VINTAGE lenses for MIRRORLESS cameras – K&F Concept adapter

what’s up guys how you doing hope you
had a great week today it’s gonna be a really quick film and I mean really
quick and it’s all about how to get one of these guys look how beautiful that is
one of these old vintage lenses on to a new mirrorless camera like this or most
cameras but I’m gonna be generally talking about the a73 or a7r3
you’re generally the a7 series so yeah keep on watching intro right so before I start if you mean to
my channel before my name’s Phillip Skraba it would be awesome if you you
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so what we’re talking about today is saying called K&F Concept and they’re a
company that make adapters like this and it’s a really simple fully metal adapter
they also make one they also make one for the Pentax and they also make one
for a canon they also make one for nick home so they make one for generally
almost every single the mount you can think of but today let me take off this
24-70 today we’re talking about getting this guy onto this guy and it is pretty
simple so you put this k mount adapter as you can see right there it’s the M24
to NEX and M24 is like one of the earliest mounts so it’s like a screw
mount if you guys can see that it’s actually just the just a screw mount and
so you just literally screw it on and that’s that that is the adapter and the
lens and right there look at that that is all you do and you can do it for
olympus you can connect on you can do it for canon these the M42 which i have a
fair amount of they’re all different lenses they go like the foo genome which
is r already sharp people call like elias and you’ve got like the Pentax 135
really crazy in dust are russian lens look at can you see how tiny that is the
best actual lens look at that so all these lenses will fit on this
adapter and the is there a downside yeah the only downside is you don’t have
auto focus so everything you do is going to be manual focus apart from that the
look and the feel of these lenses like lenses like the 24-70 or the 85
millimeter that perfect these these have been engineered that’s why they cost
like two and a half thousand dollars assignments they’ve been engineered to
be perfect like absolutely perfect all the lenses now look identical they don’t
have any kind of feeling any kind of kind of life to them whereas this slice
is going to be completely different this fujinon which is going to be completely
different to this hailey Oz which is going to be completely different to this
industr industria I think it’s called which is going to be completely
different to the tucumán they all have this kind of this certain way of
photographing there they’re not perfect they have weird bokeh they have crazy
sharpness they they’re they’re a little bit soft in places and they’re a sharp
at the same time so that’s kind of 80s look you know it’s sharp but it’s soft
it’s it’s beautiful there already is and I’m gonna be reviewing every single one
of these lenses showing you examples with photos with film exactly how they
look using them on a Sony camera so just like I said quick film to show you that
you can really quite simply same goes with the Pentax now this right here is a
lens that I got from my dad from his Pentax it was used to photograph me when
I was a baby so it’s quite a sentimental lens to me so I was really happy that I
could just where is it pop it on and the same deal
you’ve got a Pentax mown there you go Pentax mount on your mirrorless camera
and the images when when you hit that sharpness when you actually just hit it
is so sharp it’s unbelievable you guys are gonna love it so anyway like I said
be awesome if you subscribed and trying to hit that thousand and reviews or
coming up with let I mean I’ve got so many lenses to review it’s crazy but I’m
gonna start with next next review is gonna be a manual lens catch guys on the
other side

One Reply to “VINTAGE lenses for MIRRORLESS cameras – K&F Concept adapter”

  1. Great idea with the adapters.
    And if you are cool with manual focus on Sony check out my favourite lens the 7 artisans 25mm f1.8, ends up at 37.5mm equiv (on my Sony APSC) which is fantastic view angle for street photography and it is very bright and sharp, also focuses down to about 120mm so it does macro too. And amazing bright colours too, the lens doesn't have much glass thickness in it so you don't get murky colours like so many autofocus lenses.
    Of course you went full frame now but if you still use APSC Sony check it out, superb value for money lens. Cheers. 🙂

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