Top 5 Wishes for Fujifilm for 2020

– Okay, this is called a Pivo, and this was something that
I had backed on Kickstarter. I’m not a big Kickstarter fan, but I thought what the
heck, I’ll give it a shot. Anyway, what it is, it’s this
cool little device right here. (device clicks) The little thing spins. What you do, is you take a smartphone, right, and you plop it
in, and you have this app, and the app works great, and
you pair it with a smartphone, and the smartphone then will automatically face track you and follow you around. So you can do kind of a B-roll
segment kind of a thing. Have the phone over here,
do your thing, walk around. The phone will pan and follow
you around, and it’s great! It’s like having your own camera person. Anyway, I don’t know why I thought of- Oh right, because here’s the thing. All of these really cool
features that people are excited to talk about are
in the area of smartphones. And camera manufacturers
had better start to get a little bit more on the ball. So for Fujifilm, I have five requests. Five things I really wanna
see for 2020 for Fujifilm. Let’s get into it, roll the intro. (upbeat music) You know when you’re
just, you suddenly are in the middle of doing one thing, and you have this thought,
and you’re so excited to tell somebody about
it, you just can’t wait! I mean you gotta run up
and tell somebody about it. Well, that happened today. I was going through my B-roll footage for the Viltrox 85 millimeter
lens review that I’m doing, and suddenly it just hit me. You know, we have all of these
cool things for smartphones. It’s all everybody’s talking about, the excitement for that, and I thought, well, what about the camera industry, like DSLRs and mirrorless. What would be some great
things that they could come out with in 2020,
particularly Fujifilm, what would be on my wishlist? So I’m gonna tell you
five of them right now. Number one the list that I’d like to see is a professional photographer’s support service from Fujifilm. Now, I know they already have this. I think it’s about five
hundred bucks a year, and it’s for qualified GFX system owners. Good for them. I would like to see something
similar for Fujifilm X-T3, and X-T2, perhaps X-Pro owners. Some kind of, you know, service
that you can sign up for where you feel like you’re
getting the kind of support you need as a professional, right? Case-in-point, I run a YouTube channel. I talk about Fuji gear all the time, and when the 16 to 80
millimeter lens came out, I had one of the first reviews on it. And I love the lens, but there
were a couple of problems, and I had some concerns about it. I reached out to Fujifilm,
I tried to contact them, and what did I do? First thing I picked up, my manual, right? That I get with my X-T3. This thing, look how big this is, right? Huge manual! Gigantic! There’s a hole in the rain
forest where this thing, the Amazon rainforest, there’s
a hole the size of Wisconsin for how many pages they put in this thing. But what I couldn’t find anywhere in here, and maybe it’s hidden,
I just couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find a simple
phone number where I could pick up the phone, call Fujifilm, and say hey, I have a question. I see a lens focus wobble issue here. Are you working on it? Is there a firmware update in place? Is there anything I can
do to tell my viewers? Because I’m getting questions
left and right about it. Nothing. Couldn’t find anything. So I tried to contact them
through their website. Ugh, no response, never heard back. So I’d like to see some kind
of professional support service where I feel that Fujifilm has
sort of got your back, right? And expedited camera repair, or you know, if you have problems with it, or there’s just anything that you need, you can pay a yearly fee. Not 500 a year, that’s a lot,
but some reasonable yearly fee where you get a level of support. Some kind of professional photographer support system in place
for other camera owners besides the GFX system. That’s number one for me. Okay, so number two. 6K video recording. Oh, oh! Listen, if the X-T4 came
out with 6K video recording, I would be buying that
thing before the sun set. I would sell my car to buy that thing. Now, here’s the thing about 6k, and hold on, stay with me on this one, video is becoming more and more important, I mean look at YouTube
channels, they’re growing. Look at behind the scenes footage, clients asking for more video, Video is gonna keep growing, and you know, I get a lot of questions about “Well, you don’t really need 4K, and you certainly don’t need 6k, I mean ten-eighty pixels is fine. Why do you need so much resolution?” Come on, I’ll tell you why you need it. If you are recording in say, 4K, okay? And your publishing in ten-eighty, you can then crop in, right? Because you’ve got so much
space, you can crop in, and crop out, and the
quality will stay the same, it won’t get worse. So I could be talking to you right here, this could be recorded in 4K, and then (whoosh) I could cut to my face, and then back, and it looks
like I’ve got two cameras. So the ability to have
flexibility in editing for videographers is
the number one benefit to having 4K and 6K, and 8K video. That is a huge, that is a major thing! Because then you can have one
camera that acts like two. So 6K video, Blackmagic cameras, they already have that right now. I think it’s 25 hundred
bucks, 24 hundred bucks, but you can get a Blackmagic
cinema camera with 6K video, and I think it’s 50 frames per
second is what they’re up to. So here’s what I want
Fujifilm, here’s what I want. See if you can do a 6K video
at 60 frames per second. Oh! That would be monumental. So that’s number two on my list of what I would like for 2020. So number three is a global shutter. I want a global shutter please! Get that thing fixed. Get it in place. Get it finalized. And listen, what is a global shutter? (shuffles) Okay, see this? I did a video all about the electronic and mechanical shutter. And by the way, I was really
