Vintage Camera Lens Hunting in Dongmyo Market, Seoul

no you can’t buy just a lens you gotta
buy both the body – 80,000 won? maybe Oh cameras – Auto Mamiya Sekor 55mm 1.8
actually one of the lenses I’m looking for I think
30,000 won – so this is one of the lens I’m looking for unfortunately
everything is frozen I’m not gonna come out Mamiya lens, it’s got some problems, it’s an m42 mount – camera we can throw it away – I can fix it think I don’t know if I won or he won I
see this medium format lens you see – is This is a medium format camera I think
and I can be sure fish eye for Mamiya 37mm this is actually might be expensive I
might have to leave it with this two hundred thousand, 200 dollars I have no idea
but old zoom lenses are not very good sometimes these you think these old
people don’t know what they’re selling but many times they do one time when I
was out in the countryside and I found a Leica m3 yeah and I
thought the grandma wouldn’t know what she was selling and she wanted 2 grand all right we’re all like astonished
astonished this is one of the lenses on my list it’s probably expensive you know it’s MC
rocker PF 55 millimeter 1.7 so this Konica 15 millimeter 1.80 Yashica d I
was looking for the the Yashica 50 millimeter 1.7 or 2.0 but this
is almost there if you see a Yashica 50 millimeter 2.0 let me know you know Oh ekta Chrome and brand I’ve never owned one of the
lens before though oh this range this lens is very very famous – Pentacon 50mm 1.8 – eighty thousand won oh my oh well but not the one I want the cameras the lens not working I don’t
know if I can fix it oh these are lies come back right now this is the
radioactive lens oh hey oppa you see the yellow this is a lens I’m using on my
camera right now Zenon What is that? job what is that I have no idea yeah
this is a camera this is a Russian night-vision camera
really vision lens we saw at the beginning the
spiral bouquet so yo you go on my own 20,000 won I’m also I’m almost tempted to get it

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  2. As I said on Twitter, super you will love it. Please do comment on the adapter and the rear lens working or not…! It is important as I think it could break some cameras. A.,

  3. sold my mamiya 50mm f2, still quite possibly the sharpest lens i have ever adapted on my fuji X-T3.

    btw, another underrated lens to look out for which i can find almost nothing about on YouTube or the internet are the fujicas — so damn sharp. much like the mamiya, almost too sharp for many situations.

    my other recent X-T3 favorite 50 on the street is the meyer optik gorlitz domiplan… 😭📸

  4. Today I learned from both you and Sir Robin that Seoul isn't really the best place for camera hunting… yes, you find a lot, but damn, those prices! That Praktica, I have three of those with the same lens from flea markets and ebay, never paid more than $20 (that's why I have three) 🙂

  5. I have that same Mamiya lens the 55 1.8 and I love it it’s an amazing underrated lens beautiful colors you get out of it like it more than the Takumars.

  6. I got the adapter you told me about so I can use my vintage lenses on my t2i. On a couple of the lenses when I start to focus the lens it takes a picture. What is causing this to happen?

  7. Lol never say " this is the lens i am looking for" in front of the seller … :))
    in france he will triple the price instantly !
    But the " its broken and dusty inside" is always a good way to bargain.

  8. Wow i was watching the video then i recognized the voice french speaking person and here he is laurent caccia!!! It was really weird.
    YouTube's multiverse!
    Two of my favourite YouTubers in the same video! I'm a spoiled child 🙂
    Ps: I am zahouda from Instagram we talked many times.

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