Hey guys my name is CypherDen, and this a little different Hope you like it either way, so you want it to be an artist an animator if you wanted to be specific But an artist in general, alright, so knowing how to draw isn’t really a superpower I’d like it to be but it’s not You don’t just wake up from being bit by the drawing spider and just one day out of nowhere you start drawing like da Vinci Sorry, but that’s just not how it works 8 tips for beginner artists/ animators Community, let’s be real this is a sponsorship but it’s still actual advice Regardless one of the biggest most important things that artists don’t really talk about is finding a community a place where you can post your Art get feedback start a small following a place where you can talk to other Artists that like similar things that you do I mean Amino
It’s actually just that place if you’re a beginning artist and you want a place where you can post your art Amino is one of the best places to start off at they have so many different Communities from my hero academia to other animators like wolfychu and Tony V toons they just have so many Communities that you might actually find interesting with that said there’s now an official CypherDen amino there you can post CypherDen fan arts that you’d like me to see and I can actually comment back to I originally wanted to start doing storytime animations because I wanted you guys to get to know me a little bit more and It’s been a little bit difficult since the channel has been growing in such a fast pace So I decided to build a community on amino where we can talk, chat, and where I could post sneak peeks and previews There you can give me advice and tell me “that’s a really bad idea Den do not do that” Pretty much I wanted to have an open and better communication with you guys when it comes to creating content With all that being said to help you guys get started in your path at being a supercool artist the lovely people at amino are Hooking us up with a tablet giveaway all you have to do is make sure you’re a part of the official site for CypherDen amino And post a fan art of yours truly I’ll pick some of my favorite fan arts and you guys can vote on Amino on who you think should win the giveaway? I’m also going to try my best to respond to as many messages as Possible. Draw every day. Every artist that you’ll ever ask will tell you practice or draw everyday And it’s super generic. Yeah, but it’s true You can’t just know how to draw a human face without having to draw it a couple of times Just like everything else in life It’s something you work on. Practice and repetition is something you’ll have to work on daily draw every day And you’ll see improvements, and how you look at life, and how you draw. This is also How you end up developing your own art stuff drawing every single day You know how people only pose the best parts of their lives on Instagram most artists only post their best art online You don’t get to see the back end terrible sketches countless references To reduce to hours spent you don’t get to see that you just see the final art, and you’re thinking “oh, Everything the draw must be amazing” That’s not true at all a lot of artists have Towers of sketchbook of just studies and crappy drawings that they’ve never shown anyone and that’s completely fine A sketchbook is usually just for you a place where you could unwind and draw to your heart’s content And it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time draw everyday drawing things that you like and even things you don’t like Usually you just don’t like to draw certain things because chances are you don’t know how to draw them very well Drawing things that you don’t like helps you grow into a well-rounded artist. You can’t just say “oh hey I’m a professional artist all I know how to draw our eyeballs. That’s all please hire me.” Study artists that you like. There’s a reason why you like a certain artist and why they appeal to you They’re doing something right and you like it. You could study how to use their colors poser characters use composition I’ve read somewhere that “You’re a mosaic of all the different things that you like” So make sure you look at different artists, too. You don’t want to be just another carbon copy of another artist That’s not gonna get you anywhere Personally, I love watching other artists do speed paints or speed drawings because I can learn how to get to the final piece You can also pick up on their techniques and process, on that note watch tutorials You can learn so much online nowadays tutorials are my favorite thing in the whole wide world There’s so many artists that like to share the knowledge They know and turn it into a free tutorial all you have to do is watch and learn onion skin Sacré and draw with Jazza are great examples for tutorial channels in all honesty You can learn how to animate just by watching tutorials I went to an art school and take animation courses But the way, I’m animating now and learned all on my own just by watching tutorials I started watching a channel about film effects called film riot all the way back when and they had tutorials I started learning After Effects from their videos, and I was just hooked But remember you can watch as many tutorials as possible, but if you’re not trying it and practicing it on your own Nothing’s going to happen think about it, Just because you watch videos late at night of people working out doesn’t mean you’re losing weight from that burger that you just ate five minutes ago. Just saying. references References are very important you can’t expect to know how to draw everything from the top of your head Searching up an image and using it as quote-on quote reference is not cheating looking up clothes that you’re gonna put on your character is not Cheating you don’t have to make up everything that you draw reference is Very, very, very, very, Important to making your character or your world look believable It’s not wrong to use references at all professional artists use it all the time some new artists for some reason believe otherwise But they’re also the same people with crappy art and characters would mess the proportions don’t listen to them References are important. That’s why there’s website upon website just for references Tracing and just hardcore copying a design and calling it your own on the other hand. It’s a whole different story Just because you changed a hair color doesn’t make it your character remember that it’s a different story But I still have to point it out Patience, let’s face it let’s be real you’re not going to be a super awesome artist overnight You’re going to have to work on it again and again and again Not everything you’re gonna make is going to be amazing. It. Just doesn’t work like that You have to be patient it takes time But you have to keep drawing and animating even if you come home from work or school Butt tired you have to pick up that pencil that pen whatever and you have to make something be patient be Dedicated don’t be afraid to start a lot of people tell me that they want to be an artist Eventually they want to make videos or do YouTube do you want to get into drawing or animating? But it’s always in the future when I’m old enough or when I have free time or when I get better at drawing Let me tell you this no one’s going to wait for you the more you wait the more you’re postponing it the more time You’re wasting doing absolutely nothing Get that ball rolling get started pick up a pen start drawing stop making excuses It’s not going to be amazing at first, but you work on it Not a lot of people are going see your art at first, but you still have to start just whatever you do don’t be afraid Last but not least do it because you love it if you’re doing it for YouTube do it because you love it Don’t do it for the fame or the money if the fame and the money comes along then that’s awesome but do it for the fact that you enjoy making content because it’s something that you like and you love I Enjoy making youtube videos because I like making people laugh and smile And it’s actually something I love to do hope that helped you guys out a little I’m not da Vinci, but those are the best advice that I can give personally Thanks again Amino for being so awesome and sponsoring this video don’t forget We still have a giveaway so make sure you send those fanart at the site for CypherDen Amino Don’t forget to hit that like button it makes me fart glitter either that or I just ate too many burritos anyways, I’ll see you guys later and b-bye!


