just be art, you could be doing
anything really, and I think we’re all in similar creative fields even if they’re
not. If you don’t think they’re specifically art-related, it would still be
interesting to connect in that way. I need to remember not to spend too long
on the sketch, I don’t want to get too carried away with it but it does feel
nice to be back working on my my straight lines and my little boxes
and things. It’s nice to have that structure. I just love the way it looks
sometimes. I’m always jumping back and forth between different styles. I’ll do
this for a little while and then miss my loose brush landscapes, but I don’t
really think you need to limit yourself to just one thing because… who says that
you should! Just do what you enjoy doing. And today I’m enjoying drawing
buildings. Last week -or last episode I guess- we
talked about the books I was reading and you guys seemed really interested in
that. I didn’t think that people really would be but I suppose a lot of us are
readers and it is always interesting to hear about what other people are reading.
So I would like to talk more about books in the future of these videos. I would
also like to get better at talking about books just because I do think my
vocab is a bit limited and I’d like to just use this as an opportunity
to practice speaking- basically just getting my ideas out in a way that is
coherent and a bit less rambley. Use it as an opportunity to
practice thinking and considering what I’m saying before I say it, rather than
just rambling. Obviously I would still like to keep things conversational and
natural but it’d be nice to- I don’t know- making videos has really helped me
speaking in general so I don’t see why it shouldn’t help me with the almost
‘public’ live-speaking aspect. So I would like to talk more about anything
really but about books would be nice, to have a proper discussion here. I have
been reading a bit more but we’ll come to that later on.
I did get some great recommendations from you guys as well on books and on
films. Someone recommended Pan’s Labyrinth for Spanish films which is actually one of my favorite films I think but all
Guillermo del Torres films- is it? Gosh, this is- this is why I feel like I need to
practice my speaking because I always doubt myself!-
yeah Guillermo del Toro films. I absolutely love Pedro Almodóvar as well.
I feel like I’ve spoken about that before. I always- see I’m back into the
kind of doubting myself mode- but, because I sometimes film these videos or, as I
said last time, lost some footage, I never really know what I’ve spoken about and
what I haven’t. So forgive me if I have mentioned that before. But yes, Pan’s
Labyrinth, I absolutely love. Rachael Thomas
recommended Rec which is a Spanish horror film, which again is just
one I absolutely love, probably one of my favorite films I think. Proper horror.
Quite scary. And I also actually quite like the American remake of it. I think
that’s one of the very few American horror remakes actually does the
original justice. I think they reinvent it enough in a way that it becomes its
own film and it doesn’t let down the original. Rachel also recommended Kingdom
which is a series on Netflix which again I really, really like already- so it just
goes to show how much you guys know me! The recommendations have been on point
so far! I really shouldn’t be spending this long on the sketch but hopefully
that just means I’ll spend less time on inking it. But we need to get a move on.
I remember when I was doing these regularly, I could get one of these
paintings finished in about 20 minutes. Don’t think I’m at that point anymore, I
mean that would literally leave me what 10 more minutes to get it all done. There is something really relaxing about
just drawing loads of rectangles on a page. As much as I love the fluidity of
making art, it’s quite comforting sometimes to just draw some straight
lines and some symmetry and have everything line up with each other. I might just add a few bits that aren’t
really ther. I always love some climbing plants on the outside of a
building. I actually looked on this road specifically on Google Maps just because
there is a house on this road that I absolutely love whenever I pass it, it’s
just completely covered in wisteria on the outside it’s just gorgeous but
I couldn’t find it on there. I don’t think there was a clear, clear picture of it, or
it might be blurred because there is a house that’s blurred on this road. And
that’s not something I’ve seen often. I don’t know if that’s something that the
homeowner requests, they don’t want their home on Google Street view, but that just
kind of adds to the mystery of the wisteria house. Yeah, it wasn’t on there
so I think I’m going to maybe make some up. This actually- what I’m drawing right
now- you can see it, this is on the actual building but then they’ve also got some
nice little hedges out here that I’m going to use – *loud car outside* Wow that’s annoying –
I’m going to use – Oh yes, okay definitely almost forgot that there’s a
front door and they would like to probably be able to get in there without having to fight through
a bush so I’ll just put that in there before we add that hedge. I remember, I think a question last time
on how I record the sound for these videos- I think someone asked that, if I’m
remembering correctly, they might have asked a bit more than that, but I do
specifically remember being asked about the sound and for these videos, I
actually just use a shotgun microphone that I have attached to this
overhead camera so the microphone actually hangs right in front of my face
while I’m drawing and painting which is really handy. And the sound
might vary a bit just because I’m looking up and down while I draw and
paint but it’s the easiest way for me to do things for these videos
specifically. Otherwise, I’d normally just leave links in the
description to any of the equipment I’m using because otherwise I’ll just use a-
I don’t know what they’re called but- it’s a Zoom h4n, it’s like an external
microphone I record my audio on separately and then have to sync up with
the video afterwards. But in this case, it keeps it nice and simple just having it
recorded straight on to the camera so when I come to edit it’s just right
there and ready to go. I’ve also been asked in the past about
providing the references I’m using on screen so that we can draw
together at the same time and it’s something that I have considered but A-
I feel like it’s extra effort in the editing department. And I’m sure it’s not
a huge amount of effort, but as you know I’ve started this series as something I
want to keep quite low-maintenance. But also my concern now is more over
copyright and just using images either in my videos or however, that I could be
chased up on regarding copyright issues. I know that
YouTube’s really cracked down recently on all things copyright. So having
references on screen is not something that I’ve completely decided against, I
think maybe if it’s a reference I’ve taken myself or
if when it comes to editing, I find it easy, then yeah of course I will.
