VIDEO GAMES are ART too – discussion of the DIGITAL ART

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but it doesn’t matter because today we’re going to talk about art no not
that kind of art I want to talk about video games no no that kind of video
games you see you see why I actually wanted to cover this topic because it’s
very easy to ignore the fact that today’s modern day video games are a
true compilation of different art forms different art styles and inspirations
and this is why I wanted to have a brief video to talk a little bit about my
point of view and why you should give video games a second chance and the
second look when you start thinking about which media is a true form of art
my first introduction to a video game started when my parents brought back
Atari 2600 you know that game where you have this guy swinging on different
grapevines or whichever vines they are trying to jump over the animals holes
and bog fields of sorts so that was the very first gaming console that I had a
chance to play on later on USSR and post-soviet countries the area where I
was actually born started importing Dendy which is essentially a localized
version of NES and I get to experience the broader collection of video games
there and I remember things like Dune which was my favorite I remember things
like I’m pretty sure Red Alert was already on that console Hercules I think
and Aladdin and I’m trying to remember Aladdin and Lion King were on Dendy or
Sega because later on I actually moved on to Sega and after Sega
we took a break wouldn’t buy any consoles up until the moment when we
were able to actually afford the first proper gaming PC or I think it was
educational PC which later on turned into being a game PC and even then when
we got that personal computer I did not necessarily thought of video games as a
form of art I really thought of it as this kind of like you know chips that’s
kind of like snack entertainment where you just pick up the controller you play it
for a little while and you drop it I did not think that the
gaming can be an art form and that impression lasted until I encountered a
very specific game in my life I think that song still gives me
goosebumps and I’m pretty sure I still hear the sound of the steps on the
pavement the memories when I heard that theme song I thought to myself wait a
second this is a video game this is really truly a video game with this high
production value score let me I’ll have to try to have to start and I started
the game you start exploring the area around you and I still remember how
impressed I was with the textures for the design of the video game there was
this person who is asking me for my name I go through different stages of the
intro sequence people ask me about my zodiac sign they asked me about my
traits about my backstory and then from then on they just let me out and there
is this whole world for me to explore and the further we’ve explored this game
with my sister the further I think I personally
realized that this is no longer a video game this is an art you have this
amazing score and the music produced you have all the sound designs you have the
real story you have different art styles represented in the video games and
consider the fact that we who grew up in that post-soviet countries we did not
have as much of an exposure to different video games
that were being developed and released around the same time so back in early
two-thousands that was one of the first real true video games that we’ve
experienced and just completely blew our minds the more curious I grew about this
industry the more I realized about the depth the complexity the spectrum of
different art styles and different art forms that are influencing video games
back then in early 2000s and now if you just think about the fact that today in
this 2018 year you see video games which are on par with a top-notch high
grossing Hollywood movies in terms of the complexity in terms of the quality
in terms of the talent that was involved in creating those video games and even
the budgets worth close to hundred million-dollar budgets to produce a
single game the whole evolution is just amazing I’ve seen with my eyes and the
art styles and the drawings and video games which were on par with the top
artists I’ve heard the voice acting which was on
par with other acting in movies and cartoons the music and sound effects
which were on par as well in the storytelling that touched me all those
stories that I lived through all those experiences that I’ve sat there in front
of the TV and consumed war on par with the best books or movies in that I’ve
experience and believe me I’m not the only one video games
still hold a lot of Records when it comes to sales video games hold the
record for the fastest sale through in 24 hours I think it’s something over
half a billion dollars sold in 24 hours of a single video game and even today in
2018 a video game GTA 5 grand theft auto 5 became the most profitable media asset
it grossed over five to six billion dollars yes billion dollars with B
boom this is just completely off the chain compared again back in the days to
the inception of the video game industry and again I do not believe that the
dollar values should represent or prove whether a particular media is an artform
or not but I believe that high revenues high box office numbers and high
sell-through rates actually prove that there is an interest out there in public
there are people out there who consider this particular media form an art or
something worth the investment meanwhile today I wanted to focus on expressing my
passion I wanted to focus on expressing my opinion on this matter and showing
you my point of view on why video games should be considered an art form some
was think of an art as something that was produced something that is tangible
we can touch it smell it or feel it but I think the true art form can also come
in the form of ones and zeroes do you agree with me do you have other forms of
media that you fell in love with while others were not really considering them
as equal and on par with other art forms that was my story please feel free to
share yours because I’m very curious to hear what your thoughts are on the video
games industry as well as other arts forms thank you very much for stopping
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