Turning Thrift Store JUNK into ART!

this video is brought to you by Squarespace Hey what are you guys doing out here see how much money I have in my wallet twenty five six seven twenty seven bucks rich man wait I got some Sacajawea golden dollars 27 28 29 30 30 I have 31 dollars let's go to the thrift store okay all right so I got thirty dollars in my pocket plan is to go to a thrift store try and turn thirty dollars into a thousand dollars by getting some thrift store junk and turning it into some artwork so we're on our way to some thrift stores see what kind of treasures we can find we'll see how far we can stretch this $30 this is the section I like to go to all the knickknacks and doodads maybe not only can I turn 30 dollars in two thousand dollars but you can also save more money head time that one yeah oh look at this train CD with a ham on that venue ten minutes all we have is a hedgehog so far just gonna keep searching maybe have to hit another thrift store and figure it out stretch this $30 how much is the snowboard $9.99 that could be fun the snowboard is a maybe so we're at $4.99 no boarding the Hedgehog yeah cool look at that giant poo in the toy section basketball friend they destroy dog toys he's gonna be like earbud football baseball basketball we're training him up for his movie career he was at a ping-pong paddle I could paint that I need one worth taking a smooth side they all have they don't have one with the smooth side oh I have leather paints I could do like a sweet championship belt I've always wanted a bag of dinosaurs and hunting punching bag Jenko Wolverine is he's so bootleggin like that I love his little claws look at this gin sling if I was Wolverine we have to get that janky Wolverine moist that bunny is moist if any of the bunnies were gonna be moist it would be that one yeah that's value building I've only used about half my budget it's cute all right so we have five six seven eight nine ten 14:21 remaining I'd only really want to buy one more thing because I got actually we can make it a good one all right off to the next ship gonna get an accident just excited by art and all the possibilities we can come down here and do some bootleg green screen here's some modern art somebody really put that together old school sure mixer this thing just looks awesome sweet x-men number one Detective Comics number 27 they do Batman you think you what the big panky just thinking about that big so we're not really finding anything here might go to another one there now we're just shopping for salad bowls I think so all we got is balls and balls a little blow ball ball ball so we're gonna go to another thrift shop I need to find one more thing George is getting luckier than us trippy mane hit it trippy mane horses that means else we should put these on a shelf right when you come in the house remember the bent neck lady from Hill House so I think I'm gonna paint the blade of this knife $3.99 I wish I had some meat cleavers but this is the biggest knife they have so I'll get that five six seven eight nine and then about a dollar in coins so I still that 10 bucks those 20 dollars I think I'm done shopping that's enough to get Chelsea some blood all right so I'm back from the thrift store I got this knife $3.99 I got this Hedgehog piggy bank $4.99 and I got this snowboard and this was $9.99 so I think I spent after tax and everything around 21 bucks and now I'm gonna try and make some art out of this stuff I don't know what I've gotten myself into but let's go ahead and get started see if we can turn this thrift store junk into works of art hopefully it doesn't suck all right let's get these things off in here and I don't know what this is this thing looks som like goo residues I'm just trying to get that off a probably sanded still trying to get this go off of here so I'm gonna hit it with some acetone see how that goes all right let's go and throw some spray paint on this board got the board kind of cleaned up and sanded down all right the snowboard is spray-painted now let's get a base layer going on this Hedgehog and then we'll move on to the knife and see what we can do all right so got my Hedgehog here I think the plan is to spray paint in one solid color and then bring back in the face bring back in the feet turn them into a little weird trippy character I guess all right the Hedgehog is rocking and rolling snowboard is rocking and rolling let's get onto that knife that knife y'all all right let's take this thing up the time is not on my side so I'm gonna grab my blow dryer and try to blow dry them hedgehogs so I can start working let's go Georgie boy I've also got my knife sitting out in the Sun so it can dry a little quicker son he actually might as well put my snowboard out here to remove cranking some standing Gardens out here but for now it makes a great snowboard holder alright let's get to work on his hedgehog he's blue he's like sonic even the healing factor of Wolverine is no match for Georgie I'm gonna 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of the smallest paintings I've ever done so we'll see how I want to approach this looks pretty cool already loving that alright let's dive in it with a layer of this satin glazing liquid so it's a little more friendly with my acrylic paint when I started sketching this knife at first I just sat there staring and staring and staring at the knife for like ten minutes not being able to think of anything and then I thought to myself this thing's kind of dark and sharp and dangerous and just got me thinking I don't know the movie The Shining just popped into my head it's one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite directors Stanley Kubrick there's a part in the movie where Wendy the wife is kind of trying to defend herself with the kitchen knife and I just figured that was my idea I'm gonna just do a little shining homage and I love that movie then when I started sketching it I was like yeah I don't know if I can do this I suck I'm not that good at portraits and I almost just gave up on it but stuck with it and then I feel like it turned out pretty cool it's really interesting