But for the most part, I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of that. These are just
the fake hedges I’m going to add. And also I’ve been asked about putting
background music on and I honestly just kind of prefer it without. Just like this.
And I think that having it without background music gives you the option to
put your own music on if you would like. I just think logistically there might be
a bit of a difficult thing as well getting the volume of the music right
and finding enough copyright free music to play through an hour-long video. Okay,
time to ink. And I’m gonna zoom you in here so you can get a better view of
everything that’s going on. We’ll make sure to focus right. And how
are we doing for time… Okay, not too bad. We’ll see. Also, I feel like I’ve run out
of my finer fineliners, so this is 0.5. I’m hoping that I can get enough
detail in here, as much as I would like. This is the Windsor and Newton
fine liner. I quite like these because they are water resistant so it allows me
to get my line work in and then paint over the top. These were actually sent to
me by Windsor and Newton quite a while ago. They’ve done a good
job with these. My hand is quite shaky at the moment. I think I need to warm up. Always takes me a while to get back into
sketching when I haven’t done it for a while. Then I always start out trying to
be perfect and I forget that I almost go for the imperfect look on purpose most
of the time. Just having the lines overlap. I think it gives a more natural look.
Almost just showing that while it is all straight lines and symmetry, there is
still imperfection and little points of interest in a building, little bits of
character. I’ve been wondering what day is the best
day to be uploading these videos, these longer ones specifically, because I think
to me, this seems like a Sunday evening type thing. But you can probably tell, my
video schedule isn’t exactly fixed- just kind of upload whenever I’ve got
something new to upload. I’m pre-recording this one. I think this
is gonna come out maybe a week or so after I actually record it, but otherwise
it’d be interesting to know what the best day is useful for you guys for
these. If it’s more of a weekday thing, like something that you do after school,
after work or if maybe it’s like an end of the weekend type video. And if you can hear that whistling sound,
I do apologize, I have no idea what that is.
It’s Friday afternoon. Don’t know why it’s so noisy outside. I
suppose maybe because it’s summer holidays. Luckily my art room is on the back side
of the house because our bedroom is over there,
it’s very noisy, we’re on the main road there so I get my lovely peaceful
days in here and then noisy nights in there. I’m trying not to be too heavy-handed
with these lines. Honestly, I really don’t mind making
mistakes in these just because you can cover things up in these kinds of
drawings and turn it into something that’s meant to be there or it just adds
to the overall character of things. So for the questions I’m planning to
answer this time, they came from comments from Instagram and from the last video.
And as I said, I do keep a note of all the questions that come in so no worries
if I don’t get to yours, it’ll probably just be somewhere on the list.
But this one is from Holly Emma who asked on Instagram- she said ‘how much
planning do you put into these pages?’. And these pages specifically, stuff like this
will be something that I just kind of start when the video starts. You know, grab
any reference material or just have a flip through some books, see what I’m in
the mood to draw that day and then get the camera on, start drawing. I don’t
really plan the layout of the page. I think that’s just something that happens,
and as the sketchbook fills up, that’s how you start ending up with things
overlapping and different subjects on different pages. But yeah with stuff like
this I just want to be able to come in and start drawing and go with it, see
what I end up with, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out great but that’s not what sketchbook is about. It’s just about getting ideas down and
sketching really. And if you want to do some finished pieces in here then
that’s fine and it’s nice to have lovely coherent spreads and nice-looking pages
but generally no, I don’t really plan these pages. I’m not- I think part of
it- I’m not much of a planner when it comes to art anyway. I mean I’m a massive
planner in general life but when it comes to art and drawing, I don’t really- I think to fault really. I don’t plan. I think I
could end up with much more cohesive and fleshed out ideas if I would plan things.