hoping for 10,000 subscribers at the end of the year. Confession, this is confession time. I thought maybe that would happen. That was like just a little goal I had. Well, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Unless you wanna help me out? You know, I don’t know. Do you know people? Maybe, perhaps? Anyway, once I get to 10,000, I’m gonna do this little giveaway. I’m not a big person on giveaways, but I thought it’s be cool. And I’m gonna put together
this little packet when I hit 10,000 subscribers
it’s gonna be given away to a lucky person and you
know, one of the viewers. That could be you. And I’m gonna throw a bunch of stuff. Anyway, I’m gonna put this in there too. This is the (laughs)
Shutter 101, you know? The original Shutter 101 plaque that was in the Pal2tech video. There will be other stuff too
that’s very cool in there. So anyway, I’m off topic,
(whooshing sound effect) Gotta get back on track. Okay, so, what is global shutter? Well global shutter is
basically the type of shutter that has all the benefits
of an electronic shutter. So you have no shutter sound, ultra fast shutter speeds
but without the problems that electronic shutter currently has. Such as rolling shutter, motion blur, and that sort of thing. I would love that. Global shutter, and I’m a happy guy. Okay, number four. Improve the Fujifil Camera App, please. Fix the usability, clean
up the UI even more than you’ve done before. Really make it nice and slick. Listen (laughs), I don’t use smartphones
very much for editing and manipulating photos,
and editing video. Honestly, not me. You give me two big huge
screens, and I’m a happy guy. Editing on a tiny little screen like this for me, it’s like trying
to paint your entire house with a little tube of White-Out. It’s just two clunky. So I don’t use smartphones
a whole lot for that. And listen, there are
some really great things you can do with a smartphone app. You can have better
location tagging to images, you can have better time
lapse control of the camera. Here’s an idea, how
about built into the app is some kind of a bluetooth communication with the camera, that teaches you, literally teaches you
how to use your X-73. You would have the camera set up, you would have the
phone, and you’d aim it, and the camera would say, “Oh, well, to make the background blur, you want to turn this knob here,” and you can actually
learn to use the camera with the app, while
you’re using the camera. I don’t know, I’m just thinking
off the top of my head. My point, is that I think having a better smartphone app for Fuji is
where the industry is going, and having apps and being
able to start to merge these two things together, more and more, so I think Fuji does need to
improve the smartphone app. Number five, oh (mumbles) Here’s what I want as number five. And it was tough having a number five, because there’s like a hundred things I could put on this list. But for me, what made it to number five, and please hear the whole
thing before I’m done, I want a flip around screen. I really, wait, wait! Not just for vlogging,
not just a, you know, flip around screens get a really bad rap. I always think of the YouTubers that say, “I want a flip around screen.” And it’s kind of like, you know, “Hi guys, I’m here at blah-blah,” you know, that, no! That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean that’s one thing
you can do with it, but sometimes I’m trying
to shoot macro shots, or outdoor shots, and there’s
a big rock in the way, or there’s something. And I have to kind of
turn the camera like this, I want to be able to pull
the screen around sometimes, so that ergonomically I’m
not having to contort myself. I can just have the screen do it. Just that reason alone, having a flip around screen would be awesome. And then of course for video, being able to flip it out real quick like the Canon 80-D does,
that would be huge for me. Listen, there’s a whole product out there called the CamMirror, okay? And this is great, I did a review on this. You attach it on the camera,
and you can see the screen. I mean, we’re resorting to that. Or we’re getting these gargantuan monitors and we’re sticking them
on the camera like this. “Hi guys!” Right? So, no! Flip around screen,
number five on the list. That would be awesome. I want to know what yours are. Please let me know in the comments below. And listen, maybe Fujifilm actually checks these channels out, I
don’t know, who knows. But it can’t hurt right? So if you have any cool ideas, I would love to see them down below. And by the way, I’ll say to
you sometimes in the comments, “I’d love to see your photos.” You can’t upload photos
in the YouTube comments, and I think that sucks, it
would be nice if you could. You can head over to Instagram,
I’ll have a link down below, show me your photos there,
so I can check them out, because I am so interested
in the type of photography that you do, and what you do. Particularly, those people
that are coming over from other camera brands, or are
picking up the Fujifilm camera for the first time,
putting the phone away, going out and taking pictures. I would love to see what you do. So head over to Instagram, check it out. Let me know where you’re photos are, and that way I can see
them and it’d be great. And I’ll look at them, I
can’t wait to see them. The next time you see my face, my smiling mug, I will be talking about the Viltrox 85mm lens, I cannot
wait, have a great weekend. Thank you so much for watching. Is there anything else I should say? Don’t forget to subscribe and like! No, I’m not going to say that. But I just did, oh well. Have a great weekend, see you soon. So long. (soft piano music)

