Visual Arts Journal Extra: Artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor

(soft guitar music) – I’ve been in Miami for
the past eight years. For me as a Colombian artist the work has revolved around
juggling two cultures, and Miami has been a wonderful place to actually see all this happen. There’s so many cultures merging in. It’s a connection to
South America, Europe. I love it. It’s a city that offers many connections, many opportunities. A few years back, I went to school and I was exoticizing myself, saying I was the painter
using very colorful palette, that made me the Latin-American standing out in the crowd. I decided to shift to black and white, to open up the conversation to the imagery rather than the expectations
of a certain palette and certain color scheme
associated with a culture. The process of making a
drawing starts with a collage, either digitally using Photoshop, or actually cutting out imagery. Once I have that set up,
I project the drawing, and then it’s the process
of making it come to life. Making come to life means using charcoal. It’s very, very methodical. The whites is the white of the paper, I’m erasing and trying
to build up the image. It’s a very subtractive
and additive process.

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