Someone I really admire when it comes to planning, who is on the complete other
end of the scale to me, is Chris Hong who does just such in-depth planning of every
single stage and you can really see how that shines through in her finished
pieces of work, just how how well it all comes together is really, really
incredible. I’ll have her get her a channel link
below, she’s recently done a video for MerMay, one of her mermaid pieces. It
really goes through, in so much detail, how much thought I’m planning goes into
her work. And as I said, you can really see just where that can get you, just
putting that much effort into something. I’m on the other on the other end of
the scale with that. I really I don’t like to overthink a piece of work. I think it’s more just me being impatient and I don’t like
getting things wrong and having to redo them. I’ll generally only re-do something
once if I get it wrong, if I really really want to get it finished. Otherwise,
I tend to just kind of move on, which isn’t a great thing, that’s something I
need to work on. I would like to work more on planning things I just don’t
have the patience for it. I find it quite boring, I just want to
get to the the main thing. I feel like the more I plan it, the more life I drain
out of it. But I do think that if I could just unlock that that potential, I could
end up with something really on another level. Holly Emma asked also how much time I
spend using social media. She said, ‘does it play a large role in your creative
life or do you find it distracting? Sometimes I get lost down the rabbit
hole and all of a sudden realize I haven’t done much work while
‘researching’. And I think that’s just something that we all deal with. I
think when your work involves social media, if you’re creative
and you’re posting work online, it can be really easy to get sucked down the
rabbit hole and I’ll do the same thing where I’m looking for references and get
sucked down that little spiral. You end up just looking for the the right reference
or whatever other excuse you make. But I’ve been getting better at it,
because it really was becoming such a massive, massive burden on my time. It’s
really shocking when you actually take stock of how time you are spending on
social media. And I’m okay with Instagram really, dont spend a huge amount of time
on there. Facebook, I don’t spend much time on at all generally. For me it
was YouTube. I could just spend all day on it. It’s become a real mission of mine to limit that
time and I’ve been getting really good at it. Because I used to go on it first
thing in the morning just watch some videos while I’m having my breakfast and
that would set me up for the rest of the day where I just want to watch more and
then five minutes turns into half an hour which turns into an hour
and it’s just so easy to lose that time. Whereas now, all I have really had to
do was stop going on there in the morning. I did- saying that as if it was easy, I did
actually have to block the website on my phone and on my laptop. And instead I
spend that time reading which is great. I’ve reclaimed that time now
and it does feel quite liberating. When it comes to things like
Instagram, I’ll have a quick scroll. As I said, it’s not really something that I
particularly find is my thing. Everyone has their social media
that takes all their time. My mum is obsessed with Twitter. My mum’s always
on Twitter, when I really have never got Twitter. So yeah, what’s helped has been
blocking it which it’s like a proper cold-turkey approach, and replacing it
with something more productive. And now I’m able to use youtube, for example, just
to just watch my subscriptions. And if I need to do some research on something,
I’ll do that but I’m not in that loop anymore where I’ll go on there, watch my
subscriptions and then end up watching thousands and thousands of
other videos and just going from one suggestion to another and ending up
watching earwax extraction videos and whatever else I had ended up watching. And that kind of relates to my next
question, which was from Keshna Donia. She said; ‘Are you on Facebook at all?’ And I have a Facebook account for
this art business, only because you need one to have Instagram
business tools. Really not a facebook person so I don’t use that Facebook at all. I
wouldn’t ask you to look it up or anything or follow me on there
because it’s just- it would be pointless. There’s really nothing interesting there
for you guys. It just exists purely so I can access
instagrams business tools. And then on a personal level, I haven’t used Facebook
in a very long time. I still have a Facebook account but I only use it to
track events and use facebook Messenger. There was a time where I was
on Facebook all the time but I just
find it quite boring and quite useless other than what I just said I use it for.
