Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag for DSLR Camera, Lens and Accessories | Overview Video

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja
showrooms and today we’re going to take a look at the Vivitar photo and video
backpack. If this video helps you out please hit me up with a like button
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Miami visit Digital Goja showrooms. Well, this guy is obviously designed for the
traveler, it has some cordura on it. It’s multi-use, it’s lightweight but it’s
sturdy so that way you have plenty of compartments you can take your camera
equipment and other accessories too. So, if your out for a day of hiking this is
perfect. Notice how you have the padded
compartment here with an elastic band to hold larger lenses in place, so that’s a
nice added feature and you have yet another compartment here with velcro so you
can take along some more accessories, and again multiple dividers. So you have
plenty of room here, you can take a DSLR and about six lenses or other
accessories, so… Nicely padded, again, this is going to give nice protection for
your camera equipment. And you also have a side pocket here so that you can take
a small monopod or tripod, and notice how you have some padding in the back here,
for your shoulder pads. You have a nice padded carrying handle on the top here
so you can grab it in a hurry, and yet you have another pocket here to store
some more accessories. Let’s take a look and see how much we can fit in here. Oh
look, they added some padding on the bottom which is great because a lot of
times a lot of us like to do this and drop it, so it gives you some extra
protection on the bottom of the case. Well notice again you have the dual
zipper, so that makes it very easy to access your equipment, pull it back so if
you want to just pull out the camera, I like that feature, or you can unzip it all
the way down. And let’s take a look what I have in here. I mean you have plenty of room, so I have
a nice-sized DSLR. Here’s a brand-new 80D with their new 18-135
nano lens and notice how I put the elastic band right over it, so in case I have to
do one of these it doesn’t go flying over. So, on the other side I have room
for another large lens, so I brought along my 70-300 USM. I took an extra
divider out so that I can bring in my high power Altura 958 flash and I put the
little Altura Photo screen guard on the side here. Just didn’t feel right attached to the camera so I put it on
the side when I need it. I also brought along by Altura 8mm fisheye, have
room for another accessory pocket notice here, and then here I have my 2x
converter from Altura Photo so that way if I want to make my 300-600 I can do
so and as you can see I have other accessories here. Cleaning accessories
and extra memory cards in the nice velcro pouch, again, you open it very easily
with the little tab, very easy access, close it up. And, knowing me, I’m always
going to want to take my tripod, so I brought along by smaller Manfrotto. This
is the compact, which has the head for video and stills since I’m going to be doing
both. Again, you’re going to fit the two legs in here, this guy stays on the
outside, then we’re going to open this strap here on the side and notice how
this is now going to allow me to maintain my tripod nice and secure on
the side of my backpack from Vivitar. Lets take a look at how easy this is to wear.
Alright so notice I’m carrying now by the handle, but I’m going to extend this,
of course because I’m a big guy, you all know that now. I’m going to extended it
to the max, I’m going to put it on, that’s why I don’t
recommend super loading this with equipment because it’s really a
lightweight bag, so, you don’t want to take along hundreds of pounds worth of
gear. And, when you have it nice on your back, you’re going to pull here and
adjust it doesn’t ride towards the bottom. Now notice, this stays on
pretty good and again you saw what I brought in here. I have a good amount of
equipment so I can have a full day of shooting, I can do all my imaging, all my
videos, including with my never-leave-at-home tripod. So, if you need a small
backpack that’s lightweight but allows you to take a good amount of gear take
again a closer look at the Vivitar photo/video backpack. Happy shooting!

8 Replies to “Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag for DSLR Camera, Lens and Accessories | Overview Video”

  1. Well done demo, I purchased yesterday's special, pistol grip / small table top tripod. Along with 64GB memory card. Should be here via UPS, this Friday. Thanks
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

  2. Just bought one a week ago…what a good buy and product for the money…I really like being able to adjust the compartments to the size you need for your equipment also I like it for grab and go… I keep it loaded with my camera equipment.

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