Using the photography 'usage calculator' to price your work

in my line of work presenting the highest quality image is key start building your website today at use the offer code car to get a 10% discount I'm Carl Taylor and this is my Squarespace hi guys just want to tell you a little bit about some of the bonus extras that come with this course because we've got some fantastic documentation and calculators that really make your life easier as a photographer the first one I want to show you is a usage fee calculator now in the course we explain about usage fees and how this can often confuse photographers and how they can earn extra money from their images this calculator basically works out for you the amount of money you can make for different uses on your image let me just run through how it works if I put in a base usage rate in here of 200 pounds you've got to specify a base usage rate that you want applicable to your work you can then choose the duration period so I'm going to say two years work is going to be used on brochures we're going to also say it's going to be used on digital on the company website and it's going to be used on let's say some posters as well so we take that check box and it's going to be used in the US I only and let's just add in they want to use it say on social media as well now you can see that that's generated a usage fee for that at 2600 so basically you can specify to your clients this base usage rate and then using the usage fee calculator you can determine what the fee for usage of the image will be that's on top of your photography based on the selected criteria of publication and the selected time period this is a common practice for photographers especially in commercial and advertising photography and this calculator takes out the headache and the worry of the calculation this gives you the guide of how to work out the pricing on on those fees now on top of that we have some other stuff that you're going to find really useful as well we also have created as an extra for this course our cash flow budget and forecasts basically this is a spreadsheet where we've done all the work for you that calculates your monthly outgoing so from January February March April all the way you can see through there and your total annual fees and it covers everything like your telephone lines your studio space your office space refuse collection office supplies services web hosting advertising printing that sort of stuff your wages your Social Security you put in the numbers for each of those expenses into this sheet for every cost you're likely to incur for your business month or month and this then gives you the totals for the month gives you the totes for the year and then you can see at the bottom how much it's going to cost to run your business so here it's showing a hundred and eight thousand dollars based on the expenses that we've set into this these are just dummy example expenses you can put your own in here but this is showing us that our average monthly running cost of this business is nine thousand dollars so we have to do at least nine thousand dollars to get paid and breakeven and cover all expenses this makes it really easy for you to calculate that stuff so this is great little calculator this is something I've used in my business for many many years really helps you get a clear picture of what your target needs to be with your business for your you know your budgets you cash flow that type of thing so that's another extra that comes with this course it's just one of nine extras that come with this course I've got another one here I'm going to show you as well which is our estimator let me just remove the top borrow that spreadsheet so we can see a little bit clearer on here so when you're pricing up a job for a client sometimes you just want a quick way of working out a rough price for the client get things figured out give them an estimate and then potentially use that to transfer the date data to your invoicing so you can put in here your name the ad agency or the client to worker for description of the job and then you can start putting in here your fee so let's say that your day rate is 3000 I'm going to put 3,000 in there and then we're going to have a digital image manipulation fee of say 500 and then we're going to have some location fees let's say 200 we're going to have an assistant working for us for the day that's going to be 200 we're gonna have a makeup artist hairstylist they're going to be say 400 for the day Studio higher found a studio say for 900 and then basically that gives me the estimate total so now I can see straight away that job price is four thousand three hundred it's there I can print that out can give back to clients see there's the estimate the great thing about it is that client can see the clear breakdown of where all those costs coming from so your cost for your photography is obviously in there but the client is able to realize immediately that the total bill sorry it's five thousand two hundred actually doesn't finish that tab but the client can now see they're actually out that five thousand two hundred not all of that is your fees and that just gives them a real clear idea of how these jobs are broken down and then you can get them to sign that off and approve it you've got something in write and get on with the job and then you've got that as a record rent then ready food for your invoicing so there's another great little formulated spreadsheet that we've prepared just makes life easier whew we got other things in this course as bonus extras as well copyright uses to control contracts model release contracts lots of other documents as well that will help you that just gives you a good idea on some of the spreadsheet and calculators that were including with this particular course thanks very much for watching my passion is photography weather shooting for clients or teaching students the excitement of great photography never gets old check out my website for free training a complete range of courses and even photography workshops thank you for watching Oh

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  1. Hi Karl, you keep referring to a course – WHAT COURSE?
    With reference to the usage fee of £2600. You didn't mention how long this was for, a year, 2, 3, 5 years?
    The example, £5200 for a job – What sort of shoot is this, fashion, portrait, architecture etc?

    Now to contracts and model releases. Do the contracts incorporate the latest DSGVO regulations. Contracts, are they based on US, British law?

    Look forward to an answer
    Regards from Germany

  2. How can we take this corse? I do not see a link or coarse name. These freebies sound wonderful. Thank you.

  3. Pay more for using the photo more? As a creative/designer I always found this to be an absolute pain. Interesting that a client's success should necessarily enrich the photographer along the way and work to un-do any of their hard won economies of scale. It's also why I simply don't want to stuff around with pro photographers who have this old-school dollar-and-dime mentality. If I'm going to set the scene and everything else then I just want the photo taken and be done with it.

  4. Very professional impressive Mr Karl.
    I shall be making an other end of November after my vacation trip in the Bahamas which starts in 2 days

  5. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for all the videos you've put out. Question: Now that you've released this paid for course, will we see a drop in content for your YT channel?

  6. Hey Karl, off topic question for ya. I'm thinking about getting a nice 100mm plus or minus a few mm for outdoor portraits PLUS shooting copies of my slide/negative collection. Using a small light table would a macro lens with a 1:2 ratio work or would I need a 1:1 ratio?

  7. JESUS! If I asked for £2600 for every image used by schools or teacher training schools I would be driving a Bentley! I have had hundreds of images used on social media, printed PR stuff and websites! Funny thing is I'm a IT technician that loves photography and only get paid my basic salary for doing all the IT and media work…… I am such a mug!!!

  8. These kinds of videos are the ones I love, they're at a more advanced level of teaching and they really show the importance of knowing your numbers in order to have a successful business.

  9. Immensely enlightening Karl – this is probably the biggest headache young video/photo business owners face. Thanks for the information!

  10. Thanks for the tips. I'm just beginning to earn real money with my business now, so I may be investing in this tutorial in the near future. Glad there's someone out there to teach it to us beginners!

  11. Karl, awesome. Where's this course available? That usage calculator is worth it alone, I've been trying to use Getty's system.

    Thank you in advance!

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