Keshna also said; ‘Do you ever script out your videos or do you talk freely?’ And I
do a weird thing. Videos like this obviously aren’t scripted, I just have
notes of the different talking points I’ll do and then otherwise, I’ll get a
video idea and it’ll be so fresh in my mind and I’ll just be in my head
knowing exactly what I want to say so I just get that down on paper. I write it
like a script but also just in the in the dialogue way like-… everything
I’m planning on saying just kind of pours out. But because that’s so natural
and spur of the moment, that’s a very hard thing to then take a cross into the
actual filming of the video. Especially if that’s going to be a few
days or weeks later that I actually do film it. So what I’ll do is, I’ll take
that initial ‘script’ – this is really hard to do without moving the
sketchbook, sorry- I’ll take that initial ‘script’ and turn it into bullet points
and that way I can kind of take that initial natural dialogue- or monologue I
guess because I’m just talking to myself- but I can take that and condense it down
into a way that I’m still saying the same things, but it’s still gonna be
natural on the day when I’m saying it. So I do, in a way, script my videos but
then I don’t follow the script, if that makes sense. And I’ll write it out the
way I would be saying it and then bullet-point it and try and speak it as
naturally and freely as I can. One thing that does happen will be that
I’ll say something, and I might say it wrong, so I’ll say the same thing
again. It’s a weird thing that you
kind of get used to, repeating yourself and trying to sound as natural as you
did the first time when it was natural. Then
sometimes if I’m doing voiceovers for my videos, especially if it’s just a
five-minute video, then I just let the video play and say whatever I’m thinking.
And as we get to that section, and at the end of that question, I think we
shall take a quick break. I need a drink of water. Let’s just get up, have
a stretch, and I’ll see you in a little bit. All right guys, back in
business. And the clock is ticking until my delivery gets here. It’s
nothing exciting, it’s just a cat litter. I get pine pellets, there
isn’t a shop near me that sells those so have to order them online. I’ve thought
about getting the big batches that you can get, that they use
for horse bedding, but you have to buy like a pallet full- like a massive amount-
and I don’t know where we would put that. So for now, I’d just buy the
individual bags. I forget that when I’m drawing in
real time I can actually move this sketchbook around. Normally I try to keep
it as still as possible, whatever I’m working on because if I’m gonna speed up
the footage, that just jumps around too much. But I suppose if you’re watching in
real time, it’s not as bad. The only thing that
might get annoying is the sound of it scraping against the table, but that
can’t be helped I’m afraid. Now that we are in the second half, I have a few
topics that I always tend to talk about, so first I’ll let you know what I’ve been
working on outside of what you’ve seen. In fact, you have actually
probably seen it by now. I was working on my plant postcards, hopefully I
will have had a video up earlier this week about them. And that was about three or
four days of painting these – paintings of a few of the plants that I have
around the house. I was hoping to document them, just make a record of them
almost like you keep a baby record book of their first steps and stuff like that.
I just wanted to have a load of their names and who they are, what they are, and
I keep a record of what pots they’re in which is kind of a random one but it was
a really fun project. Like a fun self-initiated commission, nice to set
myself a good challenge and get myself creating a collection of works that
would go together. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything new for the
shop and, halfway through that, I did decides that I would be putting those
into the shop. So if you’re interested, they are up for sale now hopefully. Which
did put a bit of pressure on to make them perfect but I’m happy. I’m really
happy with them. I’m really happy with myself for finishing it and I loved how
they turned out. And it was actually these drawings that I did for the
stickers that reminded me how much I love this fine-liner, watercolour style
which is what made me want to do this today. So that project went really well,
that was really really fun, just something that I’m really glad I
did. And I would love to do more things like it. More of those self-initiated
projects where I can create more work. I would love to add more stuff to the shop
and have more things just in my portfolio on my website. It’s been a
while since I’ve made work that I’m really in love with and really want to
display and have representing me as an artist. So that’s been one of my
goals for this year. I know that at some point I want to remake my website, get it
up to date, but it would be nice to do that with new artwork to go on there as
well. So since then I actually finished that all yesterday, or the day before, it’s
still fresh in my mind. But the thing that I’ve been thinking about has been
trying oil paints, which I think I’ve mentioned before,
but talked myself out of and now I’m officially gonna do it. I have bought the
paints, I bought the extra bits and bobs and I will be making a video on trying
oils for the first time because I think it could be useful for anyone else who
wants to do that. It is somewhat of a learning curve but also not as
complicated as I think it seems at first so I would like to make a video on that
but I haven’t tried them yet. Probably next week. So that’s exciting, a bit
daunting, but I have high hopes- which might be a dangerous thing to say,
might be famous last words- but I do think that it could really
bring something to my art. And if not, it would just be fun to try. It’s one of
those things I’ve always wanted to try so I just don’t see why not.