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  1. Lens hoods that don't break so that you have to go third party on them – and just making the iPhone app not be so darn cranky would be a big deal (like the iPad remote for the iPhone MoviePro app works, smooth as silk).

  2. I wish for an option to keep my video settings locked in separate from my photo settings. Making switching back and forth easier.

  3. My main wish is that Fuji stops the ongoing purge of d-pads from new bodies. The X-T3 and X-H1 are the last bodies with them (I believe) and I'll be sad if they continue the removal of buttons and movement towards swipe features on screens. That just isn't really a great experience.

  4. Hope you get to 100k+ subscribers! I’ve been a subscriber since the 3 digits. I recommend your channel to all my friends from work that are in the Fujifilm platform 👍🏼

  5. For me #5 should be #1. Everything else seems spot on. Thanks! P.S. Wisconsin forests pretty much got logged out a long time ago. 😉

  6. I wish we could set ALL camera settings in the custom settings. For example, I want to choose C1 for studio portraits and want to not just change my film sim or grain, but the type of shutter, turn off preview exposure, turn on face detection, etc. Next I change to C2 for landscape job and I want to have a bracketing, turn off face detection, a 2 sec. self timer on.
    C3 for movies so, turn on lcd screen only, change AF-L button as focus assistant for example. And so on.
    Like having different cameras for different applications with a flick of a switch.
    Then I want they change the actual drive knob in my xt20 to C1 to C7 so it’s simple to use.
    And let us put a name to each C, like: “C4-wedding mode”

  7. I agree hundred percent. 👍👍👍👍👍. You should be on the board of advisers for Fujifilm, and they will eventually see this video. Btw, you will grow way beyond 10,000 subs someday. 😎

  8. Terrific video and channel too! Yes, the fully articulating screen! I wish the XT3 had a better grip. On my Christmas wish list is the SmallRig L bracket with the wooden handle. I hope that will do it!