  1. Hope so… And it's really a mass if I enrolled in a art school.. and great news their all private!, And it's very important that your parent/s had their support. Another great news, they stopped me! Good thing the super hero YouTubers are here! Now I'll give it a try, from scratch. Yey I'm a rusty newbie. Pls welcome me

    P.s. thanks.. it encourages me(your vid❤️😉)

  2. I keep forgetting to use references for head shapes, faces, and clothes 😖 It's something I really need to work on instead of just guessing it all!

  3. I am a student but I cannot learn without a school environment. So I am usually begging my art teacher to keep me after class to help me XD

  4. Thank you cypher!i was looking up videos that told tips to become youtubers like you or wolfychu,or chipflake(i dont mean "copying them"but i mean doing videos like storytime,or small meme animations)and from all the videos i watched,this is the best one. I understood that i can do those type of videos even as an hobby!i have a reason for doing those type of videos but i will tell everything in a video i will do someday!You got another subscriber!and that would be me!thank you!^·^

  5. With the amount of talent out there I still find it hard to believe that they WEREN'T bitten by the drawing spider.

  6. Can u like make a tutorial on how to animate with a graphics tablet (not on a monitor) with free softwares (Krita)

  7. Person: Why doesn't Den ever bring a weapon with her in case she gets attacked?
    Me: She doesn't need one. S H E G O T F L E X E R S

  8. Ok so guys,i really tired of people having these great animations and drawings
    (Not literally)
    But i wanna learn how to draw myself without having to depending on other people to do stuff for you. Anyways what im trying to say is,i wanna learn how to draw like a pro,but slowly.
    Like if you are trying to do the same

  9. It’s possible it gain the superpower of art by getting a head injury… or being born with it
    You can get it by savant syndrome which basically means your a genius in a very specific area,
    To get it you either be born with it, normally autism, though it’s still a low chance of getting it even with autism
    Or getting a head injury and forcing you to use a new part of the brain to replace the damaged part while being fixed,
    The unused part will still be active after, and if you happen it damage the right part (because some parts cannot be replaced, it needs to be a specific area, do don’t this at home kids) and the part of your brain that replaces it temporarily it’s art based, you gain a superpower

    Just to clarify, don’t do this at home, if you are lucky enough to get acquired savant syndrome (the version that can be gained after birth), which means you are lucky enough to damage a low importance repairable brain which has something to do with art and lucky to have a unused art section activated, you will get massive negative side effects that outweigh the new ability, which causes lots of people with acquired savant syndrome to think about committing suicide, so don’t do it, also your personality changes and normally centres around the ability

    Anyway back to my point, so brain damage has a low chance of making you have a new ability for art
    Now what if a spider bite caused the damage


    However, don’t do it

    I’m autistic so I had a possibility to get savant syndrome (non-acquired) however I didn’t
    Born savant syndromes don’t get bad side effects (unless you count being autistic) other than having the ability as the ability may also be seen as a negative affect

    More bad news… even if you did get good by spider, I don’t think there is a thing called a ‘drawing spider’

  10. actually im here cuz i thought its a tutorial how to make simple animation like page by page but then i read the title again and ,, "Oh yeah my bad " but on the the bright side i like it. nit regreting opening this vid

