Under $50 each – Recommended Vintage Lenses for all Focal Lengths

quick notes if you’re a DSLR user it’s
kind of harder to adapt some of these lenses especially like the bayonet mount
I kind of stick out because they can they might smack your mirror and break
it so this is mostly recommended for like a mirrorless users right your DSLR
user and you’re dead set on using one of these lenses then do your research check
online check the forums for people who’ve used them before because I use
them on mirrorless you know I don’t use them on my DSLRs because I don’t want to
find out it’s gonna break them alright so that’s just a quick note it’s not
very often that you’re going to hear me talk about gear or lenses or
recommendations because you know I think there’s enough of that here on YouTube
so instead I’m gonna make this one video recommending old vintage lenses that you
can buy under $50 from the 28 millimeter range until 135 millimeters consider
this just a taste you know I have a website I call it the secret videos
where I’m gonna upload kind of more in-depth talk about gear and stuff that
I don’t want to load on this channel and also just because I mention these lenses
I don’t want you to just run out and buy them if there’s anything I want you to
take from my channel is that don’t just buy shit because a youtuber tells you to
if I mention a piece of gear you’re interested look it up research it check
on Flickr if you find one get it but don’t just buy it because I tell you to
anyways more and more people are using
mirrorless cameras these days and the good thing about that the upside is you
can actually buy lots of old vintage lenses now if I don’t mention one lens
that you like I’m sorry just some vintage lenses are going up in price
because many people are using them let’s start with 28 millimeter and actually I
don’t think there’s many good wide angles to be honest at least good cheap
wide angles but there is one that kind of stands out to me that’s the Hoya HMC
wide auto 28 millimeters 2.8 luckily this one you get for it around 10
dollars the thing is is kind of I don’t want to say a rare but if you
find one online or you find one in a vintage store it’s a pretty affordable
so take a look into it now I didn’t know now if you’re not familiar with like
vintage lens manufacturers especially in Japan there’s like 201 back in a day and
I it’s kind of money like Hoya Tokina Kenko like there’s a whole history on
these lenses that I would like to make some video of sometime in the future but
it’s best not to think about it right now now if you can’t find the Hoya HMC
that’s like oh yeah multi-coated if you can find the lens you can also try
looking for the Konica Hexanon 28 millimeter 3.5 that one is much more
easy to find I think and if you’ve never heard of Konica that’s fine if you just
dive into vintage lenses there are some other noteworthy mentions like the Takumar 28mm f3.5 today angle start to get kind of pricey the better they are and
not as pricy as modern lenses or pricier than $50 and we’re trying to keep it
under $50 a lot of these older wide-angle lenses especially at 28
millimeters only have like 5 iris blades and that kind of makes the bouquet not
look as creamy as other ones but like the Hoya HMC actually has six of them so
that’s one good thing has going for it and the Konica is actually like super
sharp it’s slower I mean 3.5 but if you’re a landscape shooter and I’m
assuming most of you are going to be using this for landscapes then 3.5 which
is not really a problem even for Street is still pretty good especially the
Pentax probably the cheapest I think but uh see a pretty good deal moving on to
30 millimeter I would keep my eye out for the Pentacon 30mm f3.5 now I would not
look for this lens on eBay because a lot of people are trying to set it for like
$200 but it’s actually quite Ubiquiti especially at keep you in Europe you
probably find this in a shop for like 20 dollars so if you’re in Europe
you got to leg up keep an eye out for the pentacon 30 millimeter 3.5 and yeah
just uh if you’re interested look into it do some research don’t just buy it
because I mentioned it moving on to the 35 millimeter
and there’s actually where you get lots of variety and some of them can and some
of them can actually get kind of pricey too but my pet is going to be on the
Minolta MC Rokkor 35 millimeter f2.8 now this one’s actually around $45 at the
moment so if you pay for the shipping you might go a little bit higher but
there’s actually so many 35 millimeters you know it’s it’s not easy coming up
with this list if for some reason you can’t find the Minolta MC 35mm you’re
pretty you’re probably going to find the Super Takumar 35mm 3.5 now it is slower
but it’s right within the budget range and there are other lenses out there
like I said if I didn’t mention your lens
many of these vintage lenses are actually going up in price because like
so many people are buying the mirrorless camera so there are they’re starting to
learn about adapting old lenses so I would probably hurry up out there and
get one before the price shoots up if you’re interested in this lens like I
said don’t just buy because I mentioned it oh yeah that’s a Minolta MC 35
millimeter 2.8 and the Super Takumar 35 millimeter f3.5 Takuma will be much
cheaper I think there’s also an honorable mention there is the Russian
lens 37 millimeters it’s the MiR 1B me one bit it’s kind of hard I don’t
really know how to say the Russian pronunciation but in English it’s the
mir one bee and actually this lens can be found for around $40 at the lowest on
average it’s on $60 but you can find it for like 40 bucks once again if you’re
like in Russia and Europe you can find it quite easily it’s actually like
supposed to be a copy of one of those Zeiss lenses the Flektogon
is actually quite pricey so that’s why it’s not here on the list
