Timing is Everything! – Street Photography in London

hey guys how you doing back in London
again I can’t get enough of the place at the minute I was there two weeks ago and
it was so much fun but I didn’t really get to that chance to do much in the
way of street photography so I thought I’d come down again this week and it’s
turned out absolutely belter of a day so I’m really really chuffed drove from Wales
and it was throwing it down for a change but coming to London and it’s typical
every time I come down here I seem to have blue skies really really warm yeah
so really really excited today it’s gonna be different a difficult one to
vlog um I’ve got a little little GoPro on the top of the camera just gonna
have a go trying to film some of the shots okay but yeah it’s gonna be good
good fun I am there’s another reason I’m down here today is well I’m gonna meet
up with a young girl later on today who’s a singer doing modeling
shoot for her so yeah Ill catch up with her a bit later on that two o’clock that
is so yeah but until then we’re gonna try and get some visit some of the
typical places you get some nice street shots and perhaps trying to discover a
few new ones as well but it’s really exciting as far as settings go I’m just
going to be using the 35 mm lens which is a 50mm equivalent just to try and get
me a bit closer typical street photography lens is between 35 & 50
mm so I kind of prefer the 50 mm view just get you a little bit close if you
ever needed to sort of always say it’s so object but yeah I’ve got the 35mm
equivalent with me as well yeah it’s getting really really really good fun
the things I’m looking for because it’s such a strong particular see when I’ve
put sunglasses on in a minute such a strong contrast II lighting day I’m
going to be looking for some really really nice shadows to sort of
photograph some nice shapes and obviously yeah just catch people in the
moment sort of thing hopefully with a little GoPro on the top of the camera
I’ll be able to film a few of the shots as well
and now ya be good day looking forward to it so yeah what I’m not looking
forward in the shots are sort of like signage really I don’t really like
street photography when it’s got brands and stuff in the background so I’m
trying to and clutter so I’m trying to keep the photographs relatively simple
without any branding and without anything you know too messy in the
background pretty much as you would with a landscape photo really just trying to
keep it nice and simple as as clean as possible but you’re just looking for
nice strong leading line a nice clean contrast we’re going to be
shooting mainly I think in black and white I absolutely adore black and white
for street photography and I’ve set the camera to shoot really really contrasty
as well so put us on the shadows plus on the highlights gets a really really nice
contrasting shot so it’d be really really cool
I will shoot in raw and JPEG so I can change them into color as well as see if
I get some nice vibrant colors but yeah and looking forward seeing these in
black and white anyway we’re gonna head to tate modern now I’ve never been
before but I see some amazing sort of abstract Street photographs there so
that we’re really really good place to start just to say have been so it’s like
because the light is really strong today don’t know where it is as far as
positioning and as far as the saw the entranceway of the the gallery but we’ll
have a lot of the lights in the right place and we’ll get some nice images
there fingers crossed anyway right I’m gonna head off rousting I can’t believe
it so everybody to hotfoot carrying this big bag around that’s for sure anyway
I’ve seen a minute Wow just left a gallery now absolutely
flipping amazing and there didn’t have very long in a lot of time meeting the
old lady for a photo shoot in about 40 minutes and I was only in there for
about 20 bits off on our epic play so many opportunities to get some good sort
of candid shots I quite enjoyed it and a bit of a problem though the GoPro clip
kind of snapped off the top of the camera don’t want them to do about that
hopefully a good thing about GoPro stuff we find it everywhere don’t you so
fingers crossed all still managed to get some footage so it’s good yeah so I’m
gonna buy my way over to wherever he has Manor is now no idea how to get there
but see it again in a second hopefully we’re to do a bit more where we will be
able to do a bit more street but the street photography after after that
shoot while that was awesome it also awesome
photo shoot we Yasmina it’s just gone now so I’m gonna do try and get back
into Camden Market then go back to the street photography side of it really
good phone out of quick coffees been it’s been really good she did awesome on
the camera pressure the pictures so yeah wonder man it’s absolutely mental in
this huh I don’t think we have logo at all it’s
absolutely crazy the amount of people and their so I try and get the the GoPro
store won’t stay on the top of the X go to a talk is the little flipping things
snapped but that’s annoying so if I try and film it and take some
pictures in now the light keeps go really harsh really sort of soft so I’m
looking for harsh contrast a light but it comes and goes every five minutes so
it’s a bit difficult but ya been good phone and get back into it now anyway I
said it this is actually really difficult but
not only because there’s so many people around it’s difficult to get an isolated
photograph but also it seems that the biggest issue mavin see some great shots
but if people aren’t sort of doing something or you know talking or they’re
on their phone I just see for people with phones in the hand the whole time
it’s really difficult kind of ruins a lot of photographs you see some really
nice compositions and nice opportunities and then you realize it’s a phone in the
hand let’s drop mean it’s a little bit but it makes you realize how difficult
shrink photography is to get really really good shots I suppose there’s a
lot of waiting around so I’m going to try a different environment now it’s
mental in there don’t actually know where I think I’ll head back down
towards the central London and yeah be near somewhere for sunset as well
that’ll be cool so we’re gonna jump back on the tube now and I’ve no idea where I
am Camden it’s all I know yeah just get
back to London this is what I flip in love a violin
that I just going through the train station that is called called
dude is just–dress that looked like awesome I thought you’d make an awesome
photo shoot so I was actually asking him directions but turns out ended up doing
a photo shoot with it as well so really really cool
cheers very much to me and much appreciate that pictures look awesome
but yeah he’s give me give me directions now we head back to Brick Lane I head
down to Brick Lane horse up bricklaying a couple weeks ago with Andy and David
so I’m gonna try and get some more sheep done down there I’m absolutely over the
place people are dressed quirky everything’s unique in full of character
everyone’s friendly up I love London really really find a great day what an amazing day supposed to been a
day full of street photography but and in a bit of street portraiture as well
met some amazing people London is full of really really cool people really
interesting place I love it adore it I’ve just come out of the walkie-talkie
tower that were top of the walkie talkies how’re the sky guard and they’ve
got a bar at the top which give amazing panoramic views Erlinda and by the time
unfortunately by the time I got there the Sun had gone down so I didn’t really
get any nice light and it’s clear blue sky anyway so it’s a bit of shame anyway
we got three and a half hour drive back to South Wales now which one were you at
the 40 but hopefully I managed to document some
of the is my first attempt really it’s true photography so hopefully like it I
didn’t go that bad but it would have been nice if the GoPro
stayed on top of the camera that would have made filming some of the shots a
lot easier but yeah anyway I hope you enjoy the video and please like but if
you’ve got me a comment let me know what you think of the year photographs in
there look forward to seeing you soon thanks so much for watching take

