University of Toronto: Erika Savage, Rock-Star Negotiator, Alumni Portrait

My name is Erica Savage, and I’m an attorney
at Interscope, Geffen and A and M records. I am in-house counsel at Interscope Records,
which means that I represent the record company in negotiations when we want to sign a new
artist. The artists that are on my roster, that I’m
responsible for, would be Lady Gaga, Sheryl Crow, Keysha Cole, I also handle the estate
of Tupac Shakur. So I kind of took a lot of what I was doing
in my undergrad in the women’s studies program and put it into practice in terms of doing
music production, I started a dance agency for female dancers, and for me in the music
industry… I really, you know, by being in U of T, I was exposed to all of these great
bands that were playing, even in the pub. It was great. It was a really exciting time
for me. The standards of the school are incredibly
high. And so when you feel like you’ve done well at U of T, you really know that that’s
a stamp of approval that you can be really proud of.

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