Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990

doesn't mean where's yes that was that way by faith it was good i was not gonna be an artist but i would say that it was it took some creativity to get this bill through Congress i want to start by recognizing contribution bunch of really fine lawyers who spend their days worth of the very end of the last Congress write memos about what had happened in sentence the bill proceeded very less moments of the kairos relevant his staff and and playfully time to mention three people eric schwartzberg ashley blue flag super just spend a truth writers your programmers all the creative people with country thank you very much for the darkest vice president is equity former president national artists equity and wigs I'm not a lawyer my wife is not a cover my bases today is a great day for visual artists in the United States and being able to have this legislation and be able to pursue our rights and to protect ourselves in the future this is an important piece of legislation not many people know about it but they will a year from now two years from now more three years even more it's going to continue we're very pleased think one of the things that made a big difference in this everything was the support that we received from the National Endowment of the Arts we all know that there in the papers these days but this is a positive thing unfortunately good news doesn't always travel fast but we want to push it along today because we believe that the support from the terminal John from our in endorsing this legislation was the first time at the national level that an artist visual artist breaks legislation was endorsed by the endowment and we're very very pleased to have that endorsement and look forward to other areas as as we go along with regards to visual artists rights act and hopefully will gain that support as well mr. promark couldn't be with us today because of previous engagement but the senior deputy chair at the endowment and Imelda radice items here and and to talk with him earlier today he's very unhappy that he's not in town for but he didn't want me to to read a statement that he prepared obviously we're very proud that the endowment was able to assist in this very important legislation and he wishes to extend his best wishes to all of you he says the many supporters I think one of the reasons the stars are right in this legislation is the fact that the president of national artistically James Linden is from working and we hope with that connection work I'm very pleased to now introduce colleague of mine an artist someone might call a citizen artist as an artist who doesnt sit back and stay in their studio but gets out the studio and makes things happen in their profession Rodney crepes Rodney has donated his services and services are his creativity and this creativity is behind us and the artists proving of a print he's going to tell us a little bit about that I just want to recall a time two years ago when we were working in lobbying Senate and Rockne and Sam Gilliam deny curl sky all artists were walking around the halls of the Hart building chatting with people ring convince them of the importance of this legislation and it's important when an artist takes time away from their studio to pursue those things that make a difference to all of us because when they're out of the studio and they're on the streets they're doing things that make a difference for Henry arts not just themselves and Rodney's one of those special people rocking Crips I'm going to direct my comments to the lithograph that I made this can borrow we have a person or as proof and is going to be made available to our valued supporters in this effort I think as we all know the cherry trees around mr. Jefferson's memorial do not produce cherries and that used to be a considerable concern to me be for the visual arts Rights Act of 1990 because those trees are strictly there for aesthetic purposes they might be considered fruitless in some way there's only one rationale for their existence and that is their beauty and as such they're probably the ancestor among the ancestors of art and certainly it's Kim and so there is a little rhyme on the front that says even in the syllable power only the power of art can grade fruit where fruit has never been an offer mr. Jefferson and cherry from his glory sleep blossoming can for those of you that know something about the lithography process is that there are usually many people involved in the in the effort one is the artist doesn't creativity the other is the artist that actually does the execution of the print skip Barnhart a master printmaker who runs the printmakers Julian with the graphic communications international union is responsible for that skip would you raise your hand so we can all thank you effort takes about six hours takes takes one hour to take six prints and that's why we don't see it done so much in a course or be any more but it certainly is done within the within the arts world there's a special person who helped in this legislation Bob castellón congressman from Wisconsin congressman cam smart spent 32 years in the US House of Representatives and over two decades and served as chairman of the subcommittee with jurisdiction over copyright is before that committee that I many pleasures of speaking and presenting our case it was his leadership and effort that really gave us encouragement and an opportunity to continue to to pursue this legislation we're very pleased that you're here with us today number one customer if you come up and say thank you George and very personal deeply honored I must say that you've already done the credits as you need to staff into Copyright Office which always plays a very constructive role in all these questions a normally one I guess should be a little humble about these things but I think seriously you got it right and Marquis senator Kennedy and myself worried back from a legislative standpoint the reasons the Act became law right Ted Kennedy used to call me of you know it as a as the thing develop the last moments try to save this this particular piece of legislation and marketing in the house is literally the the forerunner the person who drove this of the outset and for those two people would be especially honored i think is really important let me only say that this is also important to me because very often and copyright intellectual property we in terms of this country are required to take care of the great corporations people with you pissed and then we should rarely do we have the opportunity to respond to the needs the creative arms in the left inspiration this act does that and it is for so reap the stove recently enacted berne convention with respected more Rice's country it is a dumb paint in terms of what this country holds not only the rust the world but to it so nice and so I'm pleased and honored to be here tonight I talked earlier about the stars with Jim medan names of Marvin from are made from Oregon well the stars were also in line because our secretary treasures from Massachusetts and she did herself in this effort we have two standing representatives from every state congressman and Martin your your effort on our behalf in terms of your leadership your outreach your willingness to to work with us in our bringing the idea forward your suggestions and changes have been a great deal to us I used the term earlier to describe rock me as a citizen artist but as a citizen artist myself that was very very encouraging we didn't have to sit and try to figure out what the people wanted to do or how they were going to help us but you made it very clear and