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  1. I agree with Andy Mag. Your best vlog. I loved it, it was so interesting and the images were fabulous. You made me want to go to London and I can't stand the place! Top work mate.

  2. Your photos look quite nice, please take more photos and talk a bit less on your next one thanks, I really enjoy it.

  3. Hi Gareth.
    Love your video, have you thought about advertising for like minded people to come out and do a shoot with you? not many maybe 4-5 at a time, reason i'm asking is i came down to london from Oxford last year and did what i have just mentioned but through some agency and to be quite honest it was crap, having said that some of the group I was with all said that if the group were smaller we could have got more from it. As it was we showed each other the different angles we each got and it gave us more scope rather than the obvious if that makes sense.
    If you were to ask if anyone wanted to come and join you I for one would be there as i'm sure a lot more would.
    Keep up the good work and am looking forward to the next Vid.
    Regards Martyn

  4. You definitely have the eye for street photography. your photo's were amazing. I hope you adventure out to do this more.

  5. Hi Gareth

    Just getting back into photography after nearly 30+ years, great video and really helpful, can I ask though please, the guy you asked to use in a shoot, would you need him to sign a release if you wanted to sell the pics or use them commercially? Also, you mentioned you don't like having signage and branding, is this also because it can cause problems with how you can use the images after?

  6. You should do more street photography Gareth. I am actually more impressed with these than the landscape stuff.

  7. Nice work Gareth enjoyed it. I'm sure that was Duggie Wallace the famous street photographer with his Nikon 850. Keep up the good work.

  8. Nice video . Keep the good work going . Was a pleasure to watch . Give some good energy to go out there and shoot

  9. Great video! It takes courage to ask for street portraits. I liked the shot in the doorway at the Tate Modern the best, but all really good work. Another photographer from South Wales!

  10. You do some killer work , been watching your landscape vlogs now I see you can kill the street game too lol. Awesome stuff bruv , fellow Fuji fam here. Keep doing it! Honestly couldn't pick a fav , they where all good! Love your enthusiasm good stuff.

  11. Great video, Gareth…and I appreciate including the little pitfalls along the way throughout the day. Some distractions, some things take longer than anticipated, and, my personal achilles heel, time slipping away a bit. My favorite pic would be Yasmina (sp?) at 6:06 in b+w just as her eyes looked up and across the street. Love the architectural shots, as well.

  12. Great video Gareth! Street photography is the most difficult photography to do, believe me, speaking from experience shooting advertising and celebrity sports portraiture for over 20 years, I can testify to that. My passion is the street. If you're interested to see what street photography looks like in Toronto, check out my channel. I've got 10 videos I have devoted to the subject: https://www.youtube.com/c/GroePhotography

  13. You inspired me a lot. You give me another perspective of street photography, particularly bw photos. The portrait photo shoot you do, having great lighting. Lets see more of the shootings you like.

  14. The guy with the camera and the hat had a program on the BBC .photographing rich people. he used flash all the time. well done like your style.

  15. 5:13, 5:29, 5:37, 9:22, 9:27 Your best foto! I did travel in London for my 40years birthday, newer will forget every street London!

  16. First video of yours that I've seen and I look forward to watching more. I'm a scaredy cat and don't do Street photography but just seeing your compositions makes me want to give it a go, with or without people!

  17. It soo weird man. You made so many nice photos in this video but then I looked on you instagram profile and it's a shame actually that I couldn't find any of them but only some boring pictures of the cameras and so on

  18. Great pics but some don't overcrop! A little more of the background could've made some even more amazing. Really great pics though.

  19. Hi Gareth, I'm looking at trying some street photography for the 1st time and been a subscriber of yours I knew you had done a long in the past, so watching your vlogs has really given me so ideas of how to approach this kind of photography as I normally do landscape.

  20. Loved this vis Gareth. i am just getting into street photography have a couple of lens for my olympus a 17mm F2.8 and an ultra wide 7.5 mm F2.0 and a new Chinese brand coming a Kamlan 28mm f1.4 to try. Love the B&W contrasty look. Do you use aperture priority and also BBF. Ive found F5.6 and about 1000s really good on a bright sunny day with an red filter , seems to work well. keep up the good work. Also 3.2 format looks good too.

  21. Awesome. For your first attempt you took some great shots. so many really good shots to choose from, but I liked Yasmina with the Vespa type bike, the kissing poster, guitarist at 9:47, the guy looking into his camera at 9:38. So many great shots. I love your easy, laid back, friendly style and it shines through just how much you love your craft. I've picked up loads of tips from you already. Great channel, now one of my favourites.

  22. Love the X-Pro2. Hope they do away with that dumb looking angle on the dial deck on the X-Pro3. Should they, I’ll buy one.

  23. 4:40 is a building over your back left shoulder with the steel pipework on the outside of the building. A vertical shot looking right up the corner of that building in black and white looks like it would be spectacular.

  24. I live and love it here in London, but still like seeing it through your eyes and personality !
    Thanks Gareth.

  25. Did you use flash on the photo shoot ?
    Was it all outside ?
    Next time, less of you, less of the jibber jabber, more street shots samples, please !!
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Don’t shy away from people on their phones. It seems like a bummer right now…but in the future It would be interesting to see how invested we were in them at one time. Who knows, if these images are around in 100 years, It could be really cool to see that.

  27. Never seen someone gets so many wonderful street shots in one afternoon.. You have great pair of eyes to find subjects to shoot.

  28. I am form India🇮🇳, So can i PHOTOGRAPHY📸 in London any area?? for earn moneys please say…🤔🤔

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