Unseen jib camera footage of Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan’s brawl: Exclusive, Sept. 13, 2019

>>Watch Roman!>>Another Superman Punch by Reigns. Reigns is not gonna be held down. [SOUND]
>>Come on, Roman!>>And Reigns can’t be restrained.>>Come on, Roman, come on, Roman!>>Calm down, all right, come on.>>Calm down, calm down Roman! Enough!>>Good luck keeping any sort
of order between these two. This Sunday at Clash of Champions, things are gonna be out of hand
if they even get that far. What the hell is he doing?>>Wait a minute,
Roman’s got a hold on him.>>[NOISE]
>>God!>>Get out! Get him out!>>[NOISE]
>>You want more, Big Dog? You want more, Big Dog?>>No, come on! Get out of here now or

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  1. Toi qui regarde les commentaires !

    Je te souhaite plein de bonne chose dans ta vie ♥

    Venez jetez un oeil à ma chaîne Youtube !

  2. Mujhe aisa kyu lagraha hai ke wwe ki team roman ko jaan pooch ke hate dilana chahti hai fans se aur roman ke saath backstage politics chal rahi hai roman ke image kharab ki jarahi hai wwe mein jo bhi hai ye log in per case hona chahiye

  3. Wyatt Family In 2019

    Bray: Best gimmick of 2019
    Braun: fighting for Universal Title and tag champ
    Harper:(404 Not Found)
    Rowan: Becoming the new Strowman

  4. For a rehearsed and professional shot this totally missed the mark in getting the angle right on the faces. This wouldn’t have gone wrong on my watch. Try again kids.

  5. Agar ye log bich mein nhi ate to pata chalta use lomdi kitna bhi chalak kyun n ho jungle Ka raja ser hota hai I love it roman good luck.

  6. Roman only lost the beat down because those dang stupid security guys all were on him and not Rowan gay boys need to do their job right

  7. I'm surprised the camera lens didn't get shattered like Shane McMahon did to Kane during the Last Man Standing Match at Unforgiven 2003.

  8. Can we talk about how those little security people were actually holding Roman back, like damn they're too strong for Roman he couldn't do anything

  9. I Like when he immediately said " Stay down , You want more Big Dog " it makes the storyline and the character very interesting .. Rowan doing well ..

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