  9. Hi pal2tech, it sounds like you want the Fujifilm video camera that I suggested a while back. What I was saying that there are so many fundamental differences between stills and video that there is no real point trying to make one camera do both. The concept I am proposing would be a primarily video-centric camera using something like the XH1 body with the XT1 sensor, it could then quite easily accommodate the 6 or 8 k video you want, with IBIS, flippy screen if you want plus are the video tricks that come with the XT3. The whole thing could be developed with Fujifilm's existing hardware and mostly existing operating systems so the price point could be much lower. With this on the market the next generation XT4 could concentrate on stills performance and maybe cost a bit less!, all the X series cameras would be super good at what they do best and all the wonderful lenses would fit all the cameras. I first thought of this before there was any mention of the XPro 3, which is a perfect example of what I am talking about. The resulting range of options would cement the company's elevated position in the market for years to come without having to attain huge market volume with any one of them. Cheers, Richard.

  10. pal2tech Well said! Especially the damn app. Glad to see this type of video. I’ve been bummed out for the last couple of days on the topic of my XT3. Maybe I say goodbye to Fuji, I don’t know, certainly putting a halt to any further investments into this system. I’ve gone through some footage from my SD cards and noticed there’s a strange OIS WOBBLE when panning video in regular-mo using 18-55 (OIS enabled) on the XT3. Recently, prominent landscape photographer and YouTuber, Thomas Heaton, switched to the XT3. In his video I noticed the exact same problem replicated. Check it out (link below), you have to view it on a larger screen to see it. I’m using 50inch Samsung 4K.

    So very upset about this, a few hundred dollars more I could have gone with the a7iii. People said if you’ve got a steady hand, and you use OIS lenses, you should be able to squeeze by with the Fuji system for your hybrid needs. This is not squeezing by!! It’s unacceptable and unusable. And NO the answer shouldn’t be “just buy a gimbal”. The answer should be FIX THIS DAMN PROBLEM FUJI! Short and steady hand held takes with an OIS lens shouldn’t produce WOBBLE like that!!! WTF! I feel totally screwed over. And I refuse to recommend Fuji for video to anyone looking to hand hold the damn thing. OIS does not have your back don’t be fooled.

    Time stamps: 2:07 to 2:22 and
    4:19 – 4:22

  11. Agree 1000% with everything except for the 6k. My PC can’t even handle 4K unless I use proxies which is time consuming and takes up even more storage. I had a similar situation at thanksgiving where I had the camera against the wall and had no idea if I was properly framing my shot (I wasn’t 🙁). Tried using the Fuji app but it kept disconnecting and was useless. Great video – can’t wait til u get to 100k!!

  12. And by the way cool! Global Shutter, learned something new here, as always. Whose got global shutter at the moment? Sony? Canon?

  13. Ergonomics remain,Bigger Battery!!, Flippy screens, IBIS for the XT-4 & to have the FUJI – APP improved or up-dated!!. The other possibility – would be to take the best atributes exsisting within the XT-3 & XH-1and with the new improvments that FUJI users would like & combine them all into a completely new FUJI X-Trans Camera – but not radically different from what we're used to.. Cheers Fum AU on Fire..

  14. I had really good luck with Fuji support. It was honestly supper easy. I just googled the Fujifilm USA phone number and then called the first on that showed up

  15. 1st improve accu lifetime, 2nd I agree with the improvement app, but I'm using my Android tablet and Lightroom to easy share pictures with others, 3rd agree with support enhancement but not by phone, better by email and chat, 4rd improve the in camera software with a lot of features like smartphone has, last they have to explain more in the manual, what's the result and how a feature is used. Additional they have to build more communities and listen to them.