anyway smeared one way or mirror a gene with a gene bit I don’t know I don’t
know I’m sure there’s like some Russian viewers out there who can correct me
because I don’t really know and I want to know how to say it correctly next up
is the Konica Hexanon 40 millimeter f1.8 now this little lens actually has
kind of a cult following and the price has been going up quite quickly like
more and more people are using it like I said there’s a whole coat of users out
there who like swear by this lens I mean I think even Mathieu made a few
with these things but right now it’s around forty to sixty I’ve seen it go up
as high as $90 so if you find that in the marketplace like vintage stores
you’re probably going to get a very cheap you try getting on eBay is
probably going to be pricier but if you just keep your eye out on it the price
goes down to like $40 more or less for these lenses some of them have different
mount types so it’s up to you to find out which mount the lens is using so you
can convert it to your camera but yeah Konica hexanon 40 millimeter f1.8 quite
sharp little lens and 40s closer to 80 I can see than 50 so check it out before
the prices skyrocket now we get to the 50 millimetres and actually there’s
there are so many 50 millimeters out there like there’s more 50s than any one
can count I myself have like at least 10 of them
not counting the autofocus ones like the expensive autofocus ones that I used for
like really hardcore paid work but uh if I had to recommend one lens it might be
the pentacon 50 millimeter 1.8 now if you’re an American you probably never
heard it from practica if you’re in Europe you can get this lens really
cheaply I got mine for 15 bucks and if you’re in the States I wouldn’t hesitate
to buy one from Europe you know it might takes a few weeks to come over but
ultimately it’s quite worth it like I say it’s like $15 maybe another
time with shipping you walk into a vintage store you might find one there
pretty much everywhere I even found some when I went vintage lens hunting here in
Seoul but anyways check out the practica pentacon 50mm 1.8 there’s like four
different variations of them but they’re all kind of the same so I wouldn’t worry
too much about that there’s other lenses that I would keep my eye out for for
example the Domiplan 50 millimeter 2.8 that one can be around 30 bucks I see
them all the time on eBay it’s a really simple lens and quite some quite lovely
images you know I’m part of the vintage lens Facebook group and they’re always
posting pictures from these 50s because they’re like the most they’re like the
ones everybody uses like all the vintage lens shooters so keep an eye out for it
the Domiplan 50 millimeter 2.8 there’s also the iJena Tessar I know in English
should be like Jena Tessar but like we don’t want to anglicize everything is
the Janna Tessa and that one I’ve also seen on eBay for like 40 bucks I have
too many 50s and I’ve saw enough getting any more 50s except for one that I bid
on just right now but anyways that one’s more on that one later anyway keep an
eye out for the janitor sir you’re not Jena Tessar 50 millimeter f2.8
another one to keep an eye out for and I’ve mentioned it in one of my videos is
the Industar 50-2 it’s actually another Russian copy like a of a Zeiss
Tessar forget which one exactly it’s a 15
millimeter f3.5 screw little pancake lens I got mine for $8 straight from Russia
or Ukraine I forgot which country exactly or just a note if you’re
ordering a lens from online I would probably bet my money on getting one
from Ukraine not from Russia because Russia is a big place might get lost in
the mail plus a lot of these Russian lenses people just buy the cameras in
bulk or find these boxes with a bunch of lenses in them and then they just kind
of ship them as is I found I found that if you order lenses from Ukraine like
usually get them faster they’re usually much better condition and the price is
just a little bit better but anyways in the starter 52
nice little cheap lens and I would keep my out for these lenses for the 55
millimeter lenses I would definitely recommend the SMC Takumar 55 millimeter
f1.8 I have quite a few videos with these lens a lot of street shooting videos it
is radioactive oh and the reason I didn’t mention these the Super Takumar
50 millimeter 1.4 it’s because the price has actually been going much higher if
you can get it under $50 I would get it but like these days it’s like around 80
$90 but still like one of my favorite lenses both of these are radioactive you
know the SMC Takumar 55 millimeter f1.8 but man is it really really lovely I
mean what a lens and some people have gotten it I didn’t tell him to get it
but I guess they sign enough videos where I use it and they’re in love with
it so awesome lens you probably get it around 30 bucks it’s really your BIC WA
tiss like there are so many Pentax cameras that come with this then and I
have no doubt that you will find this lens really easily whether it be online
or in a marketplace more lenses that are 55 millimeters the cosinon 55
millimeter f1.7 I got one for like 13 bucks huge bulky balls just little
contributing but usually 55 and 58 are better than 50 s just keep your eye out
for those two lenses there are under 30 bucks not just 50 so great lenses keep
it right out from 58 millimeters I think everyone is familiar with the
Helios 44-2 – lets see Helios 58 millimeter f2 now it’s supposed to be like
a copy of the Zeiss Biotar quite honestly I find it a little bit even though it is
kind of made out of steel it’s kind of shaky / flimsy when you rotate I think
every copy I’ve used it’s like that but I can’t deny that it makes great
pictures and I really don’t care so much but build as much as I care about the
final image the real bottle is like hundred bucks but you can get the hell
yours for like forty dollars these days they used to be much cheaper like 20 but
