Tips for writing a script for comics

in today's video I'm going to show you how to write a script for your comic let's get started what's up y'all my name is Chris and welcome to comics with Chris where I help you with tips and tutorials for making comics today I'm going to show you some tips for writing your comic or creating a script for your comics and the first thing we're going to start off with is the types of scripts that you can use the first type of script that you can use is a full script now this is probably one of the most commonly used styles of scripting a comic and professional comics used today it's essentially like writing a movie script you're pretty much writing out every single detail on every single page everything from the dialogue from the captions and even the word balloons and you're writing the visual content for every single panel like you can describe a close-up or a wide shot of a building you can write out the mood whether it's dark or light outside I mean you just add every single piece of detail and you have it structured in a way for every single page that's essentially a full script then you would have what some would call a Marvel style script or a plot first script and to put it simply it's just a few pages outlining the story of the comic there's not a lot of detail on the dialogue on the shots or how many panels there are in a page a lot of that is left up to the artists if you're an indie comic book creator and you're the one writing the script and doing all the art then this may be a great option for you and keep in mind there are no hard rules for writing your comics so you can do something a little bit in between you could write out a little bit of the script you could write an outline for one page and you could basically write it any way you want as long as you're writing a good story I think we can all agree to that now let's talk about story structure one of the best ways to start a story is to begin with the end in mind like is your character gonna save the world is your character not gonna save the world you have to really decide what's going to happen in the ending of your comic and then you can work backwards from there this way you have a general idea of what's going to happen within the story and then you can work on other things like beets plots characterization and things like that and another thing you want to do is you want to keep in mind that you should always keep with the status quo you can change things as you go but it's good to start off in this way for instance if you have a superhero in tights you should make him a good person and that he does things the way normal superheroes would he would do his best to save the day or if he got a military-type character you may want to show him as someone that's very disciplined just try to keep the status quo at the very beginning the whole idea is to keep a protagonist in a normal state of mind at the very beginning on a more advanced note there's another way of story structure that you can use in the book DC's guide for writing comics there is one that they talk about it's called one damn thing after another and it's essentially where you just put your character through a whole bunch of problems one after another like someone's trying to save some people in a building and they defuse the bomb but that triggers another bomb in another building so they have to go through another building but they can't get to that building because then they have an army of people outside trying to fight them and once they fight off the other people they only have a few seconds left to get to other building and then you know you just add one layer after another of problems and issues and you see a lot of this in movies it's a great way to keep people reading your comic okay so the next thing we're going to talk about is the outline for your comic an outline is almost like thumbnails to a comic book artists and that's what it is for a writer you're essentially writing out the little beats in within the story it's almost like doing thumbnails where you write out little areas of the story where there's spikes of action or spikes of serious events happening within your comic it's real good to at least have an idea of what's gonna happen when you're working on your script like this for instance you could have a beginning of the story where your character gets its powers you can have another part where the character dies you can have another part where the hero saves a day these would be considered your beats and you want to make sure you spread them out within the comic these should definitely be included in your outline now the last thing I'm going to talk about is the types a series that you can have for your comic one type of comic you can make is what's called a miniseries this is essentially a title that has a predetermined set of issues for a series so you can have a miniseries that has only five comics or util a sort story about whatever but it's only meant to be within a five to six issue series I mean it's it's it's up to you how long you want to make the series or not but that's one way of making a comic book series now the next one I'm gonna talk about is called a trade paperback or a graphic novel a trade paperback is typically a group of stories or a story arc put together into one comic it's one thick long story from beginning you get the beginning in the end in one book and I would argue that a graphic novel is essentially the same thing and sometimes there are no individual comics that were created for the graphic novel this is something that's often done with web comics someone will have an ongoing series online of a webcomic and they'll gather all the stories and put them together in one big graphic novel and that'll be the way they tell the story with that and to be honest this is kind of how I plan to do my own comic then you have the comics that are considered an ongoing series you don't typically find these in American comics but you would more than likely find them in manga series like one piece which seems to go on forever but there are a lot of other mangas that go on for years sometimes they have short stories within the ongoing series sometimes they have longer story arcs but for the most part they're an ongoing series thanks for watching guys there will be a couple other videos here that'll pop up on the screen you should definitely check those out one will be a playlist of other videos on making comics and another be a suggestion from YouTube definitely check those out and as always create with passion I'll see you in the next video bye bye

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