working this small his face is like the size of two quarters I did it all with one tiny little brush but this was actually one of the most fun pieces of thrift store junk I worked on I had a great time doing this knife right it's time to beat this snowboard this thing is a weird shape it's gonna be hard to work on it so long but honest I'm right in I guess [Applause] my things sketched out and I think I want to go look like a real monochromatic kind of a heavy graphic style on this one cut throws back to an older art style I used to do a lot more time to revisit that and see how it goes [Applause] all right it's day two finished two and a half pieces of art yesterday not bad got to finish the snowboard I'm gonna be dropping on some black lines with these fabric Castel India ink markers this is like harkening back to the old style of art I used to do I used to do a lot of like fill colors and then almost like just draw on my painting I'm gonna drop in my black line art and then use that as a guide to start bringing in different values of this teal and hopefully just make this super like bold illustrative style on here that I'm really a big fan of I don't do it as much anymore I do the fully rendered paintings now more often but it's RIT this is a really fun style I like doing it a lot so let's jump into it day 2 trying to finish this snowboard this piece is like a true freestyle piece just doodling and just going for it whatever comes out of my mind is what ends up on the painting playing around a lot with the complementary colors of teal and orange two of my favorite colors love the way those colors interact I love doing compositions with lots of characters lots of interactive and overlapping elements bunch of characters all kind of twisting and winding their way together it represents community to me it represents the fact that no man is an island and some of the most important things that we can do in this life is connect with people our friendships and those that we love are a true meter of how what an impact we can have in this world to me these character mashups represent that very important aspect of life it's important to have friends and it's important to spread your love and to create beauty in the world around you so lots of my art features just tons of interacting and intertwining and overlapping characters remember I had 10 bucks left over at the end found some snowboard wall hangers for $9.99 so now whoever buys this snowboard I'll throw some wall hangers in with it the card from whom you notice that little extra touch goes a long way alright I think I'm done with the art you guys want to check it out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well that's it thank you so much for watching I finished three pieces of art in like two days that was super fun the thrift store challenge I think was a great success if you liked this video leave a like consider subscribing to my youtube channel and you can even ring that bell if you want to know exactly when the next video is coming out thank you so much to Squarespace for sponsoring this video check out the link down in the description if you want 10% off your first purchase through Squarespace you use all these paintings are available right now on my website ten hundred art.com so if you're interested in one go check it out there's also a bunch of t-shirts and hats and hoodies and socks and iron-on patches and stickers and all kinds of sweet ten hundred merch over there so check out my website if you wanna you know I'm kind of interested did you guys like the snowboard the best the knife the best or the Hedgehog piggy bank the best let me know down in the comments which piece of art you thought was the coolest I'm not sure I'm kind of like I like them all but maybe I'm leaning towards the knife just because it's really unique the snowboard is prettier I don't know they're all cool to me I'm happy with how it turned out check out my patreon if you want to support me on a monthly basis help make these videos keep coming out there's a bunch of behind the scenes stuff that you can't get anywhere else on there so you can support me for as little as two dollars a month over on patreon and get a bunch of cool perks that you can't get anywhere else that's it leave like leave a comment thank you so much for watching really really appreciate you guys I'll catch you on the next one what kind of crazy art are we gonna do next thanks so much yeah summer I travel in November I travel in December I can't change my name for months it's been actually two years I can't change my name all right we're talking about changing my last name we've been married for two years does the old Genki last name how about too much because I need my ID like every day I need my passport every time we go out of months and gloom to sleep and now I'm going through a surgery they're not gonna let me change my name before look there's too much information it's just like the size of this guy's head and compared to his body to save the day our heads are tiny and our bodies are huge what the heck is up with you some jock in the crack yeah yeah yeah I knew them all up in your papa's why would you call it a jack in the crack instead of crack in the box I don't know that's what my dad used to call it Jack in the crack crack in the box backgrounds with Jack Krak in the box is right – it was crackin that food yeah sure Jack in the crack sighs I don't know that's what he called it Jack in the crack I don't know that's what that's just what you know my dad right that probably is a porno name

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  1. 👋🏻 Hello! You my friend are very talented. I think I like the knife the best, it’s cool cause of the subject matter and it’s on a knife! You can’t get more cool than that! But I do like all three. They are all very nice. ❤️💜💚

  2. I wouldn’t say you turned $30 into $1000 more like $21 into $200 the snowboard is probably the most expensive and you could probably get $125-$150

  3. I had given up on art and this dude got me back into it!!!! Thanks man!

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