YouTube made them pretty popular especially with like indie filmmakers
and all that so I’m sure if you check Craigslist you probably find someone
selling it that’s the Helios 44 – now when it comes
to 85 millimeters to be honest they’re all kind of really expensive like I
don’t know there is such a thing as a terrible or a bad 85 millimeter maybe
the young nor right cheap and plastic so I’m gonna recommend the cheapest lens
that I know which is actually better than even some higher priced lenses it’s
the it’s another russian lens is a Jupiter 9 f2 it’s got some really lovely bokeh I
actually have a video coming up on that one pretty soon if you find any lens
that is 85 millimeters for less than 100 bucks I would probably get it because
there are really expensive and the Jupiter goes anywhere from like $90 like
150 I’ve even seen them go up to a like $300 they’re not worth that much they do
produce some really wonderful images and it’s worth the wait you know just uh if
you need an 85 millimeter another option would be to just get a zoom lens older
vintage zoom lens kind of all suck you know like pretty much all of them
although the vivitar series ones are pretty good I think
but anyways all zoom lenses suck they’ve been getting better with time and you
find any 85mm under 50 bucks or even under 100 you should probably
get it because they’re all really good even like the off brands like the
so-called crappy brands like so League or those go for like 300 bucks so yeah
pretty much 85 millimeters are all really expensive when it comes to 100
and 105 that’s actually a focal length that I like pretty much never use I
don’t even have a lens for them so I can’t recommend anything without having
used it for a while and I don’t want to be one of those channels we’d recommend
stuff without using it so we’re gonna skip 100 and 105 and we’re gonna go
straight into 135 millimeter now when it comes to 135 millimeters
there are so many so many so many choices and there are they cannot be
really cheap as well I’m gonna go with a very underrated lens caught the Raynox 135mm f2.8 I actually heard about
this lens in the classic photography with classic lens podcast it’s a really
awesome podcast and they were talking about this lens you really piqued my
interest so I went online and I found it for like 10 bucks from Germany if you
find it for a really low price I would get it I don’t think I would pay more
than $30 for this lens but it really has like some really weird poke like in the
podcast they can stay kind of stain it as a wet on wet bouquet or whatever that
means it looks more like bouquet that’s been
water colored and then kind of like pressed with your
fingers a little bit more it’s really strange I got it for 10 bucks the Raynox 135mm f2.8 other
vintage lenses other 100 135 side you should keep your eye out for the
cheapest one and probably most vigorous is probably the SMC TakuMar 135 f3.5 I
got that one for like $15 and every time I look for a camera online like in
auctions many of them have this lens like just as an extra you know and a lot
of people don’t like to book on the lens but it’s actually really small compact
and I like to book it to be honest even though some people find it kind of noisy
small light one hundred thirty-five millimeter 3.5 great deal the rain ox
135 millimeters 2.8 if you can find it because it is kind of hard to find you
should get it another one to keep your eye out for is the vivitar 135 2.8 now
not just any Vivitar there’s a there’s actually many different one get the one
get the vivitar come in a that one is like all black you can probably find
this thing for about 20 bucks I don’t get the one with the chrome on the front
that they call it the chrome nose stay away from that one because there’s a lot
of variation with these old lenses like I can make a whole video about that but
if you get the vivitar get the one made by Komine it’s gonna say right there
under then it should be all black you should get for like $20 anyways these
are my recommendations for lenses vintage lenses under $50 some of them
kind of fluctuate in price like the mere 1v the rest of them usually can be found
under these under the $50 price range you know maybe not the Konica Hexanon 40 millimeter 1.8 because that one is going up in price I would jump on that
ship pretty quickly if I were you if there was one lens from all of these
that I would recommend is that what price is going high and if you’re a
collector like me you want it more already have it but whatever anyways
this video is more as a push because I I have a website where I’m going to be
uploading videos talking about like old lenses and maybe gear but I don’t want
to upload those videos on my youtube channel because I don’t want my channel
about gear but I also recognize that many people probably can find
information on these older lenses that are that are basically forgotten about
so I want to make videos about them but I want to upload them on my website
along with my rant that I don’t upload on I don’t want to go to think of me
like that so uh if you’re interested in checking out the website check the links
below it’s called secret website and there’s not too much information on that
website yet but I’ll be filling it up little by little and I just changed my
website like from WordPress to Adobe portfolio so if you do go to my website
my portfolio it’s not updated yet those pictures are just kind of filler you
know they’re pretty good filters final notes don’t buy shit just gonna told you
maybe the chronica hexon on cuz it’s going up and if you’re interested in any
of these lenses I’m gonna be making one video about each lens on my other
website and on this one I will usually just do street photography videos and I
just use that one lens for the whole thing for recording them and for the
pictures and that way I don’t feel like I’m selling anything to anyone but yeah