Definitely was somewhat of an investment. I think I spent about 200
pounds altogether on the things I needed but I bought a set of Gamblin oil
paints which are good quality um so I think they do warrant the price.
I think I spent about 130 pounds on the paints,
but when you think about it, I could spend that much on markers wouldn’t bat
an eyelid. So yeah I think it’ll be worth it, but we’ll see. I am really
looking forward to it. Probably won’t be getting on to that till maybe next
Monday because I’ve got quite a weekend up ahead, quite looking forward
to it. I am out this evening just having a casual meet up with a friend and then
it’s a friend’s birthday on Saturday so I can imagine that the weekend after
that is gonna be spent in bed. But after that, I’ll be back to work and on to my
adventures in oil. Okay that is enough of that sketch. I
don’t know if we’ve got enough time to do a finished painting
but I’ll try. if I don’t finish it in this video, I’ll just show you like a
time-lapse of the rest of it. I’m using these Daniel Smith watercolours in just
this little palette that you see before. Got this from Amazon. Right and the other thing that we’ve
talked about now that I think will become a regular thing is what I’ve been
reading. Last time I think I said at the end of that video that I got-
I’m being like anxious about starting this painting just cos I don’t really
know where to start. I remember when I was painting buildings
regularly it became like second nature and now that I’m almost back at the
beginning with it, can’t properly remember what I’m doing.
Okay, so yeah, I said I was about to start Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson
because I had seen a bit of the film on, I already had had to the book and had it
on my list of things to read and I’d seen a bit of the film on and thought I
better not watch it because I don’t wanna spoil it. And yeah, I liked it. It
was a nice mystery, bit twisty-turny. It’s about a woman that wakes up every day
forgetting who she is but she’s there with her husband- or the man that says
he’s her husband- and she’s kind of doubting it but also doesn’t know who to
trust. She’s got this doctor who she’s keeping a secret from her husband she’s
got this journal that she’s keeping and on the front of the journal it says
‘don’t trust Ben’, I think it’s Ben. So you’re wondering-.. I mean, you know something’s up.
You know that you can’t trust any of the people in her life and you’re just
wondering what the truth is about what happened to her, why she lost her memory
and why there are so many secrets around it. So it was it was an interesting ride, did keep my attention. I did keep wanting to pick it
up and find out where things were going. It’s been a couple of
weeks since I finished it now but I think I- oh yeah, I just I remembered
talking to my mum about it because she’d read it as well. My mum keeps a
record of the books she’s read just on a Excel spreadsheet. So I mentioned what I wasreading I told her what it was about and she said ‘yeah that sounds familiar’,
went on her Excel spreadsheet and found that she’d read it. But she asked what I
thought was gonna happen in the end when I was about a third of the way through,
and I pretty much predicted it. I went a bit too far with it but I had a
good idea of what was going on, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily
predictable. I just kind of- I don’t know, there’s only a few options I think of
what’s going on, of who you can’t trust. I would recommend
it. I thinkit was done well. I liked how it was written and it
definitely did keep my interest and it was a good quick and easy read. Not in a sense that it’s really simple
but just that it’s-… I like a book that reads like a film. That I can really
visualise and feel like I’m almost watching, so yeah I really enjoyed
that aspect of it, I liked the story, I found it original and I thought it
was I thought it was executed well. So I might look into you more of what SJ
Watson has written. If you guys can recommend, any next steps
after that book then that’d be greatly appreciated. Do love hearing from
fellow book people because I’ve had some great recommendations so far
already lots of new things being added to the list of books I’m going to be
reading. After that, I read The Lonely Londoners by Sam elvon and that’s a
book that I actually have read before. I had to read it when I was at uni, I was
studying English Lit and I was only there for a month or two before dropping
out. This was one of the books that I did read in the time that I was
there because our English literature course the first semester was about the
literature of London. This is a book that kind of documents the lives of a
few West Indians that have just moved to the UK, it’s almost biographical, or just
in the sense that the author himself is from Trinidad and it kind of follows
the same anecdotes of things that have either happened to him or people that
he knows. It’s not got a specific linear narrative to it, it’s quite anecdotal as
I said, it’s just little snippets of the lives of these people that have come
from the Caribbean to start a new life in London. And I found it interesting
particularly just because it is like a part of my history. My dad’s parents
came here from Jamaica probably just before this book was set. So my
grandparents came here during the Windrush era which is when people from
the Caribbean, because of the Commonwealth, were invited here to live
in England, to work, given citizenship, because you know, we all share the same
Queen. So that is like a bit of my history. It ties in with my
grandparents and how they came here, so I found it interesting just to see that
perspective on it and to see those stories and a lot of it does tie into
things that I’ve heard about from either my dad or my grandmother and also even
because my mum’s dad came here from Nigeria, there is a Nigerian character in
this as well- and I know there are parts of it that really ring true to what I’ve
heard and it just almost felt like I was reading a bit of my
history. It is written in like a half Creole/Patois type dialect and half
not, so it takes a little bit of getting used to I think to read it. A lot of the
time, I was just kind of reading it in my in my grandmother’s accent, which
helped a lot and there were a couple of characters that did remind me of her.
