Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens

I actually was hired from nbc/universal I interned IBM on their design team my industry was with NBC News artworks department I have been a web developer and I'm also currently a senior software engineer at BuzzFeed what I think we really try to strive for in Darden technology program at Stevens is to not just be participants on teams but leaders on teams they come out of the program not only well-rounded students but prepared for a variety of careers as a visual arts and technology major I feel like if I went to any other college I would have had to do a double major with Fine Arts and Technology but here they had it together as one major and I really appreciated that the intersection of art and technology both things that which I'm passionate about so the structure of the curriculum really helped me develop this appreciation for approaching art whether it's studying and critiquing it creating it not only what I'd be focusing in design but there's a lot of other things I can do such as like experience design and so I'm like I think I'm more of a well-rounded designer for that everyone here is so passionate about what they're doing it's a very work hard play hard type of environment just a sense of success all around and everybody wants to see each other succeed everyone here is really super supportive no one's really here to put you down we all show each other what's working and we support each other the faculty were amazing they are extraordinary colleagues like the students they're very thoughtful they're very hard-working they're very ambitious but they are some of the most creative and intellectually curious people I've ever come across so the art lab is basically a space where there's like a bunch of Macs and if a bunch of free tables that we can use the whole room is kind of like a whiteboard so if you have ideas you just go crazy on the whiteboard and write anything that you want and the Fab Lab I've done 3d printing mostly most students probably don't know how much is offered in the Fab Lab how much you can do with the material that they have in there the jobs are right there in New York City if you ever need to get an internship like the opportunities there just a train ride away from Stevens you have so many people here that are looking out for you and really want the best for you and I think the staff is really supportive than anything you want to do they'll support you

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