TWICE TV “Feel Special” EP.06

A set where TWICE Feel Special MV is being filmed How can she so beautiful like this! / MINA has become a fairy in an enchanted forest Mysterious forest / The set where MINA shoots her solo scenes Rehearsing before the shooting Woosh Woosh Moving toward the center of the set The twinkling trees that will be loved by MINA / Fiddling Nodding Nodding / MINA is listening to how she is supposed to move while shooting Please come forward and act a little ~ / Sure~ MINA’s solo scene shooting begins How can her beauty shine like this and how does she make such a fantastic atmosphere from the beginning? Her perfect beauty draws attention Her goddess-like beauty makes everyone gape at her Worried about the weight of the dress / It’s heavy but I am fine ~ Professional idol, ultra-energetic Myoi MINA Poking Poking These twigs! MINA is surprised by the unexpected attack of twigs Nevertheless, she cannot take her eyes off the twigs Pretty MINA + Pretty background / Photo-time is a must The background helps a little / MINA’s is the biggest beauty of the set! Just watching her makes us smile / MINA’s cute joke lol lol I am okay as long as I can be with you twigs MINA fell in love with these twigs without recognizing it Smile 🙂 The shooting resumes Who cares about the background? / I can see nothing but MINA Her breathtaking beauty MINA’s great acting / A little sad and a little longing for something Break Time / MINA’s big laughter And photo-time resumes again Envy the leaves that take a photo with MINA Is MINA full of solely Be (beryllium)-Au (gold)-Ti (titanium)..? Her presence is Beautiful itself! You know what, ONCE? Overreacting… / If you put “Beautiful” into translator, you will get “MINA” The shooting continues Perfect acting just like her beauty MINA answers with a smile to the director’s OK sign Stars are whirling on the golden plate / Phew.. Whirl Whirl Shooting is Ready / OK All-set / Nodding Nodding MINA’s solo shooting scene is almost done MINA, you shall not reveal that you are an angel so easily like this Excited just by looking at her / Finish with perfect acting End of MINA’s solo shooting scene! + Bonus footage / MINA’s Feel Special solo dance Murmuring / Matchless dance moves White Swan’s perfect posture Q. What is the concept of your MV scenes? / I am in the forest Woosh Woosh I lost my way like Alice in Wonderland I am shooting a scene to encounter CHAEYOUNG MINA makes ONCE’s heart race Holding hands tightly / appears with MINA Hello, all ~ They enter like The entrance of groom & bride / lol lol Groom CHAEYOUNG SON Bride MYOI MINA Automatic exclamation / OMG ~ so pretty ~ Ah~ so pretty / She can’t help but compliment MINA’s beauty Bride & groom enter the MV shooting set 324% value of possession – It is a must-have. The baby beast is in awe owing to this amazing photo / Wow~ Code Blue Alert! / Hey guys, it is beauty beyond description / Wow wow A masterpiece-like photo MINA is sending a signal / Zapping Cheerful break time with CHAEYOUNG / Ha ha I am here to film the scene of meeting MINA Zapping zapping zapping / lol I find MINA A forest made by CHAEYOUNG …?! Someone is there It is MINA / CHAEYOUNG finds MINA to be a special being So I smile ‘teehee!’ Sending SIGNAL Sending SIGNAL / Zapping Connection complete MINA and CHAEYOUNG are too pretty Rehearsing before shooting / MINA & CHAEYOUNG burst into laughter as soon as they see each other / lol lol The shooting begins lol lol lol / Can’t help but laugh as soon as she sees CHAEYOUNG’s face Even while acting seriously … lol lol lol / Even when she acts seriously … she bursts out laughing No matter hard she tries to hold it … lol / lol he he lol It is our first time smiling at each other while looking into each other’s eyes “I feel a little sad and cheesy” lol Embarrassed //ㅅ// CHAEYOUNG could not look directly at MINA’s eyes We looked at different places Embarrassed Embarrassed We tried really hard ~ Good mood and good acting. Will it be..OK? lol lol / NO! They burst out laughing! NO! You are doing great! Good job! We really like that pretty smile ♥ / lol MINA is worried about the continuing laughter / What should I do?? They act seriously They are not laughing anymore They face each other / MINA and CHAEYOUNG are sharing their feelings The last MV, we shot FANCY MV with a girl-crush concept We looked cool in all-black outfits This time, we dress like dolls / MINA is prettier than a doll I am so happy to shoot MV with wearing a dress. 