There were certain parts of it you can just hear her voice. But it’s a
short book, it’s about 130 pages. It’s quite pleasant to read,
there’s a lot of really nice description in it.
It’s not even it’s not even a sad one. I remember telling my
mum I was reading it wanted to know if it was depressing. But it’s not really, it’s just like real and it’s
– obviously there’ll be moments of racism, but it’s done quite flippantly, I
think it’s just like the reality of it. Coming to England in the 50s… just
how you expect black people to be treated then. And it’s not all it’s not
all that way but just the usual narrative ‘they’re coming here to steal
our jobs’ and stuff like that. Yeah I would definitely recommend checking it
out. Whoever you are, I think it’s a good little insight to at that time and
the people. So that was The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon. The copy
that I had actually had an essay at the front by another author who helped make
sense of things a bit more and just contextualize it so I’ll leave a link
below to the specific copy of the book that I had but it helped a lot even as a
Londoner, helped to get a bit more help with the places they’re talking about.
Like they talk about ‘the water’ a lot and I was thinking, I remember the first time
I read it thinking I don’t know any of these places; ‘the water’ and ‘the circus’ and ‘Hill
Gate’ but it’s just nicknames for places like Bayswater and Notting Hill Gate and
Piccadilly Circus. So even just for things like that, that
little essay at the beginning really helped but it also tells you a bit more
about the author and his journey and how that book came to be and there’s a
lovely line right at the end where he talks about- I mean, the main characters
called Moses and, like I said he’s kind of like a version of the author
himself, and you really see that right at the end where he says that he was
looking out at the river he’d heard about these- I don’t know, Jamaicans, that
made it big by writing a book. That they’ve gone from being taxi drivers or
whatever and now all of a sudden they’re famous. And the main character Moses
thinks ‘I wonder if I could do that one day’ and that’s kind of how the book ends
and I think that it was a nice wrapping up of that little story that didn’t really go anywhere but also did go somewhere. Now that actually took me longer to read
than I expected. As I said, it was only maybe 150 pages
max so I thought it would only take me a couple of days but, at the time, I
think life took over a bit. So I thought I was gonna have a few more books to
talk about but yeah that was pretty much it for the ones that I finished since we
last spoke. I’ve just started a new book yesterday called The Immortalists by
Chloe Benjamin. It’s about a group of four siblings who, as children, visit a
fortune-teller to find out when they’ll die. And so far, I’m really
enjoying it. It kind of reminds me of The Haunting of Hill House- not because it’s
haunted or anything, it’s not that kind of story I don’t think, but I don’t know.
