42 Replies to “TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY – Part 2 [Camera Settings, Best Practices, 35mm Film]”

  1. Hi Chris! Have you ever met Elia Locardi and compared your hair with one another?! 😂 Both of the same caliber lol

  2. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME TO THE FOUR CORNERS REGION! There's the Shiprock Monument you gotta check out! Hear about the Navajo legend.

  3. Great tips as Chris, love the ones with props on adventure photos, adds so much more to the photo!
    Thanks a lot for the video!

  4. I always wonder why your videos look better than Lizzie’s? (Talking about the color grade). I’m not trying to sound mean I’m just curious

  5. Super agree on capturing the moment and the experience Chris! Just yesterday I was going through some of the photos my friends and I had clicked from our first road trip. They are all 2MP cellphone images, but the nostalgia more than makes up for the lack of Image quality or other technicalities!

  6. Awesome tips, Chris! I would also add, if possible, to not travel alone. Making memories with the people you love will enrich your experience and develop those relationships even more.

  7. Anyone else doesn’t have enough money and use a normal backpack to carry their gear? 🙋🏼‍♂️😤

  8. Love the tips Chris! I've always had a fear of getting my gear stolen while traveling but I'd say to the person who is traveling being a "tourist" as long as you don't scream tourist (clothing, obnoxious, lost, etc) you will most likely be pretty good/safe. Definitely always take in your surroundings be mindful and respectful of the culture/territory you are in.

  9. whoever says Canada isn't the most diverse and beautiful country like ever must be crazy haha beautiful work

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