100% satisfied with the set I think our MV will come out very pretty MINA and CHAEYOUNG are approaching to each other MINA & CHAEYOUNG act with looking at each other comfortably They exchange warm smile to heal each other’s wound MINA looks at CHAEYOUNG with her warm sunshine-like smile The most perfect and beautiful shot This MV, I think it has taken the longest time to shoot among all MVs we have taken MINA is looking forward to seeing the final version because it will be the best of all I hope ONCE also looks forward to watching it. A new set + a new outfits / MOMO is exchanging feelings with her lion friend Pat Pat / MOMO is so into the lion friend Pretty / And a baby beast is passing in front of it in a free and easy mood CHAEYOUNG is standing in front of a clock / Watching around Rattling Ah! To the opposite A mischievous baby beast is turning the time backward Do you know what time it is now? (Ah… CHAEYOUNG changed the time..) 7 o’clock 7 o’clock Confidently saying it is 7 o’clock Sorry we could not protect you, TOFU T_T / A time fairy makes a wrong guess Grin with satisfaction / A wrecker who pulled the leg of the time fairy Q. Please guess what it is for. 1. Eye 2. Cell phone 3. Mustache 4. Hairpin 5. Eyebrow The answer is … drumroll 6. Earring / Ta da Preheat the excitement booster Vroom Vroom / Increase the tension before shooting TZUYU’s beauty never ends The most graceful wave mp4. Finally, all TWICE members are here The scene that all nine members will shoot together Even before shooting / The Peach Sisters are already excited Shall we dance? Okay, I like that. Let’s lighten up the mood with that. No, we did not intend to lighten it up. We are always like this / Woo ♥ Wiggling / Ah… it is just her regular tension.. The excitement of the oldest but acting youngest is burning up / lol It starts with filming all nine members The beginning is placid, much less than expected / Gently rustling Let’s go ~~ Hahaha / NAYEON ignites the excitement booster engine The oldest but acting youngest lightens up the mood Whisper of devil 1 Let’s play, guys ~ Whisper of devil 2 Let’s play, MINA ~ Let’s play, MINA ~ / lol Make it more excited ~ / You can be more excited I have waited for that / Vroom Vroom (Don’t be too excited..) I’m taking song requests / Please play itzy ~ Peep peep / Here are the Peach Sisters. Make way Getting more excited with the fun music The best scene-stealers, NAYEON&MOMO Unlike younger sisters showing elegant, restraint beauty and graceful charms The Peach Sisters do what they want to do / My life, my way Boom Boom Rustling Rustling Finally, SANA gets excited as well Don’t forget.. the hot girl.. NAYEON LIM is out of this world. Catch me if you can Finishes with a wink No one can beat NAYEON SANA begins to mimic magpie You are so good Chattering sound Chattering sound Chattering sound Total chaos The eldest magpie tells everyone to be quiet / Be quiet! Stop that! Go away! Be quiet! Go away! JEONGYON needs to express her emotions in this mess. JEONGYEON is super concentrated while acting On the other hand Excited and noisy Jolly_TWICE #Amazing #Proud #Cool / JEONGYEON is acting great in the middle of this mess Until the end of shooting / TWICE is doing the best OK! The end~ Claps with excitement “Thank you very much ~” Selfie time to celebrate the end of the MV shooting For all moments that “Feel Special” The end of TWICE MV was happy shooting because we had all 9 members.

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  1. To mina I hope you see this. It's good too see you smile. But please be happy and health. Peoples voice doesn't matter when theyre just trying to hurt you and not understand you. 3 out of 10 people will hate but theres 7 people left that will love and support you. So don't take the 3 people words and turn your world upside. Take as much time off as you like, a true fan will wait.



  4. This episode is the second to reach the million views, despite having no subtitles.

    You can tell how much the Once cherish Mina and this concept fits her so well!

    She looks like a princess, really beautiful.



  5. Hands down Mina is the face of twice. Her beauty transcends. I mean they are all beautiful but Mina is captivating. Plus she speaks so quietly it makes me pay attention more. Hope you get 100% better my beautiful penguin.

  6. Mina didn’t smile and talk too much in other episodes, it made me feel sad. It’s not the real Mina. GetWellSoonMina

  7. 2:04 "Envy the leaves that take a photo with Mina" Yes, I do envy them
    2:13 "If you put 'Beautiful' into translator, you get Mina"
    I honestly am a fan of the person that edits these videos and makes such comments

  8. we love you mina 💞💕💘💗💗💓💞💝💞💓💓💕💘💖💞💝💞💕💓💓💖💘💕💘💗💓💞💝💕💞💕💓💝💗💖💘💕💕💖

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