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  2. My tip would be to talk to your family and friends, go to flea markets, or search for the mount, or focal length on ebay, don't search for the complete name, you will find better deals

  3. Not vintage, but I've been having fun with the Fujian 35mm f1.7. It's a crap CCTV lens, but a fun crap, almost a toy lens. A bit too soft on the center, forget the borders of the image and won't cover a full frame sensor. But cost me $25 with free international shiping.

  4. Fifties…yes same same gone crazy in 50mm L39 Canon 1.4, Super Takumar 1.4 Canon M converted Dream lens 0.95 ( Just a killer ) Pentacon 50mm Sony 55 1.8 ( modern ) Meyer Optic Trioplan 50mm ….yes. A few… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😡😡❤😌😌😌😌😌

  5. Great video Noelz…I have been using Flikr as pool of image examples in digital and film.
    Check me out: Chris Loomis/ Half Centurion. I shoot Alpha and Film.

  6. lenses nobody likes except me:

    opticam 135mm 2.8… 16 blades!?! $10

    opticam 35mm (stepless aperture on the front, cool look for video…) often available for $5…

    mamiya 85mm f2… if you can find one, i got one for $30!?!?

    industar 69 — the only wide pancake…

  7. $10 for a lens is insane man. My salad I ate yesterday was $12… noted, can sacrifice lunch for a lens. Your work ethic is always something to admire and respect man. Forward we march!

  8. I dont think I have a need for any of these lenses. It's cool to hear about them though. I might buy a couple just to try. So inexpensive! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Noe 🙃

  9. Thanks for the video, Noelz! I think I will buy Mir, it's available at my town. My favorite retro lenses are MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm f1.8

    and Jupiter 37A 135mm f3.5. I love colors and sharpness of them.

  10. I appreciate your (correct) German pronunciation of the Jena Tessar! 🙂 Zeiss is also pronounced differently here in Germany but I don't mind tbh 😀 Great video as always!

  11. The Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 is the later version of the Meyer Optik Görlitz Lydith 30mm f/3.5 (not to be confused by that new expensive "scam") when Meyer Optik Görlitz was taken over. Maybe that helps some people find those lenses by not mixing Pentacon and Lydith 🙂

  12. they're not exotic, but there are a lot of Nikkors that are fine lenses at moderate cost; on eBay you can find the Nikkor 105mm f:2.5 for around $50.

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