  16. Fuji, please don't listen to these video centiric youtubers pushing hard for flippy screens. Stay with xt3 like screens which are compatible with l-brackets instead.

  17. Although your list for 2020 sure would be a great spec sheet improvements, I don't think any of them would solve any of the long-term challenges either Fuji or the overall camera manufacturers are faced with. So I hope Fuji in 2020 will lead the way in working towards bridging the gap between the Fuji camera and the smart phone. Better accessibility, usability, AI and just removing the need for putting cards or cables into computers to transfer photos.

  18. Great video! Here are my top wishes to Fujifilm:
    1. Get a better customer service with a PSP (Pro Service Program) for the X line for 9.99, 15.99, or 20.99 a month)
    2. Fix the horrible Fuji app, it sucks
    3. Give us a better grip and shutter button on the X line.
    4. Give us at least two zoom F1.4 lenses at a reasonable price and two primes. Let the primes be an 8mm F1.4 and a 65mm F1.4.
    5. Get with Godox to develop a macro light system for Fuji cameras so we don’t have to use Canon!

  19. Number one should have been Fujifilm App.
    Howabout it sends the images at full mb size for starters… Reply if you figured out how to do this…

  20. Great list. If rumors are to be believed then the X-T4 will be getting IBIS, a flip screen and CF Express cards.

    The app should fully integrate with the camera where all menu settings should be managed from the app. It should even act as an alternate screen if necessary. This way you can also edit, share or back up your images (to the device or cloud/Fuji cloud anyone?) on a phone or tablet.

    I agree that more video features are needed. I only bought my X-T3 a month ago after doing extensive research. I noticed that a ton of the Sony reviewers are young Vloggers and that is almost their entire focus. They love Sony for autofocus, flip screens and unlimited record times – which Fuji would need to match for at least some formats (1080, 4K, maybe 6K cropped). Some of these will need to be in ac X-T40 body since a lot of folks in this market are not interested in paying $1,000 plus for a body.

    Fuji can do well with this crowd because the complete active APSC lens collection vs Sony. The only problem is that the folks in Sony today are not going to hurry to change to a new system so the goal would be to get more first timers.

  21. I think I watched all your videos already… I like listening to you. Full of energy and mainly because we have the same camera. I hope you get that 10k subscriber very soon.

    Btw In with you on that app… fujifilm is just blah…

  22. I agrre with you all good idea !!!! i saw in your istagram same pictures about Star Wars !!!! look what i have done with xt3 and 16mm Ty!

  23. I think you covered all the major points. But one thing that is a big let down is the camera app and usability. we should be able to control the camera through the app as we do in-camera, with all the features. For example, why eye detect is not working trough the camera app?
    Here is my insta account if you want to check what I been shooting with xt2 and recently with xt3
    Have a nice weekend

    PS- really enjoy the way you explain stuff in your videos. great content. keep doing this great job 🙂

  24. Well said. Global shutter, where all parts of sensor are read at the exact same time, instantly, is still way off, and would likely emerge first in highest end cams, in my view. Heart of the matter — put more smartphone features (electronics) into the cameras: start w/PDF of user manual; firmware update via internet wi-fi direct connect; direct web-like e-mail uploads of images; larger lcd w/optional separate keyboard; wireless battery charging. Include computational photography. In short, start merging techs more thoroughly. It’s doable. (Order a pizza on your cam, ha.). Still time for 10K subs plus if your posts get coverage by on-line e-pubs like PetaPixel — don’t know who makes first move but I’ve seen other channels really take off after such exposure.

  25. Hi Chris, awesome like usual, cropability with 4k to me is just fine. My beef is uploading a 4K file to youtube takes forever and then the end result of uploaded video is inferior, and the end result with Facebook is even worse. Is it the media formats like youtube, facebook etc don't support 4K? am I doing something wrong? My point is, you want 6K?… when trying to SHARE a 4K video file is such a chore in time and inferior end results

  26. Contact your local camera retailer and tell then you want to talk to the local area Fujifilm area manager or sales representative.

