Using Lumecubes for portrait photography

hello and welcome to this test where I
look at two Lumecubes, the Lumecube original and the Lumecube Air and I see
how good they are for setting up for portrait shoots so I’m going to look at
two things I’m gonna look at using them as continuous LEDs so you can see here
we have an an optical detector and if a flash is fired this will trigger the
Lumecube to fire, hopefully this feature isn’t present on
the Lumecube Air but I think this feature is present on the new Lumecube
2.0 so using the Lumecube app I can set these up as I wish so first I’m going to
turn on both my Lumecubes like so I’m getting over here all on so I can do all
on all off and I can control the Lume cube one and the Lumecube air here you
notice the Lumecube air doesn’t have any of the functionality that the
original Lumecube has the original Lume cube I can change the brightness can put
on full power I can put it on optical triggering and I can set the flash
duration which is really good so to start with I’m going to turn optical
triggering off because we’re just going to use LED lights so let’s give this a
go so what we can see here is we’ve got the two Lumecubes on a light stand
in front I’ve got a big diffusion panel and on the other side I’ve got my
mannequin so let’s see how it goes so first of all I’m going to turn on the
Lumecubes now you’re noticed the Lumecube air is
just a fixed with a magnet so turn on the Lumecube Air and I’m going to turn on
the main Lumecube okay so let’s have a look at how that’s illuminated so yep
that’s certainly illuminating and I’m just going to reposition the mannequin
so it’s facing the light source like so excellent so taking an image here at
125th of second ISO 100 F 2.8 and you can see here that the image is very dark
then I turn the Lumecubes on and put them to full power and take
the same image and then I’ve taken an image I think ISO 800 with the same
settings and we can see we’re getting a good exposure here so back on the camera
I’m at 50th 7.1 on aperture and ISO 800 the mannequin and we can see that we
did get a good exposure in the mannequin so now it’s going to take a quick photo
so I’m using Canon 200D I put the pop-up flash on and I’m shooting in
portrait orientation so that the flash fires over here hits of the diffuser
bounces back and sets the optical trigger off so let’s see how we go so
I’m shooting at ISO 100 125th of a second F 2.8 so after a lot of fiddling about I found
the best thing to do was to set it from 125th of a second to 60th of a second
then turn the optical trigger off then turn the optical trigger back on and
then it seemed to work much better and these are some of the images I got so
would I use a Lumecube for a flash no I wouldn’t just because it’s not reliable
enough the optical sensor is not in the greatest of positions and from my
testing with it it’s just not very reliable it’s a bit fiddly I would
definitely still use the Lumecubes as continious LED lights would not be
using them as flash triggering by strobes you

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