  11. I just joined a club called "Artist Guild" and when someone showed my classmate her sketchbook i kinda saw and i kinda flipped through the pages of the sketchbook,i was surprised of how good the drawings were,and that actually inspired me a lil' bit and i got a little better at drawing, i kinda know how to mark and how marks work a little now
    (I only use a pencil and a pen like anyone does)

  12. I don't know why I'm writing this, just an art rant. You can totally not read this if you want.

    This is just my story of finding my own art style and basically showing that Cypher is completely right in this video

    I remember it was maybe middle of May/early June (end of May or early June..) , and I've been watching animatics for a long time and still had no particular style or couldn't draw people in the slightest despite having taken visual arts classes for 4 years.

    I didn't watch any tutorials, well just 1 which was "finding your art style" by JelArts (who is an amazing artist you should totally support her!), so I did a pro gamer move and plunged right into the deep end of figuring it out myself.

    So naturally, I tried to take my own spin of cartoon, so the eyes were basically like ) ( and little ^ noses and huge heads, you get the idea.. And I was happy for the most part but nothing was consistent and I wanted a more "realistic" style, since I loved Szin's style if you ever heard of her.

    I don't really know how to describe this, but I started to just draw heads without a circle marker or anything, just using jawlines (I don't really recommend this method, but it works if you're just starting out). Eyes were more, idk how to describe it, but curved = signs with smaller circles for eyes, just imagine a normal eye but the ends don't entirely connect. Noses were more like v. I was pretty happy, I still had issues with larger heads than bodies and drawing basically anything other than the face and tops of shoulders but I was getting there.

    So for the next few days (this was like, early June now) of constant sketching, I was ending up with half finished head sketches, and drawing anything that wasn't 3 quarter view was an absolute pain (it's weird because most artists have trouble with 3 quarter views for people, but I guess I skipped that struggle). Heads were curvy and basically thicc ovals and I was like "nah".

    So now I was drawing heads with more defined jawlines, not just wavy, but proportions were kinda wack because I didn't use the circle technique so there was a lot of empty space on the faces. So I decided to really define the noses more, instead of just being v they were more => but you know, pointing downward. So, it looked weird but space was slowly getting filled. Then days later I decided to add a more rounding ^ over the v of the nose, and curving and even more defining the = lines. Everything started getting much more proportional, and after spending days of practicing hands I was finally getting better at drawing more than just the upper torso, I could draw poses and movements.

    Then I started the circle technique for the head. And holy cow it's great! Proportions are so much easier y'all. It helps me know how far down to put the jaw, or if the person is talking, how the jaw "bends". It helps with nose placement, which then helps for the lines and then eyebrows then ears then eyes then mouth. Hair is sometimes a pain but a lot easier to draw now. I've always known the 3 head rule when drawing shoulders, but for some reason it didn't really show in my art until I started using circles since it's easier to define how large the head is.

    I practiced facial expressions, various viewpoints. Even now I still struggle with things like legs if person is sitting down, and definitely shoes / feet. I've started making things like shoulders less curved and more slightly defined corners if that makes sense.

    It's been a month and a half to two months of constant drawing and I'm super happy with where I am now! The struggle is real though.. Shoes just.. I need to practice drawing them more, they've been a pain my whole life. But despite that I can draw mini comics and portraits and positions fairly easily!

    I guess the point to all this is that it took me about 2 months of constant daily sketching and researching and practicing to get to where I am now, not to mention I've taken 4 years of visual arts and only just now started creating a style of my own that's unique and nothing like anything else. But the process is fun, I totally encourage anyone that wants to learn how to draw people/characters to take the time to practice sketching until you end up with something you like and are passionate about.

    So yeah, if anyone actually read this, you deserve all the luck of animating in the world because idk why you would read my art-process-rant haha. Thanks for reading this Ted Talk.


    -Don’t Wait Till The Future
    -Practice EVERYDAY

  14. My parents taught me about perfection, if you can't do it then you can't do it, time is money, and you're just a kid so stay a kid and now, I can't do anything. Don't worry, I love my parents, they can just be a little closed minded. I have some space from them now that I'm in college to do the things I want to do even though I'm a little behind and need to work harder than some of my peers.