  27. You are one more closer to your 10000 subscribers goal! I got my X T3 last Christmas and I absolutely love this camera. I think a couple of your suggestions are good ones. I switched over from a Canon 60D Which I have had for years and still have. I am much happier with Fuji. I haven't had any trouble with their app on the cell phone I've even been able to take pictures with it instead of holding the camera. Going to go find you on Instagram.

  28. 8:50 time stamp. You nail it! It can be done. Very very brilliant idea. This will also get more beginners to adopt using the system. Hope Fuji is listening. I am a system designer, and very particular on users experience.

  29. No no no no no. No flip around screen. I’m a landscape shooter and I don’t like or want the screen sticking out to the side for waist level or tripod shooting. It adds a degree of flimsiness and I always feel it’s vulnerable to damage.

  30. What about dual card recording of video? They do it for stills, but not for video. Ibis is now expected too. A FF option that uses gfx lenses would be helpful as not everyone wants to go medium format.

  31. I’m a Fuji Professional service member in the U.K. & only have X series kit so you must have a different system in the US. I’m able to loan lenses for a small admin/delivery fee – I recently had the 200mm f2 lens for a couple of weeks to try. I can also send in a couple of bits of kit per year for servicing & cleaning FOC – membership is free to pros! Great work as ever!👍

  32. Thats true! I sent my warranty to them. After a month its still pending. I tried reaching out to them but no response. 🤦‍♂️

  33. I want noiseless 16mm and 18mm primes.
    I bought XF16/1.4, XF18/2, XF23/1.4, XF23/2, XF35/1.4 and XF35/2,
    and found every wide prime has AF click noise of video.
    It's huge problem for low light video. It never happens when I use Panasonic.

  34. I love the screen as it is dont change it. Flippy screen is no good.
    I dont care for 6k video. 4 k is good
    Please update the f1,2 and 1.4 lenses
    Yes improve the app even more
    I want to see some longer primes. 400mm f4
    Improve the eye AF even more as well as CAF
    Improve balanced fill flash in daylitght

  35. Just fix that iPhone app I am happy. I now can never transfer pics from my camera to my phone. Not really about editing but sometimes I'd like to share on social media or send it to my friends.

    The app just not working right now that's annoying.

  36. What I would LOVE is an animal face and eye detection (dogs especially for me), I think that would be a competitive feature! …and of course, better auto-focus. It's great now, but can be even better

  37. I would have only 3 wishes for a future X-T4…
    1. Your famous rotating screen !
    2. In Body Image Stabilisation… Come on, give us a stabilized sensor, please !!!!!
    and my main wish…
    3. A bigger battery !!!!

    Those Fuji batteries really sucks… With the grip and 3 of them, my camera dies quicker than my ex. Canon EOS 5D MkIII with only one inside !!!!!!
    Even the new Sony Z batteries are way better… Fuji ? DO IT !!!!!!!!

  38. Best wish of all… new battery grips for existing models, featuring SIM card slot and an integrated full Linux machine on there to be able to leverage all networking features possible with taking photos … upload to ftp, sftp,, Dropbox, Amazon s3… xxxxxx, thumbnail before uploading, compress video for YouTube etc. as cpus get ever smaller and powerful this list expands infinitely, and can be handled with a battery grip with e.g. and integrated AMD Ryzen on there!

  39. I almost Turn this video all because it was taking too long to get to the subject matter which is not uncommon On to many videos.

  40. How much are you willing to pay for all these things if you want Fujifilm to put on their cameras because if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about fuji users. They want everything but they want it to be inexpensive and that’s not the way business work.

  41. Im looking forward to your Viltrox review. I did a review on it vs the Fujifilm 90mm. It held up pretty good but that 90mm Fuji is amazing.

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