you were very straightforward and you did an excellent job thank you very much thank you very much and I thank all of you but I would like to thank three groups especially and I would like to begin by thanking senator Kennedy and and Bob cast Meyer because over in the house I was just a guy who held football and Bob kastam I kicked it through the goalpost I promise you over in the Senate Ted Kennedy drop kicked it with no assistance whenever you do not want to know the number of compromises so they can he had to make in the 5 24 hours this bill attacks you don't know you do not want to know what happens in other areas of public policy now and Brock Neal we have Rockne told me you need that new Rockies so I try to find a football analogy and clearly his father failed in the mission he was sitting on the young man to accomplish secondly I almost like thank Ginny slowing and Mike Remington and on my staff David molten and jet price and Diana Lazarus because of they worked long and hard on the house side to produce a product which senator Kennedy able to work with over the side where the obstacles were much greater secondly I'd like to thank of all people John Podesta Alliance which he put together to to make this effort the success which it has been the bill which passed is a product of all of your good work and finally I would like to thank all of the eyes there is a new wind of Philistine ism which is blowing through the country but do not be dismayed by the sound and the fury because the passage of this legislation last year is further evidence of a support which you have to me and although there are those throughout the eighties who confuse the works of arts with the works of art with toasters and did not want to distinguish between the creative and useful I think that this piece of legislation helps to make that distinction all more clear and you should know that friends here in Washington as you have them across the country and as long as there are champions like a buck cast liar and ted kennedy you will be protected in the city congratulations this all got started five six years ago in a discussion the staff senator Kennedy's over and what was unique about it is the fact that previous to this the legislation had always been looked at two pieces moral rights and resale royalty and when the bill was first introduced both of these were combined together subsequently they were brought acquired because when it compromises in the oven but the creativity that went into bringing both of those together under the copyright legislation copyright law was was really quite unique and very excited we continue to seek interest in the issue of resale royalty and that will be something to be on the agenda in the future but with regards to the moral rights and the role that Senator Kennedy has played it has been it's been outstanding this particular piece of legislation went down as john told me to let more than the eleventh hour is the very very very close and decisions were being made senator cannon your leadership and assisting us in this effort is then most well received we are very pleased and very proud to have worked with not only yourself but with congressman Markey and comcast mark but your leadership in the Senate in bringing this forward and I think congressman Markey said a dropkick is a good analogy really didn't put it to the vocals for Spain I have a secret to reveal and real motivation behind all this legislation is I'm an artist too how many people know about it all my friends who were politicians think I want to be an artist and those that are artists in an even let me first of all say what a real pleasure is to be with all of you who've been the backbone of all this move into been referenced earlier but we all really owe you an enormous and debt of gratitude they're going to be hundreds of thousands of artists in communities all over this the nations will never know you're a name but when the the history is written about to this legislation all you were integral part of all and i want to say what a pleasure is be with Bob cast admire Issa mr. First Amendment what Bill brenham loves to the Supreme Court vodcast Meyer has been to me Congress over all these years and it's entirely fitting that he would take up the rights of individual artists because it's so consistent with his determination on a wide range of different constitutional issues that he's been there and each and every step along the way he's had a very proud and distinguished service in the House of Representatives and all of us hope that you'll continue to be interested involved in public policy because all the creative aspects of our life in this country around the world will be enhanced with his activity Bob it's great to be with you with your this evening and to work with you again mark a dear friend and colleague from Massachusetts and who was a collector and interested in all aspects of other creative arts and he's been a dear and valued to me so this was really a real act of joy and happiness and let me just say we start out on this legislation I never understood what the potential like implications on the first amendment are we denying First Amendment rights for individuals want to go over and destroy someone else's are and it shouldn't we have uh some constitutional earrings on that for goes on for weeks and weeks I mean enormously interesting and issues of importance but in many instances some things that many of us hadn't really given the kind of deputy consider reason to the whole the question of resale royalty is something that it always seemed to me to be important that we had to I think as all of us understand drop those of the table provisions on the contract even waiver provisions we had a more restrictive that outcome and I think some of us might have like yeah when Mark II is talking about the adjustments in terms of public policy I I think this bill is worth the 65 Republic of judges that's about their craft in terms of actually in when you know the the history of the final outs but if you do it's fine detail that's fine too I'm honor would say that and all the other kinds of problems that we are facing in terms of intellectual a property of colorization all of the directors and producers and actors and acted all came descending on us thinking that we are really trying to be a stalking horse and issues of colonization the the publishing house and say well as this moves on through and conversation what's it going to mean in terms of writers rights in terms of magazines I mean it was the most extraordinary effort quite frankly from I think limited financial interest to try and confuse misrepresent and distort what the purposes were and I think Bob a kastle-meyer enunciated them so well and that is I think all of us obscene and remember the Judiciary Committee and remember that copyright subcommittee that when it comes to the economic interest versus the creative time in and time out we failed to really provide those degrees of protection which I think permit all of us as the human beings to understand our souls and understand our heart in a much deeper and more profound ways and give a sense of meaning to all our lives which is really is such an important element in terms of our own kinds of society I thank you won't very much for the whole work that you've done and then we'll look forward to working together with you again the very future for all you who from letters make phone calls when did some lobbying thank you for your effort for all the staff who worked on this we appreciate your your time and energy thanks again enjoy the rest of the afternoon

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