Hey guys, so in today’s video, I’m just gonna be doing a quick video on how I render lips So I got a disclaim. This is not a guide on how to draw them Or get the shapes or anything necessarily it’s moreso just getting that high gloss effect it’s something that I’ve been requested to do a tutorial on for quite some time now and I finally…… Got over my fear of trying to do a voiceover tutorial. And so this is my first attempt. Please have mercy lol So jumping right into the video You see here that I just put a basic outline to give me a rough idea of the shape of the lips Then as you can see, I proceeded to put a base color down. I always like to put like a base down So that there’s no transparency underneath When I start rendering I used to just start rendering on top of everything and I forgot to put a base down and so sometimes When I would hide layers, there would be this weird Inconsistency in the transparency, and I know it’s probably like a beginner thing But I just figured I’d point it out because I used to not do it and it would be like a huge mistake Moving forward I begin to block out the gray tones in the lips So the skin will have a lighter gray The lips will have a darker gray and the inside of the lips will have an even darker gray. So it kind of just simplifies things From a beginning standpoint before you start adding more and more detail. It just slowly builds up So far I’ve established the main values that distinguish the parts of your lips for myself Now I can move on to detail and adding lower tones of gray. Let’s read the other ones that I’ve previously established By the way, this is another preference shield thing, but I like to merge my render Layer with my line art layer because I like the messy not everyone who is into this But it’s just something I tend to do. So if you see me do that, that is why Continually rendering just making sure that you add shadow into places. It’s appropriate to give depth to the lips make sure you put shadow at the top of the lips and then at the bottom and Even one right above the teeth the part that’s under the lip because you want to give off the illusion of depth Don’t forget to do that guys So after continuing with my favorite blocking brush that I typically use which by the way you can find in the description box below I began to switch to the default airbrush tool to blend out the values and soften them because you don’t want them to be too harsh and let’s I mean That’s the look you’re going for it, but I’m not so I start to smooth out my values at this stage Sometimes when I feel like my values are getting too harsh in one place I’ll take an airbrush and I will just do an entire like medium gray wash over the entire thing To kind of even it out a little bit if there’s too much contrast because sometimes when I leave too much contrast Once I apply color the values can start looking muddy and no one wants that. I mean unless you do know like Yeah, but choppy or not that ain’t that ain’t the way you go at this point? You can see I’m starting to add more highlights I usually try to reserve adding highlights to be one of the like last things I do Because it’s really important to get that super hyper gloss effect that I love so much making sure I put it around the Cupid’s bow of the lips and the lower part of the mouth of the creases of the lips on the sides It can really create like a dramatic effect and help distinguish the lips from the rest of the face there’s also little details like highlighting the bottom of the teeth because teeth have a sort of I would say subsurface scattering to them or like a it’s like You know when you put something up to light and you can see through it a little bit or it has like a glow Teeth have that so when I draw teeth I usually put like a harsh white highlight near the bottoms of them to kind of give off that Effect a little bit and sometimes exaggerate it This point I’m just softening up the values more and adding more depth We’re trying to push out the shape of the lips by adding more highlight in the middle parts of the lips Jew Gentile black man white We all want to help one. Another human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness. Not by each other’s misery We don’t want to hate and despise one another in this world has room for everyone. The good earth is rich And so for my very favorite part of drawing pretty much eyes and lips really is the highlights I just start a new layer and I turned the hardness all the way up on my brush I turned the pressure settings off and I just draw with a tapered brush so I Typically just take my blocking brush and I just turn on shape dynamics to make it pointed you can use the default Pointed brush as well if you want to for this. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just my preference And then you just put selective highlights in certain parts of the lips that you want to emphasize. You don’t want to use- Too many I think the less you use the glossier the lips can appear in certain areas And obviously like having a reference of glossy lips is helpful to have on the side. I had one as well For checking how I highlighted the lips. In addition to the first pass of gloss highlights I created with the 100% opacity- harsh highlight I created a second layer with a softer highlight and then I cut it to create a sharp contrast between the rest of the lips and you can see That when I use the airbrush and then erase parts of it off and it just creates like a really nice gradient on certain parts of the lips or you want to create that highlight and Then from this point on I use my usual colouring process, which I’ll probably be making a whole other video for that basically, I use gradient maps on top of color and No, I don’t rely on just one blending mode for the color. So Please keep that in mind when you color this method you don’t have to just use the literal blending mode “color” You can use various ones and layer them on top of each other to keep the colors from looking dead And that’s what I do typically And so further on at this point I’m kind of just going back after seeing what the thing looks like with color on top of it and Adding values as I see fit and correcting them and whatnot Jew Gentile black man white We all want to help one. Another human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness. Not by each other’s misery We don’t want to hate and despise one another in this world is room for everyone. The good earth is rich And I kind of liked the bleeding fade that the color looks like on the lips So I kind of left it like that on purpose. I Personally like it and I chose like an orange color because it’s summer cuz why not? So yeah that I think concludes my lip tutorial. I hope it was helpful I would appreciate any feedback. You guys might have for me on how to improve at these in the future Because again, this was my first attempt. So I am a little nervous. I won’t lie But yeah, thank you so much for watching and see you next time


