Visual Artist Studio

why are they these wonders I'm a visual artist and I use a variety of weaving and wrapping techniques to create artworks – to do with a corner of my son's nursery and which obviously has its limitations I don't have a lot of space I might have to clear things away like started crawling and getting into everything having a garden CJ was a great option and because it just meant actually physically and mentally I could kind of distance myself from the whole and kind of think of it as a proper workspace a proper sort of office for an artist really the new CEO has improved my work and my business exponentially without this you Joe I couldn't have achieved so much in the last year I've had work put into exhibitions across the world I've had it into a heavy system New York and London I started working with an ass consultants in Dubai that none of the things could have happened if I hadn't had a proper space to really kind of be from a professional but my work I just wouldn't be able to do it but it's it's a marine really good I won't fear supreme retreats have been fantastic and everybody that we spoken to you quiet where this has been super friendly I think service is so important and I think that you need to have people that you want to work with and she will say it like you want some kind of investment it was fun you

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