Just the dynamic of the four siblings, it’s almost the same in that there’s the
uptight oldest brother and the oldest sister who’s driven and
you know career-minded and then there’s the naive and innocent youngest
brother who seems quite vulnerable and the almost wild child middle sister, so
that dynamic is quite similar I think to the haunting of Hill House which I
absolutely loved. I really hope that comes back. But so far, obviously
like I said, it’s not a haunting type thing, I just kind of see those siblings
in these siblings with that dynamic. And also it follows the same-ish format
where you do follow one specific character for an episode, for a period of
time. But I can’t say too much about it yet just because I’m really just in
maybe the first quarter of the book. But I like how it’s
written and it’s a bit more- not flowery I wouldn’t say it’s flowery- I
wouldn’t say it was too overly descriptive, but it’s a bit more
poetic I guess than things I’ve read in a while and that’s not to say that it’s
even overly poetic, not that that’s a problem, it’s just an adjustment
from what I’ve been reading recently. And yes it’s really nicely written. I’ve
had some good descriptions pop up in there and there was also a little bit-
like it’s not a romance but there is like a little bit of
flirtation in romance just as part of the story, and I don’t normally read
that kind of stuff but this time- oh god reading it this morning, it’s just
been making me absolutely swoon. So I think it’s it’s got potential, I’m
enjoying it so far, and I’ll let you know how it goes
once I’m finished it. Next time I’m sure I will have finished it. Kind of
stuck on what I’m going to read next. I didn’t even know I had this book but it
must be one that my mum gave to me a while ago because I was looking for my
next book, I didn’t want to do another short one, I do like to change things
up from book to book so I didn’t know how to follow The Lonely Londoners. Okay,
how we doing for time… got about ten minutes left so I don’t think we’ll be
finishing this in this real time section but, as I said, I promise I’ll
show you the rest of the process. And then otherwise, for things that I’ve been
watching, I discovered a YouTube channel called Raffy Was Here Studios and it’s
this guy and his partner I believe, they are both artists and they kind of
rant and ramble and chat about different art topics, different kind of career
topics. I actually found this channel because they were talking about Etsy and
their new changes for free delivery their new policy on that. It’s
just really interesting to hear their points of view. They’re
funny, they’ve got their heads screwed on and I think they’ve got a
really useful and interesting insight into a career in art. If you’re
interested, obviously I’ll have links below but I think they’re definitely
worth checking out. Their channel’s definitely worth checking out and their
work as well. They both have really unique styles of work that they do. I
also discovered a new YouTube channel while I was looking into oil painting
stuff and is this is Maria Solias. I think she’s a Venezuelan oil painter and
illustrator and she has this really really unique style of work,, it’s
almost like children’s book illustrations but done in oil and yeah
just a really interesting process. her videos are really lovely, I know thatyou
would love the aesthetic of her videos, it just seems like a a
real insight into her life and her studio and the work that she does. I
also learnt a little bit about her country- she doesn’t live there anymore but she has a video about why she left and dictatorship
there. I would love you to check out her Channel and her
work. And then I watched watch this film, I think last night- this film called February on Netflix. It’s a
horror film with Emma Roberts and I’ve had it on my list for a while,
I was looking for something to watch, I was torn between that and another film
but I decided to just get this one out of the way and yeah… I was kind of right
to not be sure about it. It’s about these two girls at a – I’m gonna say Catholic boarding
school- and on Christmas break, their parents don’t show up to pick them up so
they’re stuck at the school for a week and there’s like…. something weird going
on. Looks like some haunting or somethin.g Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like I see what it
was trying to do and I think it did it quite well. I think the acting was good, I
really was invested in one of the characters. I think the story was quite
interesting I guess. I don’t know. It’s just maybe I just watched it at the
wrong time. I think maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for that kind of film but it
didn’t really do it for me. And that’s a shame because it’s just my type of film. Here’s the thing, I really loved the film
Hereditary. Hereditary did something to me, like it really affected
me . It really stuck with me. I thought it was so well done, I thought the
cinematography was amazing, the sound, the little extra bits and bobs, the tiny
details. I think it was just an all-around amazing film and I watched
that having no idea what it was about when I went into it, so it really blew me away.
Absolutely loved it. And this film, I think it came out before Hereditary but it gives me a similar vibe, similar
themes- and I won’t spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen either of those films
but if you know what I’m talking about you know I’m talking about-
but I don’t know… it felt very very similar, it had the same
kind of eerie, unsettling feel to it, but by the time this film February ended I
was just kind of like ‘oh, okay. Alright. I guess.’ There was a certain point where I
thought it ended and I thought ‘it better not end like that, it better not…
and like that’ and it didn’t but it was it was okay. I don’t want it to sound
like it wasn’t a good film because it was okay. It was okay, it just wasn’t for
me at that moment in time. I’ll give it a seven out of
ten. And I won’t I won’t be watching it again.
