30 Replies to “Typography | Text Effect | Adobe Illustrator | Focus ( part 1 )”

  1. I don't understand why, when I select both the rectangle at the back and the one at the front (and later on the outlined shape), the path/intersect will cancel the shape in the background, leaving available just the intersected shape. I need to add an extra box every time so I don't loose the shape. I bet I'm doing something wrong, but just can't figure it out now…

  2. The pathfinder option to make the red square and the red square outline didnt work. It said to " please select to overlapping paths"

  3. Just out of interest… what was the reason you didn't use gradients to create the highlights and shadows on the candy cane?

  4. I love how your tutorials are fast and easy to understand at the same time. Wish you best luck! subscribed

  5. These tutorials are awesome. But can you add the shortcuts so its easier to follow? THANKS!! Great work.

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