  1. Super helpful and learned new things! I'll try to use this in my art! Your voice over was clear and understandable and your voice was comfortable to listen to, really. It was a shame that the video was blurred even tho turned up to 1080p, was it intented? Either way, I'm looking forward to your next video tutorial!

  2. I’m glad you’ve gotten over that fear because this helped so much!!! Thank you 🙏🏽 You are amazing!! ❤️

  3. This is a wonderful tutorial! I really like that you explain why you choose to do certain things a certain way, it just gives me more information abt it and I like that. Honestly can't wait for a color tutorial (if you ever do feel like making one) cuz I just started coloring in greyscale, and I really like how your drawings pop so much even tho it started in greyscale. I dont fully understand it all, and a tutorial from you would be amazing :9

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to more of these. Your coloring process is really neat. I'd asked about it before in stream 😛

  5. Maika for your first voiceover tutorial, this is dope! It's very helpful and you sound like a natural—please do more!

  6. YOU ARE GREAT. As an artist, making tutorials or whatever, THIS is so useful!! thanks a lot for having the guts to talk in a video, it really helps understanding everything, plus your voice ROCKS! <3

  7. I love you and everything you do
    Please do a tutorial like this for how to color the skin 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Hi Maika, congratulations on taking the first steps in branching out. I think the video was good for what it was, but in the future i might advise not having lyrics in the background music, because it was competing with what you were saying for some parts. Also just for terms of content, I find that art education or tutorials is slowly drifting away from the "How to draw 'x'." to a more universal methods of explaining techniques instead. i think you could offer some perspective of how to use color and value to depict rendering form or on how to use gradient maps. I believe a tutorial on technique will better help you and others understand how you work.

    To give you an example, if someone is looking to you of how to paint a character, but you're releasing it in parts like lips, eyes, nose. It would be difficult to grasp each individual aspect and each part of the faces the draw would vary due to partial tutorials. I think foundation knowledge could push both you and your audience further. Instead of facial features, think proportion and shape language. Instead of Single anatomy, think form, gesture, and balance.

    I believe you know all these things already, but breaking it down to a fundamental level that both you and your viewers can understand would push you further. I believe in you and wish you well on this endeavor. Remember that true failure is not in the falling down, but in the staying down. keep pushing forward to accomplish you goals and dreams!

    P.S. your mic and voice are both fine. your voice sounds strange to you because you're hearing it at a different perspective than your use to hearing it while you speak. the more you do it you will get used to it. everyone has this concern with their voice, i hope you can overcome this.

  9. Oh I would love a tutorial on how you color because I've never figured out how to color a grayscale image in Photoshop to my satisfaction. Like you said my colors look sad and dead.

    Thank you for this video it is gorgeous and incredibly helpful! I liked your voice.

  10. Thank you so much for your showing your process and including the brushes. Will definitely be looking at your other vids.

  11. I love how casual yet helpful your voiceover is in this, just the right amount of descriptiveness and personality. Hopefully you will feel encouraged to do some more stuff like this when you have time.

  12. i love how much you explain! you don't just let us look and go 'well like that', and it's super helpful. that's where i tend to just… tap out of tutorials. like i can /see/ what ur doing, but i want/need to /understand/. so thanks v much for that!! this is awesome & i love the way you use grayscale & colour both. (i wanna use gradient maps so bad now.) are you interested in doing a tut on using gradient maps?
    happy drawing!
    (also your speech is clear & relaxed which is also very pleasant & helpful.)

  13. this tutorial was super helpful!
    i just bought your PS brush pack today and that was the best $1 i'd ever spent!

    thank you for sharing your talent with the world, and thank you for the simple and easy to follow instructions!

  14. Life's not fair. Those are beautiful lips and I draw a line and I'm like yep that's a mouth. I went through a phase where everything I drew had no lips

  15. Thank you for the tutorial! They are really helpful, do you think you could do one on the basics of drawing a face in different angles?

  16. Thankyou for this. I myself attempt anime with photorealism characteristics and high contrast gradients with cel shading for my webcomic. Id like to keep some of the anime characteristics but add more photorealism into the mix while still maintaining the balance of the aesthetic altogether. This vid helped a lot. Ill try this out on CSP. Looking forward to future works and tutorials alike from you :3

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