But I did what A Simple Favor which is also on Netflix with Blake Lively and
Anna Kendrick. It’s kind of like a weird thriller type film where it starts
with this woman who’s saying ‘my best friend has been missing for the
past five days…’ and then you kind of learn that they haven’t been friends for
that long. I remember seeing the trailer a lot, like it was
advertised to me a lot on YouTube before YouTube videos and at first I thought
it didn’t look like my kind of film but eventually I
thought I’ll watch it. And it took me a while to get into it because
it’s quite an over-the-top… it’s quite exaggerated. It’s quite
stylistically done, just in terms of … it’s quite quirky I
guess. I don’t really know how to describe it but it took some
getting used to the way it’s kind of funny but also mysterious but I got
really into it and I also kind of fell in love with Blake Lively which is odd
if you knew if you can see her character in that film I think you wouldn’t expect
– but it made me think ‘I would love Blake Lively to be my friend’. She
just seems like… even though obviously it was just a character
and the character wasn’t really a great friend. I really got into it. It’s like a campy Gone Girl. And I love Gone Girl. And it wasn’t what
I was expecting but it impressed me, it made me very happy, it made me laugh, it
made me chuckle and laugh out loud a couple of times which I wasn’t expecting
when I went into it. I would definitely recommend that one. It
really surprised me. And then the last film that I’ve watched
was a film called Man Up which was just on BBC one
night, and I had been out with friends and the night ended early
and I still had like a whole bottle of wine left so I got home, I was sitting
there on my own because Ozzy was out and turned on this film and I got so into it.
I can’t even tell you. I think it might actually be on Amazon Prime because
right at the end there was a little Amazon Prime logo but it’s like a
proper old- not old it’s quite a new film- but like old-school Britishy
rom-com. And I say old school in like a- god, my older viewers are gonna
hate me for this- but in like a Love Actually way. And it’s not that Love
Actually is old, it’s just like you know that era of British rom-coms. Like the
Bridget Jones era. It reminded me of that. And to my older viewers, I’m not saying
that, that is old because that is my my era as well, well kind of. But um,
I really I didn’t expect to get into it. It might have been partly to do with the
wine. I really liked it, I would really recommend it. I actually loved it.
I loved it. I couldn’t stop talking about it the
next day with Ozzy. It made me cry, like bawl like a baby, but also made me laugh
out loud. I was just in my emotions the whole time watching it. It was just funny,
it was just nice, it was one of those like heartwarming and- I
I don’t know, it was good! It was good! If I could recommend one film
in particular for you guys to watch, it was this one. Man Up. I really didn’t
expect to like it whatsoever but it did some things- it did it for me- it
really did. But that’s it and I think we’re coming to the end now of
this video, and I’m also feeling myself lose focus so I’m gonna down my
brush for a little bit, wait for this delivery to come, and then
I’ll make sure that I record the rest of this process for you guys so you can
enjoy it with a bit of music.I I think it’s coming on well, I think I’ve
done a decent job and if you’ve got any comments or questions or suggestions
I would love to hear from you guys, but otherwise thank you so much for watching-
hang on, let me just stop and give you a proper goodbye. Thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you soon for the next video and enjoy whatever
the rest of the day has in store for you! Bye! you

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  60. Currently making some last minute hats for my booth at a comic con tomorrow! Love watching and listening to your process @cerelincreations on Insta <3

  61. Right now I'm just watching with a cup of coffee while I wake up. Later I'll probably rewatch it and paint at the same time. I need something to push me back into creating, and this is the perfect thing. I should really post on my Instagram again 😋 ( @arterinarian ).
    Books wise, anything by Tamora Pierce I could read over and over again. Obviously the Harry Potter books as well. 😊
    One movie on Netflix that surprised me was "Blind Date". I watched it on a whim and really enjoyed it. It does require subtitles, so you do have to pay attention, but it's also an easy romcom for when you just want something feel good. 😊

  62. I’ve been saving this for my next painting session. I agree with the other comments that say it’s great for the weekend! It’s rad that you can have such a great discussion while painting! Love it!

  63. These long videos are a blessing on any day, although they do have weekend vibes for me. The drawing is amazing, as always, and it's lovely to hear you talk about so many things. Don't worry about sounding rambly when you talk about books — it makes it even more like a conversation. Also, your videos are so relaxing and interesting I would listen to you talking about anything, honestly. 😀

  64. I'm working on commissions as I watch this and it's such a nice thing to have on in the background. <3 I'm going to peruse the comments because I'm addicted to art YouTube and always love finding more artists to watch! I post art videos, too. 🙂

  65. I'm doing some morning sashiko embroidery, eating breakfast and watching this. Got up pretty early for a sunday, and this video was exactly what I needed!

  66. Loved this Minnie. I’ve always loved your mini houses. You didn’t disappoint 🙂 would love a video one day on how you do your light and dark for shading and depth !:)

  67. Thanks for the mention Minnie, so nice that you actually read your comments! I love your house drawings, are you thinking of doing inktober this year??

    P.S. Received your postcards yesterday, just gotta think of a place to put them! Xx

  68. Love this little series ur doing Minnie it's so interesting an calming love watching before or after study to get me in the zone

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