  15. thank you so much for the tips the thing is i wish i can go to art school too but i donot have money to attend one i tried to find a cheap one sadly their none so my only option to practice home the problem here that am too lazy, confused , low self confident in my skills
    am the type of person that need somebody whos an artist to help me in reaching to my goals so thank you again for this awesome tutorial vedio it really helped me to get up on my feet again ❤🙏 also while watching your vedio its like you are reading my mind like the patience part 😂

  16. Okay so I have difficult plans for an 11 year old…😅
    I want to go to an overseas art college and move to Brighton England🤣
    I want to become an animator because I want people to be happy and smile😀 I have a difficult life with fam issues…sooo ya.
    I have a name I might use. Artie Panther😃 My nickname panther because I wear a lot of black😏
    I've always wanted to go to Brighton to see all the cool places🤗 Like in Jacksepticeye's vlogs.
    The hard part is that my fam is poor. Don't worry we're catching up,but some things just seem to come up at the worst of times. My dad left so it's kinda hard. I still see him except I kinda lost trust in him…I still have a decent bit but… he'll get super mad if he finds this and blame it on mom…
    I have social anxiety so it's even more difficult 🙁
    And more difficult because I live in America 🙁
    Wish me luck😁

    Please don't freak out about my ranting. It makes me feel better.
    Have an amazing day 😘

  17. people: "I want to be a a animator on youtube, i got some experience i should try.It would be a good job."

    other people: "OMG! You can't just do it for the MONEY and not even care. that's disgusting!"

    people: "Reason one, I gotta pay my bills. Reason two, I think animation is interesting. Reason three, why wouldn't i care and why wouldn't i be thankful for the people that would help me stay alive and love and support me. (U_U) "

    other people: "Well I think you-"

  18. Well..I like drawing and listening to music at the same time so…it might help drawing every day and listening to music to draw better!

  19. Hope it’s ok to comment this here but if anyone is working on any projects that need music I’d be more than happy to help. Thanks for the upload!

  20. 3:10 me: unwind? Haha all opening my sketchbook does is stress me out

    7:43 love? Opening my sketchbook stresses me out!!! Why would I love it?!?

  21. i cant accept "just draw." when someone says i want to become a bodybuilder you don't "just workout." Most of the time it will lead to just injuries. There's a system and structure that needs to be followed in order to get results you're looking for or most your time will be counter productive. its almost like hitting a nail with a hammer blind folded.

  22. My mum and dad say that you won’t get much money from being an artist. What should I do? I’m anxious. Somebody tell me.

  23. What I struggle with is how to use OBS and make speedpaints cause I can't find a tutorial on how to put the right settings for it

  24. I’m 24 and I recently started practicing drawing I want to get into ANIMATION but at this point I’m still a beginner at drawing and I know I should perfect my drawing so I can make good looking ANIMATION’s so by the time I perfect my drying it will be about like three years and then I have to start with ANIMATION we should take me even longer am I too late should I just stop what should I do

  25. I’m afriad to draw this series because I think people will think it’s edds world thank you for this video

  26. There is also the application discord even tho is more like for gaming and all it works to communicate with others a littlw bit better :v

  27. Do you think it’s good to practice drawing with other people’s characters while trying to create your own art style?

  28. 2:10 hONESTLy do this peeps!!
    So I draw but i usted to draw every 2 months or something. My art felt like it was going nowhere. I too felt like that "draw everyday" or "practice" was sooo cliché and not really useful.
    Buuuuuut recently, i started a challenge that involved drawing every day, and i can tell you, i've been improving SO MUCH FASTER! It's really helpful people.

  29. I don’t know why I’m watching this I’m not even good at drawing I don’t even draw coughs i draw stick people surprise how am I 6th grade I draw like first graders

  30. No. When I say I will do videos when I am older, I mean my parents won't allow me to make YouTube videos until I'm 18. I wanna do it. I can't. Don't say I'm being lazy.

  31. I dont like still lives not because I cant do them, it's because in elementary they burned me out on it. We were basically only doing still lives, with that rare fantasy and clay project. It just burned me out.

  32. i draw everyday heres a app i draw on its also online if you cant get amino its called flipanim you should try that app cypherDen! my user is ArtGeekk

  33. ok i drawl vids so wehn i have no wi-if i can nnn wacth . but i do 10 prf allright and i spend 10 FRA MS DRALING 1 FRICKIN MOVEMENT!!!!.but i will say yes to draw every day i just ttt 4 days a week.
    is that ok?

  34. I have been an artist since kindergarten I draw for hours on end everyday. When I draw I have a feeling of peace like whatever I put on this paper it’ll just be for me get it. A feeling of peace and prosperity

  35. another little tip : never compare yourself to others, I still sometimes do this but it just leads me into tracing which you shouldn’t do.

    even though I am not an artist I now know how to begin because of this video! 🌸✨

  36. "Hey I'm an artist all I know how to draw are eyeballs, please hire me" I've never related to such a sentance

  37. i know we do have to practice everyday but we need rest too for we could have energy to focus and think clearly . remember that we need ideas to beginner to draw 😉

  38. sorry i forgot to tell you my favorite artist is yaoyao Ma Van As she do amazing Artwork about living alone is amazing

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