Tizano Sward [2nd][Digital Painting] นักดาบติซาโน่ ดิจิตอลเพ้น

Hello everyone, the second for the Sword of War series. 6 hours for working time. I began to circle with the character’s uniform. find samples of the prototype of the pattern to draw the uniforms. It makes the difficulty work, not flow. Because the image data that I have searched for is not enough. Decided to go back to redesign it again. And review the design guidelines to be similar to the work in the first image. Go back to redesign it again. Even if having to abandon 6 precious hours. @#^&* I think that in work, if don’t understand what do that and happy, I should stop it. Then go back to think in the beginning again. Okey, I like what I have done. In the concept that went well together. I think this is important. In editing costume the character. Costume that is a knight’s outfit. But the first work of the costume is a military uniform. Both of which are clearly different. This is the first thing I should fix. Yes, Concept is a soldier with a legendary sword as a weapon. This will be the concept that I will hold for creating future work. atisfied with editing the character uniform. About the story of the sword. A sword named Tizona The owner of this sword is El Cid, known as the hero of Spain. The blade will have an inscription on Catholic prayers. In one battle in Valencia, where he fought with the Berbers To serve the kingdom Alfonso VI of León and Castile. El Cid missed being shot, injured and died. But his wife brought his body up to his horse. His monument is in Burgos. Riding a horse and sword handle. His wife has brought El Cid’s body up to his horse. Then ran around the city In order not to let the soldiers know that El Cid had died Is the power of battle for the soldiers in the war And it battle Get the victory back. This is only a part of the story. If you want to know more in depth To research and study it further Because the story is really fun. My work process is the same. In many clips that have been made Drafting or designing a set on the sketch book or device that we will pick up to collect our ideas quickly. Draft, Line artwork for coloring I used this new revision so I didn’t put the integrity of the elements. This thing caused me problems later. After we have Pre Production, we go to the production stage. Working in Photoshop program. Okey, Let’s go and see all the steps. Okay, Finish The next piece of work won’t have any problems !! No No Must not be a problem !! Do not forget to follow up. Thank you for watching See you agin next time

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  4. He really seems like a true veteran of the Spanish war. I love the history of Castilla, my favorite is Isabel de Castilla. I know this sword but I didn't know its history. I hope you don't have problems next time, but don't pressures you, what you do is beautiful ♥

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