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Well we’re very happy to announce that
Raindance is finally releasing a very unique line of liquid products some of
them are alcoholic and some of them are not but Eleonora our dear marketing manager just came back from Italy and brought the
actual Prosecco that we’re going to be selling so thanks El we love you. No problem guys enjoy the Prosecco Is it just me or does El look a little bit like a dog? Kat…. Well filmmakers welcome to another
week’s video so this week the wonderful Kat (with a t) and I we’re gonna talk
to you about product placement in motion pictures. And films. Which is the same thing. So product placement is something you
really need to think about when you’re making a film because showing certain
brands or certain logos that you don’t have permission to show can really
affect where you could screen a film usually using logos and things in your
film isn’t too bad if they’re maybe not in focus or if they’re not directly
interacted with but when they are that’s something that you may need to worry
about say if your character’s drinking or eating certain foods then using those
logos without permission could get you in trouble. Like this one that won’t get
us in trouble because it’s a Eleonora Passelli Raindance where’s the gelato Brut. Crack it open. Woohoo! So let’s talk about the use of alcohol in your films if you’re using it
in a positive way and it’s incidental to the plot you might be alright with using
certain logos however if your film features things like underage drinking
alcohol abuse or drink driving then that’s where you’re really going to get
in trouble with any brands. But we won’t get in trouble with this brand because
we were creative and we developed our very own Elliot Grove’s Raindance sour
whiskey so it’s not risky to use it. Now that’s not to say you can’t use product
placement in your film for example of funding an indie film you
might find the product placement will help subsidize some of your production
costs and that can be a really great thing but you also don’t want it to look
like a series of adverts. Yeah we were asked to promote this new up-and-coming
energy soda drink that is called Harvey Juice so if you need any energy
just have at. No, no, no, no. No. So if you are gonna work with a brand brilliant but bare these
three things in mind before you commit to anything first of all don’t commit to
anything that you’re not willing or able to offer the brand. Yeah and whatever
kind of film you’re making just be honest with the brand and tell them you
know how you want to use their product like we used our friend Becky Hughes’s
drawing with us in this video and she was really happy to make it and let us
use it in these videos that we do and lastly remember to be really specific in
writing about what the brand is expecting of you and what you’re
expecting in return that way you can both make sure you’re
getting what you need out of it and that everything works really well. Exactly
so filmmakers be aware of any kind of brand that might appear in your films
get creative and and if you don’t want to get creative that’s fine too because
you can check the article and we’ll have links to some of our own labels so you
can enjoy Raindance’s finest or some other ones they’re probably better yeah
would be better than ours I’m a little bit country I’m a little bit rock n roll.

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