Trying to take FINE ART classic PORTRAITS with a model and the Godox AD400 for the first time

well then welcome to in a video so I'm still wearing my jacket I just got to the studio in about 45 minutes I'm expecting a model here and I'm going to take some beautiful yeah portraits off her but first I'm gonna see if I can get some fresh flowers to incorporate in the portrait so I'm gonna head over to the little and see if they got something for me so yeah I used to have a flower shop right next door to the studio but now it's like a clothing boutique so I'm walking through their little which is straight across from the studio okay so here we are I got these beautiful chips they were 2 euros and 99 cents they had like plain color juleps for two years and 20 cents these ones are multicolored I don't know yet how I'm gonna use them I have some dried lavender and some dry it's like greens as well that we could use just to make it a little bit more like a fine art got some cool dresses we don't have a makeup artist today so I think she did her own makeup a little bit I do have a curling iron here is today like in case we want to curl her hair so it's actually gonna be my first time meeting up with an adult as a model just to try out some different lighting techniques and you know just playing her out with my new godox 8,400 yeah that's the name so I'm gonna make sure that that studio looks a little bit better it's a little bit messy but it's okay and then we're gonna take some photos and I'm gonna show you how so that's cool so yeah I am still wearing my glasses because it's still the two weeks leading up to the thorough eye examination before my laser eye surgery so uh I feel a little bit strange still wearing glasses but um yeah it's okay anyway I'm gonna give these ones some water so today I'm going to be using the godox 8,400 both with this beauty disc and then maybe guys maybe with the front cover and then we got up so I wanted to bring I guess official high chair which I forgot so I'll probably just ever sit on the little bench throw makeup come yeah this softbox is really into your face so I have my lovely model here and we just took some photos with the softbox with the two diffusers on there and now I took the front one actually off and then her head is almost like inside of the softbox but it gives a really beautiful light I'm going to show you the difference in photos like with the front diffuser and without we're gonna go to the pink dress now with the same background I'm gonna put a digital overlay on the backdrop so it becomes more like a painting that's kind of the style I'm going for and yeah later on we're going to go to a darker background as well and then I'm going to try out the beauty disc as well but for now it's looking really great we're gonna change her hair as well because she still has lavender in her hair and we've got lemon derp everywhere right now on the floor so yeah time for some vacuuming okay so she's wearing the pink dress and I'm going to get the juleps and then we're going to do I mean I'm gonna braid her hair and see if we can use some tulips there okay so we just did the photos with the pink dress and the tulips and now I'm going to throw on the beauty disk keep the settings the same keep the background the same dress the same just to show you the difference okay so we're going to go to a darker background now I actually like the beauty disk better with the lighter background because it's just a little bit softer I'm going to show you the difference I'm gonna put the settings in the photo as well I'm the whole time I'm just working with one stroke no reflect there's no other soft boxes or lights I do have quite a lot of daylight here in the studio I'll put the settings in the photo and now we're gonna go to my darker background ok so now we've been taking photos with the dark background and the beauty disk and I'm going to change it with the softbox and then with the front of user and without just to show you the three different ways okay so it tooks different portraits with some different diffusers on the go doors as before I really liked using the lavender and the tulips I think reusing real flowers is really cool and even dried flowers I still have lavender everywhere on the floor so that's the downside it was really nice to take these serious portraits and I think they're like beautiful because they are in a sense a little bit like timeless more classical portraits you can make them like vintage looking they're just yeah more serious but I quite like it especially with like older kits as well teenagers they don't even want a smiling photos or they smile in their school photos and then here you create like a moodier atmosphere with the darker backgrounds you can do like textures overlays and your background to create this like painted effect and with the lighter background as well you can play with overlays here you see some photo straight out of the camera so they're unedited but I just want to show you the difference between using the softbox and the beauty disk and then using the softbox and the beauty disk with the front of user and without the front diffuser I quite like the beauty disc on the lighter background and then the softbox with the front diffuser on the darker background but I'm going to explore this more in the coming two shoots that I have with other models so I really hope you enjoyed watching this video I want to give a big thanks to my model thank you so it was for me the first time actually working with an adult model because I always only photograph kids or pregnant women or moms with kids so for me it's different as well so I have to you know get used to giving directions as far as like modeling and lowering the chin bring the chin higher where to place your hands how to place your hands so it's good for me to learn as well so this is a little bit of free work and I really enjoyed it so I really hope you enjoyed watching this I'm gonna get more models in the studio the coming weeks and I'm also going to record videos then so hopefully it'll be fun to watch thank you for watching please like subscribe leave your comments and then I'll see you in the College

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  1. I think the best model you have is yourself, you have natural elegance. I would love to see one of your proffessional photographer friends do a photo shoot with you as the model. I think the results would be stunning.!

  2. I think these lights are battery powered instead of cord. So may I know how long do they last in a session, like how many hours or if you need to change an extra battery during the session

  3. I love you videos Fenna! I love that you are so open and want to try new things…and you are not afraid of it! 👏 great! Could you tell me what you use to make your films? In terms of cutting and putting everything together? Can't wait for your next video 😊😊😊

  4. Great video. How hot do these lights get after a full session? Also, just something I thought might be pretty in the shots would be to add some ribbon to the flower stems, having them drape down. The photos are pretty without the ribbon too though. Love the dresses on your beautiful model. Lovely photos.

  5. Great stuff, Fenna! If I can make one suggestion that I find really useful for both of these light modifiers (I have them, too), is to get it much closer to your subject – nearly touching in regards to the parabolic softbox!

    You often have your speed lights/soft box very close to your babies, but here it seemed they were more than an arm's length away from your full-sized human 😁 Due to the way light is shaped by these, you get sharply defined shadows on the models face and backdrop. By getting the para-box closer, you feather the light around your model and